Charlotte Pudding of One Piece

Charlotte pudding is the 35th daughter of Charlotte Linlin and the 76th child overall in the Charlotte family. Her father is a representative of the Three Eyes tribe. She is a Chocolatier on Cacao and was the owner of the Café Caramelwhich was however eaten by Luffy and Chopper.

Due to her acting talent, she is one of Big Mom’s favorite children and was a key figure in Big Mom’s scheme to completely win over the scientific achievements of Vinsmoke Judge. Because of this, Big Mom arranged a marriage with Sanji under the pretense of forming an alliance with Germa 66.


Pudding as a child

Pudding is a young, pretty woman with brown hair. She is a half-blooded representative of the three-eyed tribe, which is why she has a third eye on her forehead, which she keeps hidden by her hairstyle when necessary. She has red-brown eyes and her hair is tied in two braids.

In her first appearance, Pudding wears clothes similar to those she later wears on Whole Cake Island. She has her hair styled into a single braid without bangs, so that her third eye is clearly visible. She wears a pink top with a neckline and red puffy pants held up with suspenders, as well as red shoes.

In the photo Vito shows Sanji, Pudding is seen wearing a flower-patterned top. When she first meets Luffy and his friends on Cacao, Pudding is wearing a light-colored ruffled top with a dark hem around the neckline. The top has a dark stripe with bright dots. Pudding’s pants are dark and knee-length and look quite puffy. She wears dark heeled shoes. Her attire is reminiscent of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Later on Whole Cake Island during the dress fitting for her wedding, she is dressed only in a light-colored top.

During her meeting with the Vinsmoke family, Pudding appears in a bright pink dress with cleavage. On the day of the tea party, she changes to a voluminous white wedding dress. There are two rose petals in her hair and Pudding has lipstick on. She also wears bright earrings in the shape of petals. She changes the wedding dress a few hours later for a high-necked buttoned-up chef’s outfit with an apron and chef’s hat.


Pudding plays the innocent

To other people, Pudding presents herself as a kind and helpful person who quickly blushes at kind words and compliments and looks away in shyness. She saved Luffy and Chopper from being arrested. Pudding expressed concern that the pirates would be killed if Big Mom found out they were in her territory. She later reported that she was very attracted to Sanji. However, she accepted his refusal to marry in favor of his friends and agreed to keep quiet about her arrival in Totto Land and help him and his gang find their way back to each other.

Behind Pudding’s unassuming and friendly facade, however, is a stone-cold con artist who is absolutely loyal to her mother. She deceitfully deceived the gang and visited Luffy and Nami in her prison to tell them in person that she plans to shoot Sanji during the ceremony. She also revealed these plans to Reiju with a great deal of glee, believing she could get away with her devil powers. According to this, she has no problem murdering a person in cold blood for the sake of her family and delights in torturing other people. She taunted Sanji and grimaced to make fun of the Cook. Few people outside of her family know her true character.

Pudding’s new reaction towards Sanji

Since childhood, Pudding was bullied by her peers because of her third eye and called a monster. Even her mother couldn’t stand the sight of her, which is why Pudding always had to cover her forehead with bangs. Over the years, she has thus developed a psychopathic personality. When Sanji complimented her eye, the first person ever to do so, Pudding burst into tears and couldn’t shoot Sanji. Sanji’s words had clearly left a mark, but couldn’t completely dispel the malice of her personality. Since then, she has truly fallen in love with the ship’s cook, but can’t admit those feelings to herself, and has since occasionally switched personalities when it comes to Sanji. So one second she’s saying how much she wants to see Sanji, while after that she adds that she wants to kill him, but ends up calling him her treasure again and helping him. Often, Sanji’s actions also give her heart eyes and severe nosebleeds, which parallels Sanji’s other behavior towards pretty women.

Skills & Strength

Pudding takes Reiju her memories

Pudding is a gifted actress, which is why her mother holds her in high esteem. She could convincingly mime a fake personality and cry at the drop of a hat, for example. If Sanji hadn’t overheard a conversation between her and Reiju, he might never have figured out her secret in time. Her third eye could also have hidden powers, though she hasn’t been able to spark them yet due to her half-bloodedness, and it’s not guaranteed to ever happen because of that. Should this happen, these abilities could pave the way for her mother to Laugh Tale and make her the new Pirate Queen. She also seems to be above average with firearms. With the help of a special revolver, she can even easily penetrate the modified bodies of the Vinsmokes, as she already demonstrated on Reiju.

With her devilish powers, she can extract the memories of others in the form of a film reel and cut them with scissors to ensure that certain events are forgotten by her victims. Furthermore, she is able to mix memories from different people. In this way, Pudding made Reiju forget his bloody encounter with her and made the Princess of Germa believe that she had been shot by a soldier’s graze.

Apart from that, she is a talented chocolatier. She had made her edible café out of chocolate using her own recipe. Luffy and Chopper ate it completely and raved about the taste of the chocolate. She claims to herself that she can make chocolate at least as good as Chef Streusen, who is considered one of the best chefs in Totto Land. Her siblings put all their faith in Pudding to make as good a wedding cake for their mother as Streusen.


Pudding gets teased by peers

As a child, Pudding was repeatedly teased and even attacked in places by her peers because of her third eye. Even her own mother, Big Mom, was disgusted by her external abnormality, ordering Pudding to grow bangs. The teasing even went so far that one of the children threatened her with a knife, so at one point Pudding felt compelled to violently defend herself against her tormentors. At a later stage she said goodbye to her sister Lola, who fled Totto Land to escape an arranged marriage and seek her own love happiness, which greatly impressed Pudding.


Encounter with the Straw Hat Pirates

Pudding invited the Straw Hat Pirates to her house

Pudding was first seen as Big Mom eagerly awaited the delivery of sweets from Fish Man Island for the upcoming tea party in four days. She was sitting on a throne while doing so, keeping her three eyes closed.

After the events on Dress Rosa, Big Mom and Sanji’s father Judge arranged a wedding between Pudding and Sanji. Capone Bege presented Sanji on Zou with the invitation to his wedding with Pudding and eventually brought him to Whole Cake Island. It was there that Pudding met the Cook. She was very taken with his courteous behavior and cooking skills. Despite this, Sanji stated that he could not marry her or he would be separated from his friends.

Three days before the wedding, Pudding made acquaintance with the Sanji rescue team on Cacao. She saved Luffy and Chopper from being arrested by the local police for raving about her chocolate after they ate her Café Caramel to the ground, which pleased Pudding greatly. She then invited them to her house, where she informed her visitors of her upcoming marriage to Sanji. In turn, she was shocked to have Sanji’s comrades, the Straw Hats, in front of her. She then told them about Big Mom’s family and her meeting with Sanji, who could not marry her. She showed herself to be helpful and would not tell Big Mom about her arrival in Totto Land. She also drew a secret route for the Straw Hats to sail undetected from Cacao to Whole Cake Island, where Pudding planned to rejoin the rescue team with Sanji.

A ray of light – Sanji’s rescue

Sanji decides to marry Pudding

She did not appear on the coast, however, but was seen by Brook and Pedro on Whole Cake Island trying on wedding dresses with Tamago. A short time later, after Germa 66 also arrived on the island, the two families held a first get-to-know-you party, where Pudding secretly slipped Sanji a note to secretly meet alone later. At this point, Sanji also revealed the injuries he had sustained from the unfair fight with his brothers. He also told her about his tormented childhood, the blackmail, and that he planned to ask Big Mom for the freedom of his comrades. He then embraced the weeping Pudding before confessing that he really wanted to marry her from now on. After Pudding learned that Nami was carrying a Vivre Card from her sister Lola, whom she had always admired for her courage in leaving Whole Cake Island behind, she made her way to the prisoner library to talk to Nami and Luffy. There, she first mimicked the innocent and apologized for the trouble her family had brought upon her before telling them of Sanji’s decision.

Big Moms Intrigue

Reiju got shot by pudding

She then literally revealed her true colors, revealing her third eye and perfidiously gloating about Big Mom’s true intentions behind the wedding before leaving the Straw Hats shocked in her cell. So the wedding had been a set-up from the beginning by her mother, who was only interested in the Germa’s technology. The wedding, meanwhile, was to be the execution site of the Vinsmokes, including Sanji, as well as the Straw Hats who had rushed to help, while Pudding was to keep her innocent face to the public and, if necessary, manipulate the memories of the guests present by means of her Memory Fruit. She also described this plan again to Reiju, on whose gene-modified skin she wanted to test special bullets in advance. She also teased her family and Sanji’s naivety, who was able to listen to the conversation from the outside without Pudding’s knowledge.

Before Reiju bled to death, Pudding manipulated her memories and abandoned her in the castle, where she was later taken to the infirmary. Talking to her mother, who by now was holding Brook captive as an appendage, Big Mom wanted to know if Pudding had awakened the ability to read Poneglyphs by now, to which Pudding defiantly replied that she was only half a member of the Three-Eyed Tribe and that she might never gain those skills.

The Tea Party From Hell

Pudding collapses in front of Sanji

On the wedding day, Pudding was annoyed at the prospect of having to erase so many memories after killing Sanji, while also having her beautiful dress stained with blood. As they floated together on Zeus to the wedding plateau, she could only keep up her miming with difficulty, though distaste and hatred reigned within her. Pudding, who couldn’t wait to shoot Sanji, waited as planned until Sanji had lifted her veil after the vows of allegiance to catch him off guard in his surprise. However, the latter already knew her true colors and sincerely confessed that she was beautiful. Completely distraught, Pudding sank to the ground, disrupting the entire flow of the plan.

Chaos then broke out and Sanji rescued the disintegrated Pudding from the falling cake before she tried to shoot him again regardless. She subsequently lapsed into ambivalent behavior while yelling at him that she had already deceived countless people. Sanji dryly retorted if she herself was one of those people as well. Before she could finish her conversation, her brother Daifuku intervened, slapping her hard for her failure. Then, when the Tamatebako exploded and the castle collapsed, the Big Mom pirate gang gathered on the ground after Streusen’s rescue to plot revenge. Big Mom, however, had lapsed into one of her well-known feeding frenzies and demanded a wedding cake, at which point Perospero launched the white lie that the Straw Hat Pirates had stolen part of the cake to keep his mother from destroying the island and turning her wrath on the fugitives. Pudding then told her perplexed brothers and sisters that she and her sister Chiffon would be able to create a new cake and together they could take revenge on Sanji and the Straw Hat Pirates.

The new wedding cake

Pudding and Sanji bake a new wedding cake

So Pudding flew to Chiffon, who, after appealing to the kindness of Sanji and his friends, convinced her to help her in her quest to stop Big Mom for her sake. Together, they flew with Pudding’s carpet to the Forest of Temptation, which the Straw Hats had just passed through in their escape from the Empress. There, the two women convinced Sanji to help them bake the cake, though Pudding met Sanji with conflicting feelings. With the help of Memories Fil: Flashback, the Devil Fruit user managed to briefly confuse the homies in the forest, allowing the fugitives to make faster progress. The trio headed towards Cacao, where the rare ingredients for the cake were stored.

Once there, Pudding told them that she had always turned down Lola’s post as Chocolate Minister, as Chiffon’s sister would have been the best person for the job. At Cacao’s candy factory, she altered the memory of Totto Land’s best chefs so that Sanji and Chiffon could easily help them. After some time, Pudding was very impressed with Sanji’s cooking skills, and when the dough was ready so far, they set out to set sail, as they wanted to meet up with the successfully escaped Straw Hat Pirates halfway between Cacao and Whole Cake Island. However, on the way to the harbor, Oven stood in their way, allowing Pudding to pass but attacking Chiffon for her betrayal. A disguised Sanji and Pound held him at bay, with Pudding worrying about Sanji. Sanji then kicked the cake, along with Pudding and Chiffon, onto Bege’s ship, which sped towards them from the shore, causing Pudding to swoon in ecstatic admiration.

Pudding has one last request

After the cake was finished, Pudding briefly lapsed into her “evil” personality, taunting Sanji that it might already be too late for his friends, but was brought back to her senses by Chiffon. After a brief interlude on the Thousand Sunny, Pudding and Sanji again rushed together towards Cacao to rescue Luffy from the Mirror World after his victory against Katakuri. There, they hid while the forces gathered. Sanji thanked Pudding once again for being his fiancée, which made Pudding get all emotional, so she made one last request. She took the cigarette from him and gave him a kiss before removing his memories of the event and walking away. After the cake finally took its effect and Big Mom’s feeding frenzy stopped, the citizens of Totto Land eagerly chanted Pudding’s name, which, however, thought to itself that this praise should be due to Sanji alone. When the Straw Hats had actually managed to leave Big Mom’s territory behind, Pudding was seen sitting in an alley, crying in thought of Sanji.


  • Pudding’s name, like most of her siblings’ names, refers to something edible, in her case, Pudding.
  • Of her siblings, Pudding was voted the second most popular younger sister.
  • Her favorite dishes are Ganache and pudding.
  • In the 6th character popularity vote, the first in which she participated, Pudding ranked 29th.
  • Pudding ranked 45th in the seventh character popularity vote, the first worldwide vote.

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