Charlotte Perospero of One Piece

Charlotte Perospero is the 1st son of Charlotte Linlin and also the 1st child of the Charlotte family. He is Candy Minister (jap. キャンディ大臣, Kyandi Daijin) and administers Candy Island.


Perospero as a child

Perospero is a tall and slender man with curly, light hair. On his head he wears a red and yellow striped hat with several lollipops peeking out from the brim of the hat. On the sides of his head are noticeably large pieces of cloth with a dot pattern covering his ears. Probably the most striking features besides his willowy appearance are his pointed nose on the one hand and his oversized tongue on the other. Perospero wears a long yellow cloak with a large collar covering his chin. The coat is decorated with four large candies and has an orange and yellow checkerboard pattern at the bottom and roundish decorations. His dark shoes have heels, are long, and taper inward. On his wrists he wears turquoise beaded bracelets. Furthermore, he carries a large candy cane.


Perospero is a sadistic man and always seen with a guileful smile. He laughingly threatened Caesar Clown with turning him into a candy man and licking him to death if he did not complete his research within two weeks. As leverage, he held Caesar’s heart in his hand, which he found fascinating and subsequently squeezed lightly. He also smilingly mocked the defenseless Vinsmoke Judge, who had burst into tears after learning of Big Mom’s betrayal of him. Perospero is very confident and has strong faith in his abilities. He was certain that Luffy would not be able to break through his Candy Maiden and bragged about his bounty to Pedro. Still, fear overcame him when his mother threatened to kill him after he deceived her and claimed that the Straw Hat Pirates had stolen her replacement cake.

Just like Big Mom, Perospero has a penchant for sweets. So he usually carries a candy cane with him, which he likes to lick. Even though he is usually seen with an evil smile on his lips, he is still friendly towards children. He gave them some lollipops and even allowed them to eat his candy escalator after all the tea party guests had arrived on the roof of the castle.

Skills & Strength

Perospero enjoys a special authority due to his position as minister of Candy. As the eldest son, he was responsible for the murder of the Vinsmoke family during the tea party and instructed his younger siblings to do so, surrounding the family with weapons. Perospero is among Big Mom’s strongest fighters, having been dubbed a “monster” by Vito along with Katakuri and Smoothie, among others. As such, he also withstood a Haoushoku outburst from his mother. Vito’s statement is further backed up by Perospero’s bounty of 700 million berries. Despite his thin stature, Perospero is exceptionally strong and enduring, having apparently been able to take a blow from Ichiji, a gene-modified superhuman. In addition, he is proficient in armor and observation shaki.

The abilities of the Schleck fruit

He has eaten of a devil fruit that allows him to turn people into edible candy. To do this, he coats his victims with a layer of liquid candy that penetrates their bodies within three minutes, killing them. He can also use his powers to create buildings and other objects. Big Mom obtained the blueprints of Caesar’s lab, which was destroyed on Punk Hazard by Luffy and Trafalgar Law’s alliance, and had Perospero use his devil powers to recreate an exact replica out of candy. He was also able to create an impressively huge self-propelled candy escalator that the tea party guests used to get to the roof of the castle. He can also regrow body parts from candy. His produced candies are so resilient that he could immobilize Family Vinsmoke and even Capone Bege’s fortress form with his powers. However, his candies are vulnerable to fire and heat.

Perospero showed great cunning when he sicced his mother on the Straw Hat Pirates after the castle collapsed. He lied to Big Mom that there was a replacement cake, but it was stolen by the Straw Hat Pirates. Thus, he prevented the capital from being further destroyed by Big Mom’s frenzy.


Perospero encouraged his younger brother Katakuri that he could make friends despite his appearance. He was also concerned for his sister when she was attacked and injured by bullies.

Five years ago, he escorted Pedro out of Big Mom’s territory after Big Mom stole his lifetime and killed his comrade Zepo. Perospero wondered at this point how much lifespan the Jaguar Mink would have left and what might be behind the name Nox Pirates, of which Pedro was the leader.


Encounter with Caesar Clown

Perospero enjoys his power over Caesar

Perospero first appeared after Big Mom tasked Caesar with completing his giant research on Whole Cake Island. Perospero was able to create an exact copy of Caesar’s lab out of candy thanks to the blueprints and his devil powers. If Caesar didn’t complete his research within two weeks, Perospero planned to turn him into a candy man. He was also in possession of his heart.

After Luffy and Nami were captured by the Army of Wrath, Perospero went to the book prison where the two Straw Hat Pirates were imprisoned. There, he listened to the conversation between his mother and Luffy. He reacted in a smug manner to the naivety of the Straw Hat, who was so flippantly messing with an empress. He was then informed that there was an intruder in the castle treasury.

The Tea Party – Wedding on the Roof

The Vinsmokes are surrounded by the Charlotte family….

On the day of the wedding, Perospero was seen receiving the invited guests to the tea party – including some notable underworld figures. He had created a giant candy escalator especially for the guests, which led up to the roof of the Whole Cake Chateau. Afterwards, Perospero himself attended the tea party festivities and watched intently as events unfolded during the wedding. There, he witnessed Luffy abruptly blow up the wedding ceremony and destroy the cake.

This was Perospero’s signal to take action himself. He pinned the Vinsmokes to their chairs with his devil powers and had his siblings surround them with weapons. Gloating, Perospero sneered at their hopeless situation. However, before he could give the order for their execution, Big Mom’s Haoushoku suddenly shook the roof. This kept Perospero and his siblings from the assassination for the time being, after which Katakuri provided his siblings with earplugs to muffle Big Mom’s scream. After Sanji freed his family, Perospero planned to capture the Vinsmokes again with his devil powers.

However, this plan was thwarted by Ichiji. Capone, meanwhile, took advantage of the chaos to wound Big Mom with his cannons. Perospero, however, had already recovered and protected his mother with a Candy Wall. Next, he immobilized Bege’s fortress with his devil powers, preventing the Alliance from escaping any further. Together, the Big Mom pirate gang then laid siege to the enemy alliance, waiting for the pirates to come out of the fortress. Soon, the Vinsmoke family, as well as Luffy and Sanji, confronted the Big Mom pirates, while Caesar and Bege fled. Though Perospero once again created a Candy Wall, the Vinsmoke brothers fought Caesar’s escape route clear. Nonetheless, the Big Mom pirate gang had quickly overpowered the fugitives. However, they were surprised by the Tamatebako’s explosion, which caused the entire castle to collapse. However, everyone present was saved thanks to Streusen’s devil powers, which turned the rubble into soft cake.

The cast of the Thousand Sunny

Perospero lies to his mother

Despite her rescue, Smoothie noticed that her mother was not in her right mind, as Big Mom had not only been traumatized by the Straw Hats’ intervention because of the destroyed image of Carmel, but now she also no longer had her beloved wedding cake, sending her into a frenzy. Opera was already falling victim to her, posing an immediate danger to her other children, the capital, and all of its inhabitants. For these reasons, Perospero resorted to a dangerous ruse and told his mother a white lie. He claimed that the Straw Hat Pirates had disappeared with a piece of the cake and that she therefore needed to focus her anger on the fugitives. Before Big Mom gave chase, she threatened to kill her son if he lied to her. Thus, she left Perospero scared to death and was therefore all the more relieved when Pudding suddenly appeared and explained that she could bake a new cake with Chiffon that would calm Big Mom down again. While Pudding collected her sister, Perospero joined Daifuku and numerous Chess soldiers within Brûlée’s mirror world to await further instructions. Thus, he joined Katakuri on the Thousand Sunny and together they guarded it until Chopper and Brook showed up with the Shark Submerge. The two straw-hatted pirates wanted to recapture the Sunny for their escape and prepared to fight. Neither, however, were a match for Perospero’s overwhelming devilish powers, and after a hard fight, they both admitted defeat when they were trapped by viscous sugar syrup that threatened to kill them.

Brook and Chopper Confront Perospero

When pandemonium broke out on the shore, he initially thought his mother had shown up, however he was shocked to find that the rest of the Straw Hats had actually managed to escape the rampaging Empress so far. He dispatched a Candy Maiden to stop the arrivals, which however was easily destroyed by Luffy’s attack. While the latter exchanged blows with Katakuri, Perospero contacted his brother Mont d’Or and ordered more ships to surround the coast. He then cloaked the Sunny in candy as well, forcing Pedro to resort to a drastic means and blow himself up along with Perospero to take the tricky devil power user out of the game.

The pursuit at sea

Perospero survives the attack badly wounded

Despite Pedro’s self-sacrifice, Perospero survived badly wounded and lost his arm. He was unable to prevent the Thousand Sunny from escaping by means of a Coup des Bursts. While his injuries were being patched up, he used his devil powers to create a Candy Slug, which Big Mom used to walk across the sea, and Perospero imagined his revenge fantasies. Fearing the consequences to himself, Perospero still wanted to stop Big Mom from destroying the Sunny with a massive tsunami wave. Nevertheless, he was pleased when the scheme was apparently crowned with success and his adversaries had received their just punishment.

However, he learned from his sister a short time later that the Straw Hat Pirates had escaped and were planning to meet their captain on Cacao, which was why he wanted to navigate Big Mom there as well. The latter, however, in her destructive rage, preferred to turn towards Nuts. After their short stay on the island, Perospero was able to draw his mother’s attention back to the pursuit of the Straw Hats, whose ship they also subsequently discovered on the open sea.

While the Straw Hats and Carrot fought off Daifuku’s fleet, Perospero worriedly noticed that Big Mom was steadily losing weight. Satisfied, he learned that Pudding was making progress with the pie, while Big Mom went straight for her attack on the Thousand Sunny. As Capone’s ship approached with the pie, Perospero feared it might be poisoned, so he and his mother set off in pursuit of the Fire Tank pirates while Smoothie was sent to take care of the Straw Hat Pirates. Perospero informed his siblings that the cake could seal the fate of Totto Land and her band of pirates. Surprised, he found his mother distorting the cake with gusto and exuberance before jubilantly announcing that Big Mom’s feeding frenzy had been banished. He then informed Big Mom of the current situation and together they made their way to Cacao.

Arrival on Wano Country

Arrival on Wano Country

Together with his mother and a few siblings, he tracked the Straw Hats on the Queen Mama Chanter to Wano Country, where Emperor Kaidou, with whom Big Mom had already conversed via Den-den Mushi, ruled. However, their arrival did not go unnoticed, and as they attempted to infiltrate the country via a waterfall, they were attacked by Kaidou’s underlings. Using a barrier created by his devil powers, he was able to deflect the enemy cannonballs, but they encountered King, one of the three main representatives of the Beasts Pirates, at the top of the waterfall. The latter attacked the ship, causing it to fall, thus pushing the Big Mom pirates present towards the sea. While Big Mom fell into the water and was considered lost to her children, the latter were able to escape the attack without much trouble and shortly after found themselves in the waters around Wano Country on their ship. Unaware of her mother’s condition, Perospero claimed command of the Big Mom pirates, in the event of her mother’s demise. Smoothie, on the other hand, retorted that they shouldn’t declare Big Mom dead too soon.

The Fire Festival on Onigashima

Carrot & Wanda vs Perospero

Later, they learned of the alliance between the two emperors and launched another attempt to climb the waterfall on the day of the Fire Festival, but a flying devil fruit user, Marco, appeared again and pushed them down. Enraged, Perospero now climbed the waterfall alone with his devil powers and headed towards Onigashima, but he also declared that he did not welcome the alliance and that in the end the Big Mom pirates would be victorious. On his way, he met Marco and due to similar goals, they cooperated. Together they entered Onigashima.

Back outside the main entrance, the two met Big Mom, who assured Perospero that she knew what she was doing and wanted to stick to the alliance. Thus, the alliance of convenience between Marco and Perospero was dissolved and a fight ensued. When Perospero tried to take out Marco, who was immobilized by Big Mom, Carrot and Wanda interfered, wanting to get back at him for Pedro. Marco and Big Mom, on the other hand, walked away from the action with different agendas. However, as it would turn out a little later, clouds passed over the full moon, again preventing the two from maintaining their Su Long forms. With that, they no longer stood a chance against the Charlotte son, and were eventually defeated in a crushing fashion.

Afterwards, he taunted the losers, but admitted that he still didn’t think anything of an alliance with the Beasts Pirates Pirates. Back inside, Perospero then watched the fight between Marco and Queen, as well as King, and was pleased to see that Marco already looked quite battered. Shortly after, Perospero wanted to support Queen in the fight and fired a hail of arrows, however it was defused by Queen as he was kicked by Sanji. It wasn’t until Luffy and Kaidou’s King Shaki impact that the full moon was visible again, which Nekomamushi immediately took advantage of and defeated Perospero with a final attack in his Su Long form.


  • Perospero has a habit of saying Perorin♪ a lot.
  • Like many characters, Perospero has a distinctive laugh. In his case, it is a string of several kus, or kukukuku.
  • Perospero is very reminiscent of Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  • His name may be a pun on pero pero, the onomatopoeic sound for “lick,” and Prosperoa magician in William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.
  • Perospero likes to eat cow tongue and candy, but does not like peppermint-flavored candy.
  • Perospero’s color scheme differs in his first appearance in the anime compared to the manga. In episode 795, he is first seen wearing a blue hat and blue buttons. However, on the cover of volume 87, it can be seen that the hat and buttons should be red, which is also corrected in his later appearances. Show image [hide]
  • Perospero came in 95th in the seventh character popularity vote.

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