Charlotte Oven of One Piece

Charlotte Oven is the fourth son of Charlotte Linlin and the fifth child of the Charlotte family. As Roast Minister (jap. こんがり大臣, Kongari Daijin), he administers Browned Island. He, Charlotte Katakuri, and Charlotte Daifuku are triplets.


Charlotte Oven is very tall at almost five meters and has a muscular build. Characteristic is his unusually shaped hair, which, starting from the hairline, changes from blond to dark orange. Oven has an angular face shape and a pointed blond beard. Apart from an orange cape with a collar tied in the front with a yellow bow tie, he wears only reddish trousers held up with a large belt, striped socks, white and pink shoes, and light brown gloves.


Charlotte Oven is a very loyal member of the Charlotte family and takes his duties very seriously. He subordinates everything to this responsibility, which is why he did not hesitate to seriously want to kill his stepfather Pound. He also didn’t stop at his little sister Chiffon, because she betrayed the family. In doing so, he was quite ruthless and brutal. He threatened the inhabitants of Cacao to execute them if Luffy escaped through one of their mirrors. When Pekoms jumped out of the last remaining mirror, taking Brûlée hostage and supporting Luffy, Oven, enraged, gave the signal to attack his former comrade. When it comes to treachery, Oven knows no exceptions, and he doesn’t even care about the consequences. For when Bege and his ship were transporting the newly baked wedding cake that was supposed to stop the rampaging Big Mom, Oven attempted to sink the ship so as not to let his mother’s assassins escape under any circumstances.

Skills & Strength

Oven is the fourth son of the Charlotte family, and as such is referred to as a “monster” by Vito during the tea party, alongside commanders Perospero and Daifuku. This emphasizes the power he possesses. He possesses great stamina and strength, as he quickly recovered from a surprise kick from Sanji. After Sanji’s attack, he then quickly recovered the carriage with the wedding cake. He also motionlessly put away a clubbing blow from Pound, who actually tried to push him into the water like that. In addition, Oven was attacked by Bege with his cannon and run over by the latter’s ship Nostra Castello, only to get back up and continue pursuing the traitors.

Oven has eaten of the Heat Fruit, which allows him to raise his temperature tremendously. He can transfer the heat to objects. Thus he disarmed Pedro by heating his sword with his devilish powers, so that Pedro had to drop it. He also heated the coastal waters off Cacao so much that all the fish and even a shark in the immediate vicinity were dead, and even the paddle of the Nostra Castello was destroyed.

As a weapon, Oven uses a large naginata, which he can heat with his devil powers to the point that it bursts into flames.

In addition, he has the ability to use the Observation and Armor Khaki.


The tea party

Oven overpowered Pedro.

Oven attended the tea party festivities where Big Mom had planned to wipe out the Vinsmokes in an assassination attempt. He sat at the table behind the Vinsmokes. However, when chaos broke out and Brook broke the photo of Carmel, he confronted Pedro. A short time later, however, Luffy got Big Mom to let out her scream, which also immobilized Oven. He escaped another scream by using earplugs he received from his brother Katakuri. As a result, the Big Mom pirates surrounded Luffy and Bege’s alliance. When the alliance tried to escape to Bege’s fortress after the failed assassination attempt, Oven grabbed Chopper. However, Oven was kicked away by Niji, allowing the alliance to successfully retreat at first. After Big Mom attacked Bege’s fortress, Bege transformed back. He fled with Caesar while the Vinsmokes protected the two from the Big Mom pirate gang’s bullets. Shortly after, the Tamatebako suddenly exploded, bringing down the Whole Cake Chateau. Streusen was able to save those on the roof and Sweet City using his devil powers, but Luffy and Bege’s alliance used this circumstance to escape. The Charlotte siblings were subsequently confronted by their rampaging mother, who demanded the wedding cake. Pudding explained to her siblings that she was going to bake a new cake on Cacao.

Cacao Island

Oven attacks chiffon.

Oven and his men later landed on Cacao, having heard that the Straw Hats were headed this way. They reached the factory where Pudding was baking the replacement cake for Big Mom. However, Pudding instructed her brother not to enter the factory, which he agreed to. Pound then appeared in front of the factory, desperate to enter and see his daughter Chiffon. Oven attacked his stepfather and pushed him back. Pudding then came out of the factory with her spare pie and explained to Oven what she was up to. Although Oven let Pudding pass, he attacked Chiffon because she was involved in the plot against Big Mom. Pound was about to save his daughter, but Sanji jumped in between, kicking Oven into the nearest wall of the house and freeing Chiffon. The Cook moved so fast that Oven didn’t realize who exactly had attacked him. He realized, however, that it was not Pound who had hit him, and first put his stepfather out of action again. He then caught up with the carriage carrying the cake, which had continued to move with Sanji and Chiffon in the meantime. There he made contact with Bege, who had reached the shores of Cacao with his ship. Oven had taken Chiffon hostage and demanded Bege surrender. When Bege’s ship was within range, Bege attacked Oven with his cannon and shot him off the carriage.

Oven was surprised when Bege’s ship was also on land. Sanji then kicked the carriage with the cake safely onto the ship. As the Nostra Castello raced towards him, Oven faced it confidently. But Oven was simply run over and could not stop the ship. Quickly, Oven recovered from this setback. Since the ship was already back in the water and sailing away, Oven tried to stop her by heating the coastal waters greatly. Suddenly, Pound delivered a strong blow to Oven’s head, forcing the latter to break off his pursuit attack. Oven then grabbed his naginata and lunged at Pound.

Oven and his men are hit by Ichiji’s attack.

After taking out Pound, Oven called together a large army. Knowing about Luffy’s appearance at 01:00, he urged the inhabitants to destroy all the mirrors on the island or throw them into the sea. He and his siblings guarded one last large mirror, which was the only way out for Luffy from the mirror world on Cacao. At 01:00, Pekoms finally jumped out of the mirror, carrying Brûlée with him as a hostage. Before the Lion Mink could fully transform into his Su Long form, Oven struck Pekoms down. In the process, the hidden Luffy emerged. Sanji grabbed his captain and fled through the air with him. Oven was prepared for this, when Yuen also started to attack. However, several Tarte ships were then destroyed at the harbor, as Germa 66 appeared with its fleet. When Brûlée then loudly announced that Katakuri had been defeated by Luffy, Oven was shocked. Enraged, he then charged toward Luffy and Sanji with his flaming naginata, but was blinded by Ichiji and pierced by his Sparking Valkyrie attack. As Luffy and Sanji flew toward the harbor, Oven contacted his siblings Snack, Brownie, and Joconde via The Den Den Mushi, but they were involved in other battles.

A short time later, Oven continued his efforts to bring the situation back under control. He tried to finish off the emerged Sun pirate gang with his attack “Nekkai Jigoku” by again heating up the sea with his devil powers. Wadatsumi and the other fish people were then forced to swim into the depths for the time being, leaving the Thousand Sunny alone. However, before the Sunny could be sunk by the Queen Mama Chanter, Wadatsumi quickly swapped ships with that of the Sun Pirates. The giant pufferfish then dove back into the sea with the Sunny in its mouth, but Oven attacked it with torpedo-like heat shells, causing Wadatsumi to spit the ship back out on the surface. As a result, the Sunny Pirates decided to sacrifice themselves for the Straw Hat Pirates and stay behind to allow them to escape. The fish people engaged in a fierce battle against the Big Mom pirate gang, with Oven and Aladine clashing.


  • Its name is the English word for oven. This also fits with his devil fruit, which he can use to generate great heat. In addition, Oven’s name fits into the Charlotte family pattern, whose names usually have something to do with food.
  • His favorite food is baked sweets.

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