Charlotte Nusstorte of One Piece

Charlotte nut cake is the 12th son of Charlotte Linlin and the 21st child of the Charlotte family. He is the oldest of his triplet brothers Charlotte Basskarte and Charlotte Dosmarche. He is also a member of Big Mom’s pirate gang and administers Package Island as Minister of Transportation (jap. 運輸大臣, Un’yu Daijin).


Charlotte Nut Pie is a man with a large head and a prominent chin. He wears sunglasses and smokes a pipe. On his head he wears a dark red two-pointed hat with a pink feather boa and a red feather. The face on the two-pointed hat is striking, sporting a handsome moustache just like Nusstorte himself. His clothing is a purple officer’s coat with blue Epaulette, dark trousers and high boots.


Nut Pie seems to be a loyal member of the Charlotte family, as he was involved in the assassination of the Vinsmoke family. He also later made his way to the Kingdom of Germa to destroy it.

Skills & Strength

Other than the fact that Mont d’Or put his faith in Nusstorte, Dosmarche, and Basskarte to eliminate the Kingdom of Germa, little is known about Nusstorte’s strength. However, the trio of Big Mom pirate bands failed to stand up to the Vinsmoke family and suffered a crushing defeat with their forces.This fact only occurs in the anime.

In the anime, Nut Pie fights with a sword. Furthermore, it was shown in the anime that his hat is a homie that can spit needles. As such, he was able to briefly put Niji Vinsmoke on the spot.


Totto Land

Nut Pie was defeated.

Nutcake attended the briefing Mont d’Or held with his siblings to discuss the current position of Sanji’s rescue team.

The next day, he stayed on the roof of the Whole Cake Chateau, as did many of his siblings, to celebrate the wedding between Pudding and Sanji. After chaos broke out and the Straw Hat and Fire Tank pirate gangs fled to Capone Bege’s fortress, the Big Mom pirate gang laid siege to the alliance. When Bege rebuilt his fortress, Nutcake’s siblings opened fire. However, when the explosives-filled Tamatebako exploded, the castle collapsed to everyone’s horror. Streusen was able to save Sweet City and the people on the roof thanks to his devil powers, but the Vinsmoke family as well as the Straw Hat Pirates and the Fire Tank Pirates were able to escape in the commotion.

Nutcake, Dosmarche, Basskarte and their troops were then sent to the Germa to finish off the Vinsmoke family and their kingdom. However, they stood no chance against the gene-modified super soldiers and suffered a crushing defeat. The Vinsmokes then threw them into the sea.
This fact only occurs in the anime.

Wano Country

Later, Nut Cake was part of the group around Big Mom that tried to enter Wano Country, but was pushed back down the waterfall by King when they tried.


  • His name comes from the Grisons nut cake and thus fits into the naming scheme of the Charlotte family.

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