Charlotte Newshi of One Piece

Charlotte Newshi is the 39th son of Charlotte Linlin. He is one of the Charlotte ten children, representing the 65th through 74th children in the Charlotte family.


Like all the male members of the Charlotte Ten, Newshi wears a dark red shirt, tie, and pink jacket. The only thing that makes him very different from his brothers is that he is twice as tall as everyone else. Furthermore, he wears a lavender melon.


Like most members of the Charlotte ten-piece, Newshi looks up to Charlotte Katakuri, which is why he was incensed when he heard of the latter’s defeat to Luffy.

Skills & Strengths

The tenlings merge into one person.

Like all members of the Charlotte Tenlings, Newshi fights with a scythe and is able to use the Geppou. Furthermore, he has also eaten from a devil fruit that allows him to fuse with other humans to become bigger and stronger. In the anime, this was demonstrated when he fought the Germa 66 with his siblings and grew into a formidable warrior with the nine other members of the Charlotte Tenlings.


The tea party

The Charlotte Tenlings were present during the wedding celebration for Sanji and Pudding. They also witnessed the Straw Hat Pirates and the Fire Tank Pirates ruin the celebration and save the Vinsomke family.

Ambush on Cacao

The Charlotte Tenlings, along with Oven, Yuen, Raisin, and other siblings, were guarding the large mirror in the plaza on Cacao Island, waiting for Luffy to come out of it so they could ambush him. However, when Pekoms came out and tried to use his Su Long form against them, the Tenlings pounced on him to cover his eyes so he couldn’t stare at the moon. Later, they chased Sanji with Yuen, who tried to escape with Luffy in the commotion. However, they were then stopped by Sanji’s siblings.This information comes from an anime filler.

In the anime, it was seen that the tots didn’t give in so easily and fused with Newshi’s devil powers to become a warrior to fight Sanji’s siblings.


  • The names and sketches of the sons were announced in One Piece Magazine #5.
  • The names of the sons are derived from the Japanese word for milk fat (jap. 乳脂肪, Nyūshibō). They are formed with the syllable “Nyu-” and the Japanese numbers one through five(Ichi for “one”, Ji for “two”, San for “three”, Shi is a reading for “four”, and Go for “five”).
  • Taking the information from One Piece Magazine #5 as a basis, the anime incorrectly switched Nyusan and Newshi.

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