Charlotte Myukuru of One Piece

Charlotte Myukuru is the 25th daughter of the Charlotte family and a long-armed human hybrid. She is the 56th child of the family and the third oldest among the quadruplet siblings Charlotte Mobile, Charlotte Marble and Charlotte Maple.


Myukuru is a tanned woman with strikingly long legs. The most striking feature, however, are her arms, because as a long-sleeved person she has very long arms, each with an additional joint or elbow. She has short, light turquoise hair and blue eyes. She wears a blue, long-sleeved and tight-fitting t-shirt with a “100” on the front and a short pink skirt. This resembles a bast skirt and is fastened by a dark string. On her elbows she wears white protectors and on her wrists thick black-pink bracelets. She wears white gloves and high laced sandals that match her skirt.


Myukuru is loyal to her family and gang and carries out the orders given to her without hesitation. She is also always concerned about her family, seeking revenge for her brother Cracker, and was especially concerned when she learned that Nami had Lola’s Vivre Card Big Moms.

Skills and strength

The fact that Myukuru was roped into both the vendetta and the plan to prevent the Straw Hats from escaping shows a certain amount of trust placed in her. Moreover, she was present at Mont d’Or’s meeting. It speaks to her fighting strength that she emerged unharmed from all the battles.


Revenge for Charlotte Cracker

After Luffy, one day before Big Mom’s scheduled tea party, defeated her brother and candy commander Charlotte Cracker, an entire army moved out to take down the Straw Hat. This squad included a number of high-dollar members of the Big Mom pirate gang, including Charlotte Myukuru. It was in the Sweet City area that they came across the wanted man, as well as Baum and Nami. After Luffy escaped from Charlotte Opera, Counter and Cadenza surprised Luffy with a combo attack, the Cream Punch, and were able to knock him out. Now they also learned why the Straw Hat Pirates had such an easy time with the Homies, as they were carrying a Vivre Card from their mother, but they thought they had snatched it from Lola. The Straw Hat Captain was captured and locked up in the prison library along with Nami, but they were able to escape quickly with Jinbe’s help.

The preparations for the tea party

Later, Myukuru attended a meeting called by Mont d’Or. The family members present discussed the actions as well as the current positions of the Straw Hat Pirates as well as their alliance. It was revealed that all the intruders had been apprehended and Opera, fearing the consequences from Big Mom, even declared that he would have burned Nami and Luffy alive. Thus, the meeting ended with the thought that nothing can go wrong on the day of the wedding and everyone agreed to make this day memorable for their sister.

The Tea Party From Hell

During the Big Moms tea party, which centered on Sanji and Charlotte Pudding’s wedding, she did not directly attend. While the plan to massacre the Vinsmoke family failed due to Alliance intervention, she persevered on the 2nd level of the Chateau. As chaos took its course and the Tamatebako casket finally exploded, Charlotte Myukuru communicated the information to her gang through a Den-den Mushi that it wasn’t just a few cracks on the chateau, or rather the castle, but everything was really going to collapse. Myukuru, as well as the others present, were saved by Streusen’s devilish powers, as he turned the castle into fluffy dough, allowing everyone to reach the ground safely.

The agreed meeting place

The enemies escaped for now, but the Big Mom pirates eventually knew about their plan to escape. So Oven gathered a huge army on Cacao, where the last mirror was, to capture the Straw Hat Captain. Myukuru was also part of this army. However, she, as well as her siblings, was surprised to see Pekoms jump out of the mirror with Luffy and Brûlée and participated in the unsuccessful attempts to stop the Straw Hats. Eventually, the Straw Hat Pirates was able to escape.

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