Charlotte Moscato of One Piece

Charlotte Moscato is the 16th son of Charlotte Linlin and the 25th child of the Charlotte family. He is the oldest triplet brother of Charlotte Mash and Charlotte Cornstarch. In the Big Mom pirate gang, he holds the office of Gelato Minister (jap. ジェラート大臣, Jerāto Daijin) and manages Ice Island.


Moscato seems to be a brave man and to have a great sense of responsibility. He stood up to his mother when she devastated an entire town in a fit of hunger and rage. He also seems to be very trusted by the inhabitants of Deadland, most of whom calmed down when they saw that he had come to stop his mother, showing that he can apparently be relied upon.


When Charlotte Linlin succumbed to a fit of hunger and rage because she couldn’t get a croquembouche, she destroyed and ate everything in her path. Moscato stood in his mother’s way when she attacked one of the capitals of Whole Cake Island. He tried to reason with his mother and calm her down again. But he failed and had 40 years of his life stolen from him by her. Then, when two Soul Reaper homies came for Moscato’s body, Mont d’Or shouted to them to give him back every second.

Despite being stripped of his life, Moscato was back on his feet three days later. He was on the Queen Mama Chanter and witnessed not the Thousand Sunny but the Sun Pirates ship being hit by cannonballs.


  • The names of the Charlotte family allude to food. In Moscato’s case, it’s the Muscat (grape), or Moscato in Italian.

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