Charlotte Montb of One Piece

Charlotte Montb is the 29th son of Charlotte Linlin and the 50th child of the Charlotte family. He is the youngest triplet brother of Charlotte Kanten and Charlotte Katou. He is also a member of Big Mom’s Pirates.


Charlotte Montb is a stocky man with a roundish face and a strikingly small nose. Due to a large hat with a wide brim and a long plume of feathers, as well as a light-colored shirt with a particularly high collar, his face is otherwise mostly covered. Furthermore he wears dark dotted and ankleless trousers, which are fastened by a belt, and dark shoes. His outfit is rounded off by a long cape.


Knowing of the agreed meeting place of the Straw Hat Pirates on Cacao at 01:00, Oven called on the populace to destroy all the mirrors so that only one remained. At this one he then gathered most of his brothers and sisters two hours before and kept watch with them. To their amazement, however, at the expected time, Pekoms emerged from the mirror with Brûlée instead of Luffy and was immediately attacked by Oven, bringing the Straw Hat Captain out from his hiding place under Pekoms’ cloak. The downed Mink was immediately surrounded by Charlotte Montb and several other siblings, and attacked with the aim of piercing his eyes so he could no longer transform into the dreaded Sulong form.

After the Vinsmoke family arrived with the Germa to support the Straw Hat Pirates, Montb fired at them, but quickly realized that it had no effect. A short time later, he and everyone present on Cacao learned through Brûlée that her big brother Katakuri had lost to Luffy, which Charlotte Montb noted with horror and dismay.


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