Charlotte Mont-d’Or of One Piece

Charlotte Mont d’Or, the official (Eng. manga) or writer (Eng. anime) (jap. 書司, Shoshi), is the 19th son of Charlotte Linlin and the 30th child of the Charlotte family. He is a member of the Big Mom pirate gang and administers Cheese Island as Cheese Minister (jap. チーズ大臣, Chīzu Daijin).


Mont d’Or is a man of disproportionate stature. While his torso is rather stockily built, his arms and legs are long and thin. A pointed nose protrudes from his rather elongated face. He appears to wear dark lipstick and makeup over both of his eyelids and possesses shaggy light hair. On his head he wears a dark hat with a light-colored band. His clothing consists of a long-sleeved jacket that he wears open to his stomach. The jacket has a bone pattern on it, which is also present on his pants. His appearance is topped off with matching pointy-toed shoes.


Mont d’Or obviously cares deeply about his family. He was worried when Charlotte Linlin was about to kill her son Charlotte Moscato and shouted at him not to show fear or he would lose his life.

After he and his siblings found the defeated Charlotte Cracker in the castle, Mont d’Or flew into a rage. He wanted to bring the attacker to justice immediately, and thereupon set out together as part of the Army of Wrath to avenge Cracker. When it comes to his family, Mont d’Or sometimes displays a skeptical nature, as he did not believe his brother Opera when they met that he had banished the prisoners in the Book Prison alive. Therefore, despite Opera’s testimony, he ordered the Chess soldiers to continue searching for Luffy and Nami.

He is very responsible and intelligent, which is why he planned and commanded most of the actions of the soldiers and his siblings when none of the commanders were around. His siblings also never questioned his decisions until now, which shows that they have a lot of trust in him.

Skills & Strength

Mont d’Or creates an illusionary book world

Mont d’Or is one of the stronger members of Big Mom’s band of pirates. During the Army of Wrath’s Revenge March, he was recognized by the Vinsmoke Princes as a capable fighter. As such, Mont d’Or is the user of the Book Fruit, which allows him to manipulate books. For example, he can levitate them and use them to fly. In another technique, he created an illusionary book world to confuse and distract opponents. In addition, Mont d’Or can also imprison living beings in books by pinning them to the pages with a nail. He locked Luffy and Nami in a small prison room that can also be accessed by the outside world via a bookmark. So he was responsible for allowing Big Mom to collect rare creatures and lock them up for viewing. A side effect of these book prisons is that the prisoners stop aging. The only known way to break out of the prison so far is to set the book on fire.

Furthermore, Mont d’Or is skilled in the use of firearms.


Preparation for the wedding

Mont d’Or finds the defeated cracker
Mont d’Ors Book Prison

Mont d’Or was first seen in Sweet City with his siblings. There he watched his mother’s rampage, which destroyed large parts of the city. When Moscato tried to intervene and stop her, Mont d’Or called out to him to watch out, to no avail. However, Big Mom robbed Moscato of his entire lifetime, thus killing her son. Fortunately, Jinbe was present and was able to stop her feeding attack, allowing Mont d’Or to order guards to recover his brother’s body. Two days later, he was present in the castle and witnessed his brother Charlotte Cracker’s defeat. He became enraged and wanted to bring the latter’s tormentors to justice immediately. Following this, a state of emergency was declared in Sweet City and Big Mom sent the Army of Wrath towards Luffy and Nami to avenge Cracker. In the ensuing battle, Mont d’Or revealed that he was the user of the Book Fruit and defeated the Straw Hat duo along with his siblings. Luffy and Nami were then taken to the castle and locked in a book prison by Mont d’Or, where he eavesdropped intently on the conversation between Luffy and his mother. Sneering at the straw hat’s ridiculous attitude, he commented that he thought he could take on Big Mom. During a meeting with his siblings some time later, Mont d’Or discussed the current position of the intruders. It was brought to his attention that all the Straw Hats and Minks had been captured. Only Luffy and Nami were rumored to be on the run. However, his brother Opera, who was in charge of guarding the two Straw Hats, vehemently denied this, stating that they had burned them alive because they knew nothing about Lola. Despite this statement, Mont d’Or distrusted his brother Opera and ordered the Chess soldiers to continue looking for Luffy and Nami. He then ordered the Chess Soldiers to keep a close watch on Germa 66 and not let the Vinsmokes, especially Sanji, contact anyone.

The Tea Party From Hell

The Charlottes surround the Vinsmokes

Mont d’Or also attended the wedding between Pudding and Sanji, but was upset to discover that Opera had lied to him when chaos descended on the ceremony and dozens of Luffy duplicates destroyed the wedding cake. Nevertheless, he was not dissuaded from his real task and tried to proceed with the execution of the Vinsmokes after Perospero tied up the unsuspecting ones with his devil powers. However, the enemy allies managed to destroy the image of Carmel and put Big Mom into a kind of shock paralysis before she let out a bloodcurdling scream that incapacitated the Big Mom pirate gang. Helplessly, they had to watch the assassination attempt on their mother, which fortunately failed, allowing Katakuri to use his powers to create earplugs that enabled the Charlottes to act again. Bege then transformed into a massive fortress and faced the assembled fighting force of the Big Mom pirate gang, which Mont d’Or watched with satisfaction from his flying books. However, the explosion of the Tamatebako threw a wrench in their plans, collapsing the castle and allowing their enemies to escape for the time being. However, they were saved by Streusen, who turned the castle into soft dough through his devilish powers, thus saving the Charlottes from certain death.

Deadland in chaos

Mont d’Or coordinates the counterattack

Mont d’Or then immediately began coordinating a plan to keep the fugitives from escaping Totto Land. He brought Pekoms and Tamago, among others, up to speed before Smoothie showed up with new bad news, as Big Mom had gone into one of her feeding frenzies and was demanding the destroyed wedding cake. However, Perospero was able to sic her on the Straw Hat Pirates for the time being, while Pudding revealed a plan that would allow her to bake a new cake. He then attempted to contact the territorial sea slugs to monitor the movement of enemy ships, but found that they were out of reach. Tamago then reminded Mont d’Or that they had underestimated the Straw Hat Pirates and there was no question of Big Mom’s reputation being damaged after this event. He then took a call that was supposed to come from Nut Pie, even though it was actually Germa 66 who had overpowered their pursuit squad. He then ordered each tart ship to immediately open fire against the Straw Hat Pirates, the Fire Tank Pirates, and the Sun Pirates, lest they escape Totto Land. He also followed the battle between Luffy and Katakuri before being informed by Stussy that the Tamatebako explosion was responsible for the destruction of the castle. He then rallied the forces on Cacao before being stunned to learn of the Germa 66’s appearance and Katakuri’s defeat. Satisfied, he heard that Big Mom was about to eat the cake before ordering that Stussy and Morgans not be allowed to leave the island. Happily, he heard that Big Mom had regained her wits and that the flagship of his pirate band had reached the waters of Cacao.

Arrival on Wano Country

The Big Mom Pirates Reach Wano Country

Together with his mother and a few siblings, he tracked the Straw Hats on the Queen Mama Chanter to Wano Country, where Emperor Kaidou, with whom Big Mom had already conversed via Den-den Mushi, ruled. However, their arrival did not go unnoticed and they were attacked by Kaidou’s underlings while attempting to infiltrate the country via a waterfall. With the help of Perospero’s devil powers, they initially managed to repel the attacks, but at the top of the waterfall they encountered King, one of the three main representatives of the Beasts Pirates. The latter attacked the ship, causing it to fall, thus pushing the Big Mom pirates present towards the sea. While Big Mom fell into the water and was considered lost to her children, the latter were able to escape the attack without much trouble and shortly after found themselves in the waters around Wano Country on their ship. Unaware of her mother’s condition, Mont d’Or mentioned that while Kaidou and Big Mom had been allies in the past, they now faced each other as enemies and he could potentially kill her. Perospero then claimed command of the Big Mom pirates, in the event of her mother’s demise. Smoothie, on the other hand, retorted that they should not declare Big Mom dead too soon.

Later, they learned of the alliance between the two emperors and launched another attempt to climb the waterfall on the day of the Fire Festival, but once again a flying Devil Fruit user, Marco, appeared and pushed them down.


  • Its name comes from the cheese Mont d’Or (cheese) and thus fits into the naming scheme of the Charlotte family.
  • Cheese is also his favorite food.
  • His birthday, April 23, is also – in keeping with his devilish power -… World Book Day.

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