Charlotte Mobile of One Piece

Charlotte Mobile is the 31st son of Charlotte Linlin and the 54th child of the Charlotte family. He is a long-armed man and the eldest among the quadruplet siblings of Charlotte Marble, Charlotte Myukuru, and Charlotte Maple. In the Big Mom pirate gang, he holds the position of Tasting Minister (jap. 味見大臣, Ajimi Daijin) of Futoru.


Mobile is a tall and wiry long-armed human, so he has an extra joint in his arms. He has a very light skin tone and reddish hair, which has an unusual shape, similar to bull horns. He has a very long and pointed nose and wears a thin mustache underneath, but with a gap in the middle under the nose. He wears a vertical red and white striped suit with a high collar and matching pants. This is accompanied by a yellow bandana and a vertical brown and yellow striped cape over his back. On his hands he wears white gloves.


Mobile knew of the plan to massacre the Vinsmokes during the tea party and took part in it. This shows his loyalty to his gang, but also a certain cold-heartedness. Nevertheless, he became frightened when Bege revealed his true intentions and betrayed the gang. He also seems to have a great deal of pride or is simply conceited, as he often leans his head back while raising his nose and looking down on people. Most of the time he can be seen with a glass of wine in his right hand, which can indicate an increased alcohol consumption.

Skills and strength

That Mobile was charged with attending the tea party, and thus the assassination of the Vinsmokes, is evidence of a certain trust placed in him.


The Tea Party From Hell

Mobile also attended the Big Moms tea party centered around Sanji and Charlotte Pudding’s wedding, and was part of the plan to betray and massacre the Vinsmoke family. However, when the initial plan failed due to Pudding’s emotional breakdown, he was shocked to see Luffy and his many clones jump out of the wedding cake, destroying it. In the course of the tumult this caused, he, along with Laurin, Compo, and Charlotte Custard, confronted Jinbe and Luffy, but no fight ensued. Shocked, he found that Bege had betrayed his captain. After the enemy alliance escaped and briefly barricaded themselves, a clash ensued between the captain of the Straw Hats as well as the head of the Charlotte family. Due to the force of Luffy and Big Mom’s clashing punch, Mobile was swept away along with many others present. Throughout the commotion, no one noticed what was happening at the Chateau. Du Feld tried to open the Tamatebako casket, but it fell off the chateau until it finally exploded, causing the entire chateau to collapse along with it. Laurin, as well as everyone else, was saved by Streusen’s devilish powers, which turned the castle into fluffy dough, allowing everyone to reach the ground safely.

He was later recruited by Charlotte Daifuku for the unit to pursue the Straw Hats. However, Mobile and his unit were defeated in the Wondrous Forest by Nami, who used Zeus to shoot a giant lightning bolt at the enemies.

Arrival on Wano Country

Together with his mother and a few siblings, he tracked the Straw Hats on the Queen Mama Chanter to Wano Country, where Emperor Kaidou, with whom Big Mom had already conversed via Den-den Mushi, ruled. However, their arrival did not go unnoticed and they were attacked by Kaidou’s underlings while attempting to infiltrate the country via a waterfall. With the help of Perospero’s devil powers, they initially managed to repel the attacks, but at the top of the waterfall they encountered King, one of the three main representatives of the Beasts Pirates. The latter attacked the ship, causing it to fall and sending the Big Mom pirates present towards the sea. While their mother was lost, the remaining Big Mom pirates were able to survive this unscathed on the ship and discussed how to proceed now. After hearing that their mother had formed an alliance with Kaidou, they attempted to climb the waterfall again on the day of the Fire Festival. This time, however, they were stopped by Marco and pushed down again.


  • His name was first mentioned in the anime’s episode credits.

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