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Marriage Proposal Lola (jap. 求婚のローラ, Kyūkon No Rōra) is the captain of the Rolling Pirates. Like her twin sister Chiffon, she is a common daughter of the pirate empress Big Mom as well as Pound. Within her family, she represents the 23rd daughter and is the 53rd child overall of the Charlotte family. Her mother wanted her forcibly married off to drastically increase her own power, but Lola wanted to find a man for life herself and left Totto Land. She was once the Chocolate Minister (jap. チョコレート大臣, Chokorēto Daijin) and administered the island of Cacao. She has since married Gotti from the Fire Tank pirate gang.

She was on the Thriller Bark with her crew for three years because her shadows had been stolen by Gecko Moria. Her shadow was possessed by the warthog zombie Lola.

For the zombie from the Thriller Bark with the same name.


Chiffon and Lola as a baby

Lola has pink hair, which she tends to wear in two braids, each with three hair ties. She also has big red lips and is missing an incisor. Since she has only worn the same clothes all these years, they are tattered accordingly. Her red coat has several holes and dirt stains. Underneath she wears a yellow bodysuit with a central zipper that goes down to her shins. The orange bowtie is also noticeable. On her feet she has purple heeled shoes. Around Lola’s body are two swords strapped to her back. Also worth mentioning is the small black hat perched on top of her head.


Lola has a strong personality, and as the captain, was willing to die in the sun’s rays along with the Straw Hats while her men were safe. One trait of hers is to ask every man she meets to marry her. Hence her nickname, “marriage proposal” Lola. She also would not accept any of Moria’s treasure that Nami had recovered.

Skills and Strength

Nothing is known about her strength, as she has never been seen fighting. Based on the two katanas on her back, it is reasonable to assume that she must be a good swordswoman, especially since she is also the leader of a larger pirate gang from the New World.

Since people’s strength usually carries over to their zombies, it’s also interesting to note that her zombie on the Thriller Bark was in the rank of general.


The Broken Wedding

It’s been over three years since Lola lived with her family in the New World. Her mother arranged for her to marry Prince Loki to seal the alliance with the Giant Tribe, commonly considered a powerful race. As a result, Big Mom would have gained enough power to become Pirate Queen and crush her fiercest adversaries Whitebeard and Kaidou. Lola decided against following her mother’s lead. Although she was aware of her mother’s power and influence, she did not fear that she would have her tracked down and killed. Before leaving, she said goodbye to her sister Pudding and assured her not to worry. Lola made her way to the first half of the Grand Line, forming the Rolling Pirates in the process.

Life on the Thriller Bark

Three years ago, the Rolling Pirates landed on Thriller Bark, where Moria stole their shadows. As a result, they always had to stay in the woods, as they couldn’t stand sunlight without shadows. A whole network of Gecko Moria’s victims emerged, who also lived on the island. At some point they discovered that salt allows the shadows to escape from the zombies. If one then transports that into a living human, it gains the abilities and strength of the true shadow holder. In search of their own shadows, they let many zombies “die” and eventually got a collection of them together.


Meeting Luffy

“Nightmare Luffy” is born

Lola first met Luffy after he got lost in Thriller Forest and was brought to her by members of the Rolling Pirates. Her first question to the newcomer was if he wanted to marry her, which Luffy of course denied. Since they were in a hurry, Lola got right to the point and promoted a shadow into Luffy’s body. To the latter’s amazement, he now had the skills of an excellent swordsman. The plan was to resurrect as many shadows in Luffy as possible to stand a chance against Moria. However, Luffy only had ten minutes to defeat the samurai, as then the shadows would leave his body again. Contrary to the assumption that twenty to thirty shadows would fit inside Luffy, a full hundred could fit inside him.

Straw Hat Pirates vs Moria & Oz

Sunlight burns Lola

After the mutated Luffy had already started fighting, the Rolling Pirates carried the defeated Straw Hats away from the battlefield. Lola and the Risky Brothers then explained to the only non-defeated Nami and Usopp how they had made Luffy so strong. The battle didn’t last much longer and Nightmare Luffy managed to knock out Moria and Oars. Shortly after, the hundred shadows escaped from Luffy again. Lola thought Luffy’s victory would return the shadows to their owners, but nothing happened. They came to the conclusion that only Moria had the power to return all the shadows. The only way was to get Moria to do it after they woke him up. However, Oars suddenly stood back up, so he wasn’t defeated after all. However, the members of the Straw Hat Pirates were also ready to fight again, and Zoro wanted the Rolling Pirates to take cover. They cheered them on, however, the first rays of sunlight were already coming and to make matters worse, Moria began Shadow’s Asgard. Lola didn’t leave the straw hats’ side, even as the first rays of sunlight began to burn them. She ordered her men to get to safety. While Luffy finally squeezed the shadows out of the crowded Moria, Lola and her crew called for their shadows to come back to them after all. Eventually, everyone had their shadows back and Moria was buried under his mast mansion.

Bartholomew Kuma, the bully

Bear attacks Lola’s gang

But all the pirates on the Thriller Bark had rejoiced too soon: sitting atop the mast, Bartholomew Kuma received orders from the Five Elders to eliminate all survivors on the Thriller Bark. Lola called her men back, as they stood no chance against Bear. Using his paw fruit, he defeated some pirates from Lola’s gang. Some fighting from the Straw Hat Pirates later, Bear let loose the Ursus Shock, any amount of compressed air, after which his opponents were buried unconscious under the rubble. When everyone woke up again, Bear was gone and Zoro was badly executed.

Farewell to the Straw Hats

Lola presents Nami with the Vivre Card

Nami had gotten a hold of Moria’s treasures, but wouldn’t give anything to the Rolling Pirates, which Lola would have refused anyway. At this, she unconsciously called Nami “Namizou”, not knowing who that was supposed to be herself. Nami, however, remembered that the warthog zombie Lola had called her the same. At this, Nami was overjoyed and hugged Lola. Later, the pirates began their banquet. Two days later, the Straw Hats were about to leave again, with Franky giving Brook’s old ship to the Rolling Pirates. Nami then asked if Lola would be heading to the New World, however Lola replied that she was born there so there was no need. Lola then handed her and explained her mother’s Vivre Card, which would be a strong pirate in the New World. Luffy remembered Ace’s Vivre Card, and he saw that it was already scorched. According to Lola, this was the sign of waning vitality. The Straw Hats then sailed off, while behind the Thriller Bark lurked the true beast of the mysterious triangle.

Two years later

Lola as a guest in the bar of the Mozu and Kiwi

Two years later, the Rolling Pirates found themselves in Water 7, where they stopped by Mozu and Kiwi Kiwi and Mozz’s bar. While the two proudly displayed Franky’s wanted poster, Lola and the Risky Brothers seemed to relate their own experiences with the Straw Hats. They were able to read about their return in the newspaper for this purpose.

Later, the Rolling Pirates headed to Dress Rosa, but Lola was taken by the Navy during a visit to the barber store. Fortunately for them, the Fire Tank pirate gang was also on the scene and Gotti witnessed the incident, whereupon, believing it to be Chiffon, he gave chase. Despite some difficulties, he managed to rescue him and quickly realized the mistake as Lola, in keeping with her nature, thanked him with a kiss. Shortly after, Bege, Vito and Chiffon appeared. Finally, Lola was reunited with her twin sister and the Risky Brothers also showed their gratitude. Afterwards, they fled from the navy together and met Pound, who introduced himself as Lola and Chiffon’s father. However, they did not believe him and sailed away for the time being, but eventually Pound was able to convince them and was pulled onto the boat. Afterwards, she and Gotti actually got married and continued their journey, followed by the Navy, on the ship of the Fire Tank pirate gang.


  • 4,446 times their marriage proposals were rejected, the last time by Franky.
  • Her Japanese name Rôra can also mean scooter and is often translated as Lolabut actually Laura is the more appropriate translation.
  • Their favourite food is chocolate fondue.

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