Charlotte Kato of One Piece

Charlotte Katou is the 28th son of Charlotte Linlin and the 49th child of the Charlotte family. He is the middle triplet brother of Charlotte Kanten and Charlotte Montb. He is also a member of Big Mom’s pirate gang and administers Tanega Island as the Seed Minister (jap. シード大臣, Shīdo Daijin).


Katou has an unusual appearance, as he is tall, slenderly built, and has a round orange head that gives him the appearance of a pumpkin. The rest of his body is also orange, rather than skin-colored. He has green hair that resembles leaves, and a sort of stalk on his head. Two narrow slits form his eyes. He wears a black top with a blue circle pattern on it, a short skirt made of straw or similar material, a purple cape, and pieces of armor.


Katou is loyal to the Big Mom pirate gang. He attended the wedding between Sanji and Pudding on the roof of the castle and later fought the Straw Hat Pirates and the Fire Tank Pirates who attempted to assassinate Big Mom.

Skills & Strength

Katou uses a sword in the fight. With it, he was able to block an attack from Pedro. He seems to have some strength, as he was able to survive a burst from Big Mom’s Haoshoku.


Totto Land

Katou was present at the meeting of the Big Mom pirate gang that Mont d’Or had called to discuss the current situation. The next day, he attended the wedding on the roof of the Whole Cake Chateau. There, he witnessed Luffy’s surprise appearance and attempted assassination of Big Mom. However, after the assassination failed and the Alliance retreated to Bege’s fortress, the Big Mom pirate gang gathered to prepare a counterattack. After Capone Bege disbanded the fortress by necessity, the Big Mom pirates attacked him and Caesar with their weapons. However, the Vinsmokes protected them with their genetically enhanced bodies. However, the Tamatebako explosion caused the castle to collapse, allowing the Alliance to escape from the action for the time being.

The Big Mom pirate gang then immediately formed different groups to pursue the fugitives. Katou joined Big Mom’s group as they chased the Straw Hat Pirates through the Forest of Temptation. In the process, Katou briefly confronted Pedro, but Jinbe admonished his fellow fighters to focus on escaping instead of getting into fights separately. Nami then landed a fatal attack against the Big Mom pirates with the help of Zeus, taking out all but Big Mom.


  • Katou (果糖) is the Japanese word for Fructose.
  • Unlike in the manga, Katou is part of Big Mom’s group in the anime, who want to reach Wano Country via the waterfall, but are pushed down by King while trying. However,

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