Charlotte Kanten of One Piece

Charlotte Kanten is the 27th son of Charlotte Linlin and the 48th child of the Charlotte family. He is the older triplet brother of Charlotte Katou and Charlotte Montb. He is also a member of Big Mom’s pirate gang and is the Agar Minister (jap. 寒天大臣, Edges Daijin) of Jelly.


Kanten is an extremely tall, roundish man with no visible separation between his upper body and his head – he obviously has no neck. Furthermore, the shape of his head is unusual, as his head extends upwards like a bump above the hairline. The right side of his face, and thus his right eye, is completely wrapped in bandages that reach all the way around his neck. This could be an indication that his unusual head shape is actually due to a – temporary – bump. His arms are also partially bandaged. His mouth is exceptionally large, but with huge gaps between the few teeth. He wears a dark top hat and has long, green hair that reaches his hips and stretches wider than his body. He has not covered his upper body, so he dresses only in dark trousers, which are fastened around his waist with a crossed yellow belt, on the left side of which is an equally yellow gun holster.

Skills and strength

That Kanten was assigned to attend the tea party and thus the assassination of the Vinsmokes is evidence of a certain trust placed in him. In battle, he was able to block Ichiji’s kick with his sword, which could be an indication of some strength on the one hand and speaks to some skill in swordplay on the other.


The Tea Party From Hell

Kanten also attended the Big Moms tea party centered around Sanji and Charlotte Pudding’s wedding, and was part of the plan to betray and massacre the Vinsmoke family. However, he was shocked and at a loss when the initial plan failed due to Pudding’s emotional breakdown and Luffy and his many clones subsequently jumped out of the wedding cake, destroying it. In the course of the turmoil this caused, the Straw Hats as well as their alliance failed to escape through a mirror as planned, but they were able to entrench themselves in the castle that appeared due to Bege’s devil powers for the time being. However, the Big Mom pirate gang quickly had this surrounded and the Empress personally attacked it until the Vinsmokes showed up to ensure the safety of the hideout. Big Mom promptly attacked them as well, while the rest of those present, Kanten included, did the same, until Luffy finally showed himself and took personal action against the head of the Charlotte family. A fight broke out and Kanten confronted Ichiji. Throughout the commotion, no one noticed what was happening at the Chateau. Du Feld tried to open the Tamatebako casket, but it fell off the chateau until it finally exploded, causing the entire chateau to collapse along with it. Edges as well as the others present could be saved by Streusen’s devil powers by turning the castle into fluffy dough and thus everyone reached the ground safely.


  • Edges is the Japanese word for the gelling agent Agar.

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