Charlotte Joscarpone of One Piece

Charlotte Joscarpone is the 29th daughter of Empress Charlotte Linlin and the 63rd child of the Charlotte family. She is the younger twin sister of Charlotte Mascarpone and a member of the Big Mom pirate gang.


Joscarpone is a tall woman with shoulder-length, bluish hair. Being a member of the Long Neck Tribe, she has an unnaturally long neck.


Like most of her siblings, she is loyal to her mother. However, she does have a sadistic and very fearful side, which was shown within the Mirror World when they were attacked by Luffy while happily setting the Thousand Sunny on fire.

Skills & Strengths

She can be seen using a naginata as well as a bow and arrow. She also seems to have good reflexes, as she was able to dodge a surprise attack from Luffy.


The Tea Party From Hell

After Cracker was defeated by Luffy in the Forest of Temptation, Big Mom dispatched the Army of Wrath, which included Mascarpone and Joscarpone. They rushed to Luffy and Nami, who overwhelmed them based on sheer numerical superiority alone, which the two twins commented on derisively. After Amande took the Vivre Card from the navigator, they were shocked to believe that the Straw Hat Pirates had killed Lola.This information comes from an anime filler.

After the wedding between Pudding and Sanji was blown up by the Alliance and the wedding cake was destroyed, the enraged Germa 66 attacked the twins. Before the hostile Alliance could escape, Mascarpone and Joscarpone were poisoned by Reiju, but were saved by their sister, Smoothie.

In the mirror world

After the Straw Hat Pirates managed to escape to their ship due to the chaos that ensued, the two siblings waited in the mirror world that Brûlée controlled. There, they fired flaming arrows through the mirrors at the Thousand Sunny to set the ship ablaze before being attacked by Luffy. Relieved and cheering, they cheered on their brother, Katakuri, who knocked down the Straw Hat. They then corrected Charlotte Perospero that the Sunny had not sunk, but was still seaworthy before all the mirrors leading to the ship suddenly shattered.


  • In chapter 880 Joscarpone is introduced as the 29th daughter. Originally, Charlotte Praline was already given this place in chapter 830. However, this was corrected in volume 87, so that Praline is now the 21st daughter.
  • Her name is made up of the word ‘Jo’, which is another spelling for 女 (onna), meaning ‘woman’ and Mascarponemaking her name fit into the Big Mom pirate gang scheme. Furthermore, this clarifies the connection to her twin brother.

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