Charlotte Galette of One Piece

Charlotte Galette is the 18th daughter of Charlotte Linlin and the 42nd child of the Charlotte family. As Butter minister (jap. バター大臣, Batā Daijin), she administers Margarine Island. She and Charlotte Poire are twins.


Galette is a slender woman with shoulder-length, curly red hair that mostly covers her right eye. Perched on top of her head are two arrow-like outgrowths that resemble horns. She has red lipstick applied and striking black eyelashes. Over her shoulders, Galette has draped a large purple feather boa. She wears a short red dress, red gloves and red shoes.


The Minister of Margarine seems to care about her family. So she tried to stop her mother from killing her own son by words. She was also shocked when she found her brother Charlotte Cracker defeated in the castle.

Skills & Strength

Galette Has Nami Tied Up

Galette ate from the butter fruit and became a butter person. She was able to tie Nami’s hands with butter.


Riot before the wedding

During Big Mom’s rampage, she was present in Sweet City and, along with her brothers Mont d’Or and Opera, tried to convince the hungry ruler to spare Moscato from her life-sucking abilities. In the end, however, she had to watch powerlessly as the latter was deprived of 40 years of his lifespan. Thanks to Jinbe, however, the rampage was stopped and Galette ordered soldiers to take Moscato away.

Galette, Opera and Mont d’Or find the defeated cracker

Even when Cracker was defeated by Luffy two days later and hurled into the city by his attack, it was she and her brothers who found him and consequently raised the alarm. It was Galette who concluded that Luffy must be responsible for Cracker’s defeat, as her brother had last been seen with him. As a result, Big Mom sent her children and the other crew members in the form of the Army of Wrath towards Luffy and Nami to avenge Cracker. In their fight, she immobilized Nami with her powers. When she and her sister, Amande, took the Vivre Card from the navigator, they realized that this must be the cause of the Homies being powerless against the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy and Nami were then taken to the castle and locked in a book prison by Mont d’Or. Galette then observed the conversation between Luffy and Big Mom. When chaos subsequently broke out in the castle, Galette attended a meeting with her siblings to assess the new situation and contain the hotbeds of danger.

The Tea Party From Hell

Galette and her siblings overpower the fugitives

When chaos erupted during the wedding and Galette was overcome by her mother’s bloodcurdling scream, she noticed in amazement that Big Mom had injured her knee. However, after the assassination attempt failed and the missile launchers were destroyed, Katakuri created earplugs with his devil powers, restoring the Big Mom pirate gang’s ability to act and attack the enemy alliance with combined forces, forcing Capone Bege to turn himself into a massive fortress. Seeing no other option but to transform back to his normal form, the Germa 66, Luffy and Sanji launched a diversionary maneuver, though they were unable to fend off the assembled might of the Charlottes and Big Mom for long. Thus, Galette managed to tie up the attackers with her abilities, handing them over to Big Mom and thus their execution. However, just before this was successful, the Tamatebako exploded, collapsing the entire castle. Before Streusen used his devil powers to turn the castle into soft dough, preventing the certain death of his band of pirates, Katakuri saved Galette’s life before she plummeted to her death.

Later, Galette was seen on the flagship of Big Mom’s fleet, which had taken up pursuit of the fleeing Straw Hat Pirates through Totto Land. However, they were stopped by the Sun Pirates.

Arrival on Wano Country

The Big Mom Pirates Reach Wano Country

The further course of this confrontation is not known, but she seemed to have survived it unscathed. Thus, she later pursued the Straw Hat Pirates, along with her mother and several siblings on the Queen Mama Chanter, to Wano Country, where Emperor Kaidou, with whom Big Mom had already communicated via Den-den Mushi, ruled. However, their arrival did not go unnoticed and they were attacked by Kaidou’s underlings while attempting to infiltrate the country via a waterfall. With the help of Perospero’s devil powers, they initially managed to repel the attacks, but at the top of the waterfall they encountered King, one of the three main representatives of the Beasts Pirates. The latter attacked the ship, causing it to fall and sending the Big Mom pirates present towards the sea. While their mother was lost, the remaining Big Mom pirates were able to survive this unscathed on the ship and discussed how to proceed now, as Galette was certain that Big Mom could be captured.

Later, they learned of the alliance between the two emperors and launched another attempt to climb the waterfall on the day of the Fire Festival. Galette complemented her siblings and said that they must present Luffy’s head to the world on a pike, but a flying devil fruit user, Marco, appeared again and pushed them down.


  • Her name comes from the Galettea buckwheat pancake originating in Brittany. She thus fits into the naming scheme of the Charlotte family.

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