Charlotte Effilée of One Piece

Charlotte Effilée is the 5th daughter of Charlotte Linlin and the 9th child of the Charlotte family. She is the youngest of the quadruplet siblings of Charlotte Mondée, Charlotte Amande, and Charlotte Hachée. They are all snake-necked human hybrids and members of the Big Mom pirate gang.


Effilée is a tall and thin woman who, like all long-necked people, has an exceptionally long neck. She has a very square chin and generally a rectangular head. She has long, wavy blue hair that reaches almost to her waist. She covers her head with a dark purple hat and wears a matching very short jacket and pants that are also purple. The jacket covers only the upper half of her torso and is worn open. Over her shoulders as well as her hips she wears an ammunition belt, with additional yellow pockets attached to the hip belt. She also wears brown gloves and can often be seen with a smoking cigarette in her mouth.


Effilée is devoted to her family and gang, so she also participated in the plan to massacre the Vinsmokes, which additionally indicates a certain cruelty. In addition, she can always be seen with a smoking cigarette in her mouth, which suggests an increased consumption.

Skills and strength

The fact that Effilée also attended the tea party, with the planned assassination of the Vinsmokes, shows a certain amount of trust placed in her. Moreover, she seems to possess a strong will, so she was able to withstand her mother’s King Shaki outburst.


The tea party from hell

Effilée also attended the Big Moms tea party, which centered on the discussed wedding of Sanji and Charlotte Pudding, and was part of the plan to betray and massacre the Vinsmoke family. However, the initial plan failed due to Pudding’s emotional breakdown, and Luffy and his many clones subsequently jumped out of the wedding cake, destroying it. During the commotion, Charlotte Effilée and other members of the Big Mom pirate gang held the Vinsmokes at gunpoint, pointing their weapon directly at Ichiji. However, when Mother Carmel’s image was destroyed by Brook and Big Mom subsequently suffered a King Shaki outburst that shook the Big Mom pirates, the Straw Hats as well as their alliance were able to escape.

They did not manage to escape through a mirror as planned, but they were able to entrench themselves in the castle that appeared due to Bege’s devil powers for the time being. However, the Big Mom pirate gang quickly had this surrounded and the Empress personally attacked it until the Vinsmokes showed up to ensure the safety of the hideout. Big Mom promptly attacked them as well, while the rest of those present, Effilée included, did likewise, until Luffy finally showed himself and personally took action against the head of the Charlotte family. Throughout the commotion, no one noticed what was happening at the Chateau. Du Feld tried to open the Tamatebako casket, but it fell off the chateau until it finally exploded, causing the entire chateau to collapse along with it. Effilée and the others were saved by Streusen’s devilish powers, which turned the castle into fluffy dough and allowed everyone to reach the ground safely.This information comes from an anime filler.

Big Mom in Rage

Charlotte Effilée was on Nuts when Luffy appeared there with Brûlée through a mirror. The town was already half in ruins from Big Mom’s savage attacks, so she prevented Luffy’s escape for now by shooting a mirror he was aiming at. She then tried to shoot him personally, but the bullets did not harm him. Her sister Mondée then cut up the house Luffy was running on with a sword blow, so he had to dodge into the street, where Big Mom finally spotted him.

Arrival on Wano Country

Together with her mother and a few siblings, Effilée tracked the Straw Hats on the Queen Mama Chanter to Wano Country, where Emperor Kaidou, with whom Big Mom had already conversed via Den-den Mushi, ruled. However, their arrival did not go unnoticed and they were attacked by Kaidou’s underlings while attempting to infiltrate the country via a waterfall. With the help of Perospero’s devil powers, they initially managed to repel the attacks, but at the top of the waterfall they encountered King, one of the three main representatives of the Beasts Pirates. The latter attacked the ship, causing it to fall and sending the Big Mom pirates present towards the sea. While their mother was lost, the remaining Big Mom pirates were able to survive this unscathed on the ship and discussed how to proceed now.

Later, they learned of the alliance between the two emperors and launched another attempt to climb the waterfall on the day of the Fire Festival, but once again a flying Devil Fruit user, Marco, appeared and pushed them down.


  • The daughters’ names and sketches were announced in One Piece Magazine #4.
  • The name may derive from the French for “sliced almonds” or “almond flakes”, amandes effilées.

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