Charlotte Dragée of One Piece

Charlotte Dragée is the 46th son of the Charlotte family.


Charlotte Dragée and his brother Dolce are identical twins and have an identical appearance. They are both very small for their young age and look innocent. Their body shape resembles that of a balloon and they are both usually seen hanging in the air from one. They have short brown hair that resembles the shape of a four-pointed crown. They wear a pink long-sleeved shirt with three yellow buttons down the front, as well as brown shoes and striped pants. Only the color of the pants differs between the brothers, so Dragée wears light green pants with dark green stripes, while Dolce wears lavender pants with purple stripes.


Not only are the twins identical on the outside, but their personalities also seem to be the same. Both of them always have a big smile on their faces and are enthusiastic about balloons. Most of the time they hang from them in the air, but they don’t like it when they burst. That’s why they detest their sister Anana, who they think is psychopathic and won’t give her a knife because she always destroys their balloons with it.


The twins first made an appearance when their sister Anana complained to Big Mom because the chef wouldn’t give her a knife to mutilate her stuffed animals with. Her mother then instructed Dragée and Dolce to get her some, but they refused because it bursts her balloons every time. They also told Big Mom that they thought her sister was psychopathic and that they would surely kill Anana one day. But their mother only replied laughing that everyone has at least 100 to 200 people they want to kill.

The next day, the two were at the chateau where the tea party centered around the wedding of Sanji and her older sister Charlotte Pudding was taking place. When the chateau collapsed, and with it the castle, due to the explosion caused by the Tamatebako casket, they could be seen happily floating with their balloons while everyone around them panicked.


  • His name comes from Dragée and thus fits into the naming scheme of the Charlotte family.
  • The twins appear to be based on the characters Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum from the children’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderlandwhich would fit the fairy tale theme of Big Mom pirates.

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