Charlotte Dacquoise of One Piece

Dacquoise is the 24th son of Charlotte Linlin and the 41st child of the Charlotte family. He is a member of Big Mom’s pirate gang and administers the island of Jam as a Jamu Minister (jap. ジャム大臣, Jamu Daijin).


Dacquoise is a slender man of medium height with a very angular face. He has black hair that sticks up in several hair bundles. The hair at his temples is shaved short. His eyes are covered by sunglasses with purple lenses and he always has a cigarette in his mouth. He wears a dark blue suit with several gold buttons and a pink long-sleeved shirt and purple tie underneath. He is also wearing dark blue suit trousers.
The most striking external feature, however, are his purple, large wings, which extend far beyond his back.


Dacquoise is loyal to his family and gang, so he also participated in the plan to massacre the Vinsmokes, which additionally indicates a certain cruelty. In addition, he can always be seen with a cigarette in his mouth, which suggests an increased consumption of cigarettes.

Skills and strength

That Dacquoise attended the meeting to discuss the wedding and ultimately the tea party, with the planned assassination of the Vinsmokes, shows a certain amount of trust placed in him. Moreover, he faced Niji in combat and was able to parry his attack, suggesting a certain strength.


Preparation for the tea party

Charlotte Dacquoise made her first appearance during a meeting called by Mont d’Or. The family members present discussed the actions as well as the current positions of the Straw Hat Pirates as well as their alliance. In the process, it was revealed that all the intruders had been apprehended and Opera, fearing the consequences at the hands of Big Mom, even declared that he would have burned Nami and Luffy alive. Thus, the meeting ended with the thought that nothing can go wrong on the day of the wedding and everyone agreed to make this day memorable for their sister.

The Tea Party From Hell

A day later, Dacquoise then attended the Big Moms tea party, centered around the discussed wedding of Sanji and Charlotte Pudding, and was part of the plan to betray and massacre the Vinsmoke family. However, the initial plan failed due to Pudding’s emotional breakdown, and Luffy and his many clones subsequently jumped out of the wedding cake, destroying it. During the turmoil, Charlotte Dacquoise and other members of the Big Mom pirate gang held the Vinsmokes at gunpoint, with him pointing his gun directly at Niji. However, when Mother Carmel’s image was destroyed by Brook and Big Mom subsequently suffered a King Shaki outburst that shook the Big Mom pirates, the Straw Hats as well as their alliance were able to escape.

While they did not manage to escape through a mirror as planned, they were first able to entrench themselves in the castle that appeared due to Bege’s devil powers. However, the Big Mom pirate gang quickly had this surrounded and the Empress personally attacked it until the Vinsmokes showed up to ensure the safety of the hideout. Big Mom promptly attacked them as well, while the rest of those present, Dacquoise included, did the same, until Luffy finally showed himself and took personal action against the head of the Charlotte family.

A fight broke out and Charlotte Dacquoise confronted Niji Vinsmoke and witnessed Katakuri blocking Caesar’s escape route. Throughout the commotion, no one noticed what was happening at the Chateau. Du Feld tried to open the Tamatebako casket, but it fell off the chateau until it finally exploded, causing the entire chateau to collapse along with the castle. Dacquoise and the others were saved by Streusen’s devilish powers, which turned the castle into fluffy dough and allowed everyone to reach the ground safely.


  • Its name probably comes from the French dessert (note: needs link) of the same name.

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