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Charlotte Cracker, the so-called Cookie Knight nicknamed Thousand Poor Cra cker (Eng. manga) / Thousand Poor Cracker (Eng. anime) (jap. 千手のクラッカー, Senju no Kurakkā), is the 10th son of Charlotte Linlin and the 15th child of the Charlotte family. He, Charlotte Custard, and Charlotte Angel are triplets, of which he is the eldest. He holds the office of Biscuit Minister (jap. ビスケット大臣, Bisuketto Daijin) of Biscuits and is one of three “Candy Commanders”.


Crackers Cookie Armor

Charlotte Cracker is a young man with a muscular build. His hair is tied in an unusually long braid, which bears some resemblance to a baguette. He is always seen with a mean and devious expression on his face. A wide scar adorns the right side of his face. As clothing for his upper body, he wears only a dark cloak with a shoulder guard on his right shoulder. He also wears black boots and shoes, as well as a kilt with chains in the shape of biscuits attached to it.

Cracker’s true form is usually hidden under a Homunculus he has created. This represents a large man wearing a Viking helmet (note: needs link). He has a long black beard and a suit of armor made of crackers in a checkerboard pattern. Furthermore he wears gloves and a belt with the inscription “BIS”. His overall appearance seems quite disproportionate. His torso is rectangular and large, whereas his arms and legs look very thin and long in contrast. His weapons are several swords and a shield in the shape of a cracker.


Cracker is an extremely loyal member of his mother’s pirate gang. He often wears a diabolical smile on his lips. He is very confident in his strength. When Randolph wanted to intervene in his fight with Luffy, Cracker stopped him because he didn’t want anyone interfering in his affairs. Using his devil powers, he creates stable cookie soldiers, always hiding inside one of them. He does this because he hates pain and wants to protect himself from it in the soldiers. This peculiarity has contributed to the fact that even his mugshot features the likeness of his cookie soldiers instead of his true form.

Skills and strengths

Cracker can create countless cookie soldiers.

With a hefty bounty of 860 million berries, Charlotte Cracker is no stranger to the world. Big Mom also has great confidence in his abilities and sends him against powerful opponents like Luffy or Urouge. His main weapon is the unique sword “Pretzel”.

He ate from the rather harmless sounding “cookie fruit”, which allows him to create and manipulate cookies in infinite quantities, however it is precisely this that makes him a dangerous opponent. With its help, he creates living and powerful soldiers to fight for him. He himself hides his body inside one of these soldiers and uses it as a kind of armor, so that not even the world government is aware of his true appearance. From within, he can then change the soldier’s form at will. One technique of his that earned him the nickname “Thousand Arms” is to grow new arms from his shoulders. To do this, the soldier taps his shoulders, whereupon a copy of his arm is created there with each tap. He can even create a copy of the sword in his hand. Against Luffy, he fought with seven “Pretzel Swords” and a shield. However, his epithet suggests that he can create even more arms.

The soldiers also seem to have great physical strength, as one of them was able to fend off an Elephant Gun with his shield. Cracker didn’t even have to support him with his armor haki, which is more powerful than Luffy’s. Even without being in his armor, Cracker is a capable swordsman and was able to use his sword to injure Luffy’s arm while he was still in his Gear 4 state. In addition to the Armor Haki, Cracker is also proficient in the Observation Haki.

Also, Cracker simply wilted several of the homies’ trees within his armor, though this was not due to Haoushoku, but likely due to his scary strength.


After Urouge defeated the candy commander Charlotte Snack, Cracker, out of rage, pursued him with an entire fleet, and with the assistance of Charlotte Linlin, who created a storm, he was able to defeat the monk within a short time.


Fight against Luffy

The fight against Luffy begins.

After Monkey D. Luffy and his companions arrived on Whole Cake Island and found themselves in the forest, Cracker was tasked by Big Mom to take care of the problem. While doing so, he encountered Pound, which he pulled out of the ground with one hand. Shortly after, Randolph attacked the Sanji rescue team, but was interrupted by Cracker, who was visibly upset that someone was trying to interfere in his fight. He then explained that he was sent by his mother to assist Charlotte Brûlée, as Luffy had defeated Donquixote Doflamingo and was causing her too much trouble. Brûlée, King BOhm, and the other homies afterwards cried foul that they would have been very capable of dealing with Luffy. Cracker, however, would not allow any room for error so close to the tea party. He then tried to kill Pound with his sword Pretzel, but Luffy prevented him. The two pirates started a fight, whereupon Luffy was flung away by Cracker shortly after, and the Candy Commander grew more arms, proclaiming that Luffy had no chance of defeating him.

The real cracker and his army of cookie soldiers

The latter was not deterred by this and attacked with a Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun, but this was blocked by Cracker. At the same time Luffy was hit by several Haki enhanced swords, who also used his Armor Haki, but was still swept away again. Now the Straw Hat Captain tried Gomu Gomu no Hawk Gatling, but this attack was blocked by Cracker using his defensive technique “Hard Biscuit”, a reinforcement of his shield with his armor haki, and Luffy was then rammed into the ground. The Cookie Knight then remarked that Sanji would be happier if he left the Straw Hat Pirates. This angered the Rubber Man, who then activated Gear 4 and was able to hurt Cracker with one punch and knock him back.

The latter rose again and attacked with Pretzel, but was hit by a Gum Gum Kong Gun at the same time. Gear 4’s strength triumphed, and thus Luffy punched a hole in the commander’s armor. From the body rose the true cracker, which attacked the outstretched gum-gum pirate’s arm with its gum-gum sword, injuring him. The tenth son of the Charlotte family was surprised that Luffy had managed to break through his armor. He caused several Cookie Soldiers to emerge at once thanks to his devil powers, which then blocked the Gomu Gomu no Cong organ as Cracker jumped from behind and used Honey Pretzel, forcing Luffy to duck his head in dire need.

Cracker is defeated by Luffy.

The fight lasted a full eleven hours and Cracker was visibly annoyed at the 500 Million Berry Pirate’s strategy of fight, flight and eat his soldiers. However, he was looking forward to seeing Luffy burst, as he was very bloated by the sheer volume. He created new cookie soldiers and was angry at King Baum for not following orders from him, which he wanted to report to Big Mom, furthermore likewise at Nami for soaking his soldiers with rain, after which allowing them to be devoured by Luffy. The warriors set in motion to assault Luffy, after which Nami produced rain once more, further filling Luffy’s stomach. When Cracker then tried to attack with his sword, Luffy activated his tankman, causing him to grow even larger. The Candy Commander stabbed Pretzel in the stomach, but was sucked in, leaving him motionless and defenseless. The Straw Hat Captain then hurled Cracker through the remaining extremely tough Cookie Soldiers, sending the tenth scion of the Charlotte family flying through the air in defeat. Cracker then crashed full force into the Whole Cake Chateau, whereupon he was found unconscious by his siblings Charlotte Galette, Charlotte Mont d’Or, and Charlotte Opera.


  • His name, like the other children Big Moms, is based on food. In his case it is the well-known Crackers (food).
  • Charlotte Cracker’s epithet “Thousand Arms”, as well as the depiction of his cookie knights, may be based on Guanyin (Jap. name Kannon, 観音), a Bodhisattva(बोधिसत्त्व, enlightened being) from Buddhism. This is usually depicted with 42 arms, two of which are “normal” and 40 others with which he interacts in other worlds. According to belief, there are 25 of these worlds, so the calculation of 40 arms in 25 worlds arises (40 x 25 = 1000).
    In the battle against Luffy, Cracker created five Cookie Knights, each of which had eight arms, so in a sense the commander also had 40 arms (5 x 8 = 40).
    Furthermore, it is known that it was he who was able to put Urouge in his place when he attacked Whole Cake Island and defeated Commander Snack. Urouge’s epithet is “Mysterious Monk” and his appearance could be based on a Buddhist monk. Accordingly, this Buddhist could only be stopped by the intervention of a Bodhisattva himself.
  • Cracker likes to eat cookies, but doesn’t like Kimchi and carbonated drinks.
  • The Vivre Card ~ One Piece Picture Encyclopedia ~ states that he was born on a boat.
  • In the seventh character popularity vote, Charlotte Cracker came in at #99.

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