Charlotte Citron of One Piece

Charlotte Citron is the 15th daughter of Charlotte Linlin and the 36th child of the Charlotte family. She is the second oldest of the triplet sisters around Charlotte Smoothie and Charlotte Cinnamon. She is also a member of the Big Mom pirate gang, the Egg Minister (jap. エッグ大臣, Eggu Daijin) and manages Kimi Island.


Citron is a hybrid between human and long legged human. She is a tall woman with long legs, with her left leg being tattooed. However, Citron is slightly smaller than her sisters Smoothie and Cinnamon, and also possesses a disproportionate build. Her torso appears quite stocky, and she also possesses no neck. Citron has long curly hair that reaches almost to her knees, and possesses a pointed nose. She wears large earrings, a light ruffled top, and a dark belt with a capital “C”. Unlike her sisters, she does not wear long boots, but short black boots with heels.


Citron seems to have a more leisurely and unhurried nature, as she would have preferred to wait for the Straw Hat Pirates on Cacao instead of chasing them on the open sea.


The Pursuit of the Straw Hat Pirates on the High Seas

Citron attended the tea party on the roof of the Whole Cake Chateau. However, after destroying the wedding cake and Carmel’s picture, the entire Big Mom pirate gang was incapacitated due to Big Mom’s bloodcurdling scream. Only after Katakuri made earplugs for everyone were they able to counterattack and attack the alliance, which had retreated into Bege’s body after the assassination attempt on the Empress failed.

The next day, Citron was part of Smoothie’s unit, whose ship was in pursuit of the Thousand Sunny in Totto Land’s waters. After Capone Bege came within sight of the Sunny with his pirate ship, Perospero instructed Smoothie to have her unit sail after the Straw Hat Pirates while he himself pursued Capone with Big Mom. After her sister had augmented, Citron warned her that her own ship was in danger. They then followed the Sunny to Cacao, where they encountered the Germa 66 fleet.


  • Citron is the English word for Citron and thus fits into the naming scheme of the Charlotte family.

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