Charlotte Cinnamon of One Piece

Charlotte Cinnamon is the 16th daughter of Charlotte Linlin and the 37th child of the Charlotte family. She is a long legged hybrid and the youngest of the three triplet sisters around Charlotte Smoothie and Charlotte Citron. She is also part of the Big Mom pirate gang.


Cinnamon is a hybrid between human and long legged human. She is a tall slender woman with long legs and has a large tattoo on her left leg. She has her long brown hair tied back in a ponytail. She wears a sleeveless blue striped top with ruffles and white elbow pads. Just like her sister Smoothie, Cinnamon has disproportionately large hands. She also wears black gloves, long black boots, and a white cape.


Cinnamon doesn’t seem to like men very much.

Skills & Strength

She was able to withstand her mother’s King Shaki outburst, which shows some mental strength.

As a weapon, Cinnamon uses a sword.


Cinnamon attended the tea party on the roof of the Whole Cake Chateau. She was one of those who had surrounded the Vinsmoke family with guns to wipe them out.

The next day, Cinnamon was part of Smoothie’s unit, whose ship was in pursuit of the Thousand Sunny in Totto Land’s waters. After Capone Bege came within sight of the Sunny with his pirate ship, Perospero instructed Smoothie to have her unit sail after the Straw Hat Pirates while he himself pursued Capone with Big Mom. Smoothie’s unit sailed after the Sunny all the way to Cacao. There they had almost caught up with the Straw Hats when suddenly Germa 66 appeared with her fleet, which in turn opened fire on Big Mom’s ships.


  • Cinnamon is the English word for Cinnamon and thus fits into the Charlotte family naming scheme.

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