Charlotte Chiboust of One Piece

Charlotte Chiboust is the 30th son of Charlotte Linlin and the 51st child of the Charlotte family. He is part of Big Mom’s pirate gang, in which he serves as the Mix Minister (jap. ミックス大臣, Mikkusu Daijin) of Tricolor Island.


Charlotte Chiboust is a tall, broad-built man with comparatively short legs. He wears a full body suit, the upper half of which is dark blue, the lower half light blue. The light blue areas are still dotted with yellow. His head is also covered by the suit, so only his face can be seen, while the suit around it is decorated by eight bars attached in a circle. A circular logo can be seen on his upper arms, and around his waist he wears a wide belt with a round belt buckle. His questionable appearance is complemented by a bright attachment on his back that resembles a teapot handle.


Charlotte Chiboust doesn’t seem to be afraid to use violence, so he attacked Pekoms directly and was ready to gouge his eyes out. However, he was also noticeably startled by the news that Katakuri had been defeated.

Skills and strength

As the Mix Minister of the Isle of Tricolor, Charlotte Chiboust has a certain amount of authority. Furthermore, he seems to have great physical strength, so he could fix Pekoms on the ground with one hand.


Knowing of the agreed meeting place of the Straw Hat Pirates on Cacao at 01:00, Oven called on the populace to destroy all the mirrors, leaving only one remaining. At this one, he then gathered most of his siblings two hours earlier and stood guard with them, with Charlotte Chiboust at the forefront right next to Oven. But to her astonishment, at the expected time, Pekoms emerged from the mirror with Brûlée instead of Luffy and was immediately attacked by Oven, bringing the Straw Hat Captain out from his hiding place under Pekoms’ cloak. The downed Mink was immediately surrounded by Charlotte Chiboust and several other siblings, and attacked with the aim of piercing his eyes so he could no longer transform into the dreaded Su Long form.

After the Vinsmoke family arrived with the Germa to support the Straw Hat Pirates, he and everyone present on Cacao learned through Brûlée that their big brother Katakuri had lost to Luffy, which he noted with horror and dismay.


  • His name, like the other kids Big Moms, is based on food and comes from Chiboust cream (note: needs link).
  • His name is first mentioned in the anime, though Chiboust is introduced here as the 29th son. In One Piece Magazine #5, however, he is referred to as the 30th son.

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