Charlotte Cadenza of One Piece

Charlotte Cadenza is the 7th son of Charlotte Linlin and the 12th child of the Charlotte family. He is a quintuplet along with his siblings Charlotte Opera, Charlotte Counter, Charlotte Cabaletta and Charlotte Gala.

Skills & Strengths

Cadenza relies solely on his brawn and bare fists in battle – just like his brothers – which he also augments with Haki. Thanks to his Haki armor, he was able to survive Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Hawk Gatling and Gomu Gomu no Eagle Bazooka unscathed.


Cadenza, along with Cabaletta and Counter, made only a brief appearance: as part of the Army of Wrath, they set out to avenge Cracker, who had previously been defeated by Luffy. Together with his brothers, he managed to deliver the final knockout blow to the weakened pirate.This information comes from an anime filler.

After Luffy broke out of his cell at Whole Cake Chateau and stormed off to warn Sanji of Pudding’s true intentions, several guards, led by Cadenza, stood in his way. However, Cadenza underestimated the straw hat, allowing the latter to quickly overpower him and hold him in a chokehold. Cadenza eventually collapsed unconsciously after refusing to give out any information on Sanji’s whereabouts.

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