Charlotte brûlée of One Piece

Charlotte brûlée is Charlotte Linlin’s 8th daughter and the 19th child of the Charlotte family. She is the older twin sister of Charlotte Broyé.


Burned as a child

Brûlée’s appearance is that of an evil fairy tale witch, aided in part by her pale and dark complexion. She is a very tall, older and gaunt woman, towering over Nami by about two times. Brûlée is a menacing-looking woman with a long red nose and a long, narrow face with a clearly visible scar on it. Her hairstyle consists of six unusually long strands pointing in different directions. Her long fingers with pointed fingernails are also noticeable. She wears a light dress with red rose petals and a dark green cloak.


Brûlée is a very bloodthirsty woman and becomes abusive very quickly. Due to the scar on her face, she is envious of people with a flawless face. She is very confident in her own abilities and trusted herself to be able to defeat Luffy and his fellow pirates single-handedly. She also doesn’t think much of the other pirates of the Worst Generation.

Skills and Strengths

Carrot is trapped in Brûlée’sMirror World.

Brûlée ate of the mirror fruit and has been a “mirror person” ever since. In the “Forest of Seduction” she proved that she should not be underestimated as an opponent when Luffy, Nami, Chopper and Carrot could do nothing against her. Using her devil powers, she was able to transform into the mirror image of Luffy and was a match for him in a direct duel, mirroring his attacks. Nami and Chopper even thought she was the real Luffy shortly after, as she had imitated him perfectly. However, like a mirror image, Luffy’s scar was on the wrong side.

The mirror world from the inside.

However, her devilish powers give her many more abilities. She can also impose a false appearance on animals, confusing her enemies. In a fight in her true form, Brûlée creates round mirrors that reflect enemy attacks. She can also use these mirrors as portals into her mirror world, trapping enemies or protecting herself. However, it is not only mirrors she creates that she can affect, but also all those that exist on Whole Cake Island. All the mirrors on the island are interconnected, which Chopper and Carrot decided to take advantage of.


A couple of kids who had teased Katakuri about his abnormal mouth also had it in for Brûlée. They cornered her and slashed her face, leaving her with a scar that marked her into adulthood. Katakuri took on the bullies, however, but then covered his mouth with his scarf to protect his family. Brûlée has never forgotten this courage.


Confusion in the forest of temptation

Burnt catches Carrot.

After the Sanji rescue team of Luffy, Nami, Chopper, and Carrot were lured into the Forest of Temptation on Whole Cake Island, Brûlée disguised herself as Luffy’s mirror image. As such, she mimicked all of his words and movements. When they realized they had fallen into a trap, Brûlée revealed her true colors. She separated the real Luffy from his friends and transformed countless animals into duplicates of Nami, Chopper, Carrot, Sanji, and Pudding. In this way, she made sure that Luffy, distracted by the duplicates, wandered through the forest. At the same time, she confronted the other trio in her true form. During a brief fight, Brûlée locked Carrot in her mirror world. She also explained that Big Mom had already learned of the Straw Hat Pirates’s arrival and had sent them off to detain them in the forest. Shocked that they might have underestimated Big Mom, Chopper bought Nami time to escape.

Brûlée is defeated by Nami.

Later, Brûlée showed up at her brother Charlotte Cracker’s house, who had just run into Luffy, Nami, and Pound. Brûlée demonstrated that she now had Chopper trapped in her mirror world as well and broke the mirror. Chopper and Carrot, however, were unharmed. While Luffy was fighting Cracker, Brûlée wanted to overpower Nami and Pound with Baum and the other homies. She then told them that other captains of the Worst Generation had tried to take on the Big Mom pirate gang before, and had all failed miserably. So she didn’t give the Straw Hats a chance against Big Mom and her family either, but was herself defeated by Nami with a Thunder Bolt speed shortly afterwards and sank back into the mirror world, defeated.

The Loss of the Mirror World

There she pursued the two prisoners, who in turn had decided to abuse the mirror world of Brûlée for their own purposes, in order to get information regarding Sanji’s status and whereabouts more quickly. When she had brought the two fugitives to her house, she decided to make soup out of Carrot, while she wanted to give Chopper to Big Mom because of his fascinating abilities, so that she could add him to her collection of curious animals. However, the two managed to use their devil powers against her, as Brûlée accidentally turned a frog into the exact duplicate of the rabbit mink, allowing Carrot to launch a surprise attack that resulted in Randolph, Diesel, and Brûlée themselves being incapacitated.

Brûlée was overpowered.

As a result, the two forced Diesel and Brûlée to work together to go in search of their friends. Thus, it was possible for the other Straw Hats, Pedro and Jinbe to find their way to the Mirror World. After they also freed Brook from the clutches of the sleeping Big Mom, Brûlée was dismayed to witness Jinbe initiate an alliance between Luffy and Capone Bege. The latter had placed himself under the patronage of the Empress, but secretly pursued the goal of overthrowing Big Mom himself. To that end, they all made their way to Bege’s lair, where Brûlée learned that her own sister, Chiffon, was also involved in the plot. Despite her vehement opposition, the Alliance firmly planned Brûlée’s devilish powers into their plan to assassinate Big Mom and secure their escape route.

The tea party from hell

Together, they entered the plateau where the wedding was to take place inside Bege’s body before all parties took their respective starting positions through the mirror world. Brûlée, meanwhile, eventually remained together with Caesar Clown, who would use his flying skills to hold the mirror and thus the escape route. The chaos at the wedding was then initiated by Luffy’s scheme, who had coerced Brûlée into transforming several animals into his shape, all of which had been hiding inside the wedding cake, destroying the cake from within. Afterwards, as Caesar set out to further prepare the escape plan, Brûlée begged him to never let her family know that she was involved. However, the mirror shattered into a thousand pieces by Big Mom’s mighty scream, abruptly cutting off the Alliance’s escape route.

Brûlée swears revenge for all injustices.

Bege transformed herself into a massive fortress to grant the Alliance members a safe haven for the time being, with Katakuri managing to free his sister from Caesar’s clutches. She immediately defended herself, stating that she was the victim of history and that she would swear vengeance against her captors. When Caesar tried to escape together with Bege, she blocked their way by transforming into a duplicate of the scientist. At the same time, the Big Mom pirate gang overpowered the Straw Hats and Germa 66, so the explosion of the Tamatebako, which brought down the castle, prevented the intruders from being executed for the time being. It was thanks to Streusen that the Big Mom pirate gang and their leader survived, as he turned the castle into soft dough using his devil powers, ensuring that everyone landed soft. Brûlée then joined in the planning to surround the fleeing troublemakers and exact revenge. Using her devil powers, Katakuri and Perospero were able to infiltrate the Thousand Sunny before the Straw Hats arrived. However, she was dragged into the Mirror World by Luffy, who moved his fight with Katakuri there. In the process, she lost consciousness for the time being.

The end of a legend

Burned thanks to Katakuri.

When she regained consciousness, she used one of the remaining mirrors on the Sunny to join Mascarpone and Joscarpone in setting the Sunny on fire. However, this was prevented by Nami and co. who broke all the mirrors one by one, cutting off access from the mirror world. She then watched the fight between Luffy and her brother, whose fighting prowess and unbeatability she praised beyond measure. However, the Straw Hat took advantage of her to get a brief respite in the fight with Katakuri, escaping with her randomly through mirrors into the real world. This is how they arrived at Nuts, where they narrowly escaped a rampaging Big Mom. She was later found by Pekoms and taken hostage to honor Pedro’s sacrifice and grant his wish. He made his way to the scene of the battle between Luffy and Katakuri, where Brûlée was stunned to discover that her undefeated brother had been vanquished by the Straw Hat. Together they traveled to Cacao, where the Sunny was waiting for its captain. Pekoms used Brûlée as a shield before transforming into his Su Long form, thus freeing the devil power user. She then revealed the truth about Katakuri’s defeat before supplying her brothers and sisters with weapons against the Germa 66 that had arrived. She then made her way to Katakuri to tend to his wounds and tell him of the Straw Hat Pirates’s escape from Totto Land.


  • Her name fits into the naming scheme of Big Mom’s children, as her name comes from the dessert Crème brûlée.
  • Her favorite foods are donuts and crème brûlée.
  • Like many characters in One Piece, Brûlée has a distinctive laugh: wiwi.
  • According to the Vivre Card ~ One Piece picture encyclopedia ~ Brûlée was born at a random port on the Grand Line.

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