Charlotte Basans of One Piece

Charlotte Basans is the 23rd son of Charlotte Linlin and the 39th child of the Charlotte family. He is the younger twin brother of Charlotte Saint-Marc and a member of the Big Mom pirate gang.


Charlotte Basans is a tall man with a dark skin tone. He covers his entire upper body with a light-colored jacket zipped up to his chin, leaving only his face and hands exposed. On his hands he wears dark gloves and on his knees round schooners. In addition to tight-fitting purple pants, his outfit is rounded out by light-colored flat shoes. The most striking feature, however, is a pair of antlers he wears on his head.


The tea party from hell

Charlotte Basans also attended the Big Moms tea party centered around Sanji and Charlotte Pudding’s wedding, and was part of the plan to backstab and massacre the Vinsmoke family. However, when the initial plan fell through due to Pudding’s emotional breakdown, he wondered if they should really continue with the plan. During the ensuing turmoil, Charlotte Basans and other members of the Big Mom pirate gang held the Vinsmokes at gunpoint, pointing his weapon directly at Niji. The Straw Hats as well as their alliance failed to escape through a mirror as planned, but they were able to entrench themselves in the castle that appeared due to Bege’s devil powers for the time being. The Big Mom pirate gang quickly had this surrounded, however, and the Empress personally attacked it until the Vinsmokes showed themselves to ensure the safety of the hideout. Charlotte Basans then engaged in a brief exchange of blows with Yonji Vinsmoke, until Luffy finally showed himself and took personal action against the head of the Charlotte family. The Big Mom pirates seemed to have the upper hand, but the explosion of the Tamatebako casket brought down the entire chateau and castle, allowing the alliance to escape, while Basans and his siblings were saved by Streusen’s devil powers, turning the castle into fluffy dough, allowing everyone to reach the ground safely.


  • His name was first announced in One Piece Magazine #5.
  • The name is probably derived from a Japanese confection called “pasan” (パサン). These are cookies that are baked without butter.
  • Although he also wears antlers, he is not the twin brother of Charlotte Melise.

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