Charlotte Anana of One Piece

Charlotte Anana is the 39th daughter of Charlotte Linlin, the 85th child, and the youngest addition to the Charlotte family.


Anana is a little girl with slightly curly, shoulder-length pink hair. She has red eyes and wears a short pink dress with a white collar. She also wears black leggings and yellow shoes.


She seems to be quite violent and slightly psychopathic for her young age. For example, she asked the chef if he would lend her his large kitchen knife so she could decapitate her stuffed animal, which he refused to do. She also used a knife to burst the balloons of daggers and dragée more often.


Anana complained to her mother that the chef wouldn’t lend her a knife. Charlotte Dolce and Charlotte Dragée also didn’t want to give her a knife, because otherwise they would again pierce their balloons they were hanging on. Therefore, they would surely kill Anana one day if she didn’t change. Big Mom herself didn’t seem to have a problem with her daughter and also thought it was a pity that the cook didn’t give her a knife.


  • Its name could be derived from the Pineapple.
  • Anana was voted the third most popular little sister by her older siblings.

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