Charlotte Amande of One Piece

Charlotte Amande, the Devil Woman (jap. 鬼夫人, Kifujin), is the 3rd daughter of Charlotte Linlin and the 7th child of the Charlotte family. She is the second oldest among the quadruplet siblings of Charlotte Mondée, Charlotte Hachée, and Charlotte Effilée. In the Big Mom pirate gang, she holds the position of Nuts Minister (jap. ナッツ大臣, Nattsu Daijin) and administers Nuts Island.


Amande is a tall and slim woman with long blue curly hair and full lips. She can always be seen with a cigarette. The most striking item of clothing is her hat with an oversized brim, which often hides her indifferent expression. Also noticeable is her unusually long neck, which features a stripe tattoo and two heart tattoos. Furthermore, she wears earrings, a light blue vertically striped dress and a red scarf around her waist.


Skills & Strength

Amande is the Minister of Nuts. As such, she has command of the island’s Tarte ships. She is an able fighter, for she was entrusted with the task of procuring the eggs for the wedding cake. The eggs were guarded by an army of knights, which Amande dispatched with her sword. She was also recognized by the Princes of Germa as a capable fighter when the Army of Wrath was on its way to Luffy and Nami. The sword she fights with is famous and is called Shirauo. It is a Nodachi and of the rank of Meito.


Totto Land

Three days before the wedding between Sanji and Pudding, Amande was sent to a certain island to get the eggs for the wedding cake. In a fight with several knights, she emerged victorious.

Two days later, she was again present on Whole Cake Island. There, she was drafted into the Army of Wrath for Charlotte Cracker’s revenge against Luffy and Nami. On the battlefield, Amande punished King Baum for supporting the Straw Hat Pirates instead of the Big Mom Pirates, splitting the homie once vertically down the middle. After the Straw Hats were overpowered, Amande took Big Mom’s Vivre Card, which was in Nami’s possession. The pirates then returned to Big Mom’s castle. Some time later, Amande attended the situation meeting with her siblings regarding the Sanji rescue team. On the day of the wedding, Amande also found herself among the guests at the tea party. She watched as Jinbe officially broke away from Big Mom. Due to the failed assassination attempt on Big Mom, the Sanji Rescue Alliance and the Vinsmoke family hid in Capone Bege’s fortress afterwards.Amande and her siblings prepared to fight as their mother attacked the fortress.

Amande tries to stop Luffy

However, the explosion by the Tamatebako suddenly caused the castle to tilt sideways and collapse. Everyone present fell into the depths. However, Streusen was able to save the Big Mom pirates and also the capital through his devil powers.

When the Straw Hat Pirates finally tried to flee the island with the Thousand Sunny, Amande appeared with a fleet of Tarte ships to stop them. She later made her way to Nuts to save her island from the rampaging Big Mom, who had gone on one of her feeding frenzies and reduced the town to rubble. Surprised, she found that Luffy was also there for a short time with her sister Brûlée. She attempted to attack the Straw Hat, but it effortlessly blocked her attack. She remained on the island after Big Mom left, listening to the growing insecurity of the populace as they began to question Big Mom’s protection.
This fact only occurs in the anime.

Wano Country

Later, Charlotte Amande was part of the group around Big Mom who tried to enter Wano Country, but was pushed back down the waterfall by King while trying.


  • The name Amande is French and means almond.

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