Charlos of One Piece

Saint Charlos is a world aristocrat and the son of Saint Rosward and the brother of Princess Shalria.


Charlos is a small, chubby man with black hair and a tower hairstyle. He has a rather roundish and oval face with small eyes and ears, as well as a thick nose, which is also constantly running for him. He wears a suit so he doesn’t have to breathe the same air as normal people. This consists of a soap bubble as a helmet (which you can reach through without bursting) and a white suit with many decorations on it, including greenish-blue stripes on the bottom of his suit.


Saint Charlos is a world aristocrat and thus a descendant of the “creators” and holds many privileges and the protection of the world government, which is why he is arrogant and stuck-up. He views normal humans as “subhumans” and wears a special suit that allows him to not breathe the same air of those. Charlos treats them like trash because of this and keeps masses of slaves to wait on him and carry him around. The World Aristocrat even kicked a severely injured man off a gurney who was about to be taken to the hospital by a couple of doctors and nurses, demanding his respect because they didn’t bow to him and saving the man was less important than respecting a World Aristocrat. In doing so, he also immediately determined his 13th wife, Marie, who already had a fiancé who did not agree and was therefore summarily gunned down by Charlos. But he also shows no respect to royal families and demonstrated that they should be at his feet by unceremoniously taking Princess Shirahoshi as his slave. Moreover, his pronunciation does not testify to elevated status.


On the way to the action house

Charlos kicks an injured man.

Saint Charlos, Princess Shalria, and their father Saint Rosward were on their way to the Human Auctioning House when Charlos lost track of them because the slave he was riding was too slow and weak. As he did so, he insulted him as trash and kicked him to make him speed up again. When he then saw some people with a stretcher trying to take a seriously injured man to the hospital and not bowing to the world aristocrat like everyone else present, he ordered them to stop and bow to show him the respect he deserved. With careful protests and pleas to let them go lest the man bleed to death, Saint Charlos kicked him off the gurney, saying that the respect of a World Aristocrat was more important than the life of a “subhuman.” At this, the arrogant man noticed Marie, one of the nurses, whom he immediately designated as his 13th wife and wanted to have taken to the Holy Land of Mary Geoise. Marie’s fiancé spoke up, disagreeing with this decision, but was immediately gunned down by Saint Charlos.

Roronoa Zoro, who was taking a walk through the archipelago, appeared on the scene. Under shocked looks of those present that he simply strutted around in front of one of the creators without bowing, the swordsman earned the wrath of Saint Charlos, who wanted to shoot him without warning. Zoro dodged him effortlessly and was about to slash him, but was prevented from doing so by Jewelry Bonney, who threw herself on him and faked his death with tomato juice. Charlos, thinking in amazement that Zoro had dodged, dismissed this as imagination and moved on with his companions to the auction house on Grove 1.

In the Human Auctioning House

Charlos gets knocked out.

When Saint Charlos finally arrived at Grove 1, he demanded that his slave be sold because he didn’t want him anymore and stepped on him. He wondered if they would auction off a mermaid this time, since he really wanted one. When a mermaid – Camie – was indeed offered, he immediately bid 500 million berry for this rare and hard-to-get commodity without hesitation. No one else dared to bid more for Camie, and she was eventually sold to Charlos when suddenly Luffy crashed through the roof of the auction house. Events spilled over and Hatchan was revealed to be a fish-man. Amid terrified cries from those present, Saint Charlos gunned him down and danced happily, having killed an octopus himself. In revenge, Luffy wanted to attack him, setting it up for a confrontation with an admiral. Charlos also wanted to finish him off and shot him several times, but was eventually knocked out by Luffy.

Two years later – Mary Geoise

Two years later, Charlos was again present with his father at Mary Geoise in his castle. At that time, the Conference of Kings, the Levely, was to be held at Mary Geoise. As various regents entered the Holy Land, Charlos spied with his binoculars among the arrivals Princess Shirahoshi, who was attending the conference with her family for the second time. A short time later, Charlos had gathered in the forecourt of the castle, where he intended to capture Shirahoshi and make her his slave. While Vivi, Leo and Sai tried unsuccessfully to save Shirahoshi by intervening the CP0, Neptune personally wanted to raise his hand against the world aristocrat to stand by his daughter. However, Saint Mjosgard surprisingly intervened, striking Charlos down with a club, ending the fracas. Lying wounded on his slave’s back, he was taken to the Sky Dragon Gate and swore revenge on Saint Mjosgard. His father caught sight of him and told him of his troubles. At this, Charlos caught sight of his father’s slave, Bartholomew Kuma, whereupon Rosward expressed his excitement at the merits of this slave.


  • Next to the slave he is riding, he has two cloaked female slaves on the chain.
  • He was never beaten by his father.
  • His favorite food is luxurious soft ice cream.
  • Charlos ranked 185th in the 7th Character Popularity Poll, which is the first global poll.

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