CB Gallant of One Piece

CB Gallant was a member of Gol D. Roger’s pirate gang.


CB Gallant was a very tall and muscular man with red hair and a beard over 20 years ago. He had very broad shoulders and long arms, but very short legs in comparison. A striking distinguishing feature was his helmet, which was decorated with a feather bush that curved far upwards. He also wore a light-colored open waistcoat, a light-colored skirt, light-colored shoes and shoulder plates studded with long spikes.


At some unknown point in time, CB Gallant joined the Roger Pirates. After they encountered the Whitebeard pirates 26 years ago and a three-day battle broke out, Kozuki Oden joined the pirates and despite initial skepticism, everyone quickly befriended the samurai. Together, they contested Roger’s final voyage and had many adventures until they finally obtained all the information they needed from the Road-Poneglyphs and headed for the final island. However, when they reached Laugh Tale and found the treasure left by Joy Boy, they all burst out laughing.

After Roger was named “King of the Pirates” as a result, he disbanded the Roger Pirates and the captain was the first to leave the Oro Jackson. They bid him a tearful farewell and then headed for Wano Country, where they dropped off Kozuki Oden and a tearful farewell also ensued.

Nothing is known about CB Gallant’s whereabouts after Gol D. Roger’s execution.


  • His name was not mentioned until the SBS to Volume 96.

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