There are various forms of government in the world of One Piece, including monarchies. All kingdoms known so far are listed below.

  • Tajine Kingdom

    Tajine is the kingdom of Queen Mororon. Miscellaneous Mororon and her kingdom of Tajine seem to have borrowings from some…

  • Black Drum Kingdom

    The Kingdom of Black Drum is the new realm of Wapol. The World Nobles awarded it to him after he…

  • Roshwan Kingdom

    Roshwan is the kingdom of King Beer VI of the Southblue. Miscellaneous

  • Beef Kingdom

    Beef is the kingdom of King Stroganoff. Miscellaneous

  • Bestland Kingdom

    Bestland is the kingdom of Queen Lemoncheese.

  • Kenzan Island

    The island of Kenzan lies on the Grand Line. On it is the kingdom of Tena Gena. Geography Kenzan has…

  • Ballywood Kingdom

    Ballywood is the kingdom of King Ham Burger of the Westblue. Miscellaneous