Catarina Devon of One Piece

Catarina Devon, also known by the nickname “Mikazuki Huntress“(若月狩り Mikazuki-gari), is one of the legendary Level 6 prisoners who was freed by Marshall D. Teach and has been a member of the Blackbeard Pirates ever since. She has been one of the most dangerous pirates ever to be incarcerated in Impel Down, and as such has been dubbedthe “World’s Worst Prisoner“. She is currently the captain of the sixth fleet of the Blackbeard Pirates.


Catharina Devon before the time jump

Despite her young age, Catharina Devon gives the outward impression of a somewhat more advanced woman. At 3.61 m, she is exceptionally tall, exceeding even her Kurobeard by a few centimeters. She has her long black hair tied into two braids and possesses a long nose typical of witches. A perpetually evil smile on her lips completes her appearance as a dangerous criminal. While imprisoned in Impel Down, she wore the typical prison attire as a top, to which she added a blue beaded necklace and a purple cape. She also had a dark purple bandage tied around her waist.

After the time jump, she wears much more elegant clothing, making her appear like a classic pirate bride. On her head she wears a two-pointed hat with the Jolly Roger of the Blackbeard gang, decorated with a rose and feathers. For outerwear, she has chosen a bright striped shirt with the sleeves rolled up a bit. Over the shirt she has donned a dark corset and scarf. As before the time jump, she has again thrown a cloak over her back and tied a bandage around her waist. Her light-colored pants reach just to her ankles and secure her below her knees with two straps. Her footwear is black heeled shoes. On her right hip she carries a sword.


Catharina Devon’s epithet is “worst prisoner in the world”, which suggests a cruel personality. In fact, she has been known to cut off the heads of pretty women and add them to her collection.

Despite her criminal career, she seems interested in pretty clothes, as she wanted to get rid of her convict garb as soon as possible after breaking out of Impel Down.

Skills and strength

Not much is known about Devon yet, but the fact that she was imprisoned in the 6th level of Impel Down suggests her strength. When Blackbeard boarded the Impel Down, he made a proposal to the level 6 prisoners: they should fight themselves and the survivors he would take into his crew. Since Devon survived these battles, she must be one of Impel Down’s strongest prisoners.

Before the time jump, she used a large spear as a weapon, with which she attacked Whitebeard. After the time jump, she wears a sword on her right hip, although it is not yet known to what extent she knows how to use it.

She also possesses the devilish powers of the Dog Fruit, model: Kyuubi. With these, Devon is able to transform into a nine-tailed fox and take the form of other people.


She got her nickname Sickle Moon Huntress because she beheaded pretty women all over the world and added them to her collection. She referred to this as a pursuit of beauty. At an unknown date, Catharina Devon was captured and imprisoned at Impel Down.



The Blackbeard pirates giveWhitebeard the rest

Catharina was imprisoned in Impel Down until recently. She later appeared with Blackbeard and his new crew in Marine Ford. After Blackbeard was attacked by Whitebeard, he ordered his crew to attack the strongest man in the world, killing him. Afterwards, Catharina and the rest of the gang threw a black cloth over Whitebeard and Blackbeard went underneath, thus acquiring his devil powers. Immediately afterwards, Blackbeard presented his newly acquired powers, but Sengoku attacked the Blackbeard pirates. When Shanks appeared with his band of pirates, the Blackbeard gang finally removed themselves from the fray, having achieved their goal.

In the New World

After reaching the New World with his gang, Teach defeated Jewelry Bonney, whom he wanted to hand over to the navy in exchange for a naval ship. The demanded navy ship showed up on the island they were on, but since Admiral Akainu was on it, the gang decided to flee.

Ascent to the Emperor Gang

A year after the Battle of Marine Ford and Whitebeard’s death, the remaining Whitebeard gang, led by Marco, challenged the Blackbeard pirate gang to a war of retribution. However, the Whitebeard gang suffered a crushing defeat and after this battle Blackbeard was finally recognized as Whitebeard’s successor as one of the Four Emperors. Blackbeard used the knowledge of Whitebeard’s former territory and eventually made it his own with his band of pirates. They also became notorious for hunting strong devil fruits to gain their abilities. It was also during this time that Catharina Devon was appointed captain of the Sixth Fleet.

Attack on the rebels

After Donquixote Doflamingo’s defeat, Burgess was badly wounded by Sabo on Dress Rosa. Burgess hid on a Revolutionary Army ship and thus accidentally ended up at their headquarters on Baltigo. He then contacted Shiryu and Laffitte via Den-den Mushi to inform their captain of the hideout’s location. As a result, the Blackbeard pirate gang attacked the headquarters and completely destroyed it. Shortly after, the navy and the Cipher Pol reached the island and Blackbeard’s gang had to flee.

On Pirate Island

While the Straw Hat Pirates was causing a stir on Wano Country, Gecko Moria and his zombie army invaded the pirate island where the Blackbeard Gang was currently staying. The former samurai of the seas was looking for Absalom, who had entered the island a few days earlier but had not made contact with Moria. Suddenly, an amused Absalom showed up, overwhelmed by the paradise on the island. Moria was visibly relieved, but was suddenly attacked by Shiryu. At that moment, Catharina Devon dissolved her transformation and revealed that she had taken the form of Absalom to deceive Moria. She explained that Absalom had been snooping around the island, which was why the Blackbeard gang had killed him and seized his devil powers. Devon then offered to give Moria Absalom’s body.


  • Like many characters, Catharina Devon possesses a distinctive laugh: murunfufufu.
  • Her favorite food is fried chicken breast skewers.

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