Carrot of One Piece

Carrot is a rabbit mink and lives in the kingdom of Mokomo on Zou. She, along with Wanda, is part of both Inuarashi’s musketeer unit and Nekomamushi’s guardians, mediating between the two kings. She accompanied the Sanji rescue team to Whole Cake Island because she was eager to have an adventure.


Carrot’s appearanceon the Sunny

Carrot possesses snow-white fur, blonde hair, is quite slender and about the same height as Luffy. A bunny mink, she possesses a small bunny snout as well as a flower on her butt and, of course, two large spoons. In her first encounter with the Straw Hats, she wore a simple orange dress as well as an emerald green cape. She uses an oversized rabbit’s foot as a weapon in battle.

On the Thousand Sunny, Carrot has changed her clothing. There, she wears a hat and an orange dress with “RABBIT” written on it. She later changes her dress to another orange dress with no inscription.

Since Carrot is a Mink, she can transform into her Su Long form upon seeing the full moon. When she does so, her eyes turn red and her ears grow longer. Her hair and tail grow significantly, taking on a snow-white color.


Carrot is a bit hasty and thus attacked Zoro without warning, only because she suspected that his group might have attacked a comrade. She has a habit of sometimes liking to gnaw on other people and hugging friends tumultuously in greeting.

Otherwise, she’s very feisty and just bubbling with energy, which is why Pedro had his reservations about taking someone like her along on a stealthy rescue mission. Having spent her entire life on Zou, Carrot is also very unworldly before her first ship voyage and thought, for example, that a big voyage from island to island wouldn’t take more than half a day, so she packed only a small amount of provisions accordingly. Besides, she thought it would be exciting to blow up Big Mom’s tea party when Luffy spoke of it, not knowing the danger behind it. Carrot had long had a dream of traveling the sea, which is why she snuck onto the Thousand Sunny. What Carrot doesn’t like at all is when someone eats her carrots without permission, whereupon she attacks them without thinking. Only a gentle pat on the head can calm her down again.

Skills & Strengths

Carrot gets an overview of Zou.

Carrot possesses incredible leaping power as a rabbit mink, and can leap meters into the air from a standing position to get an overview. She also possesses good eyesight and saw what was going on in the Whale Forest from the entrance of the island. In battle, she uses a combat claw charged by Electro, which she once received from Pedro. The latter felt that Carrot was not suited to handle a sword.

Carrot also seems to have quite a bit of combat experience. However, as a mink, Carrot also otherwise possesses increased physical strength over a normal human. When Luffy went for her carrots and she attacked him in response, it was easy for her to overpower the Straw Hat Captain. According to Luffy’s own account, she nearly bit through his throat with her bite, to which Pedro explained that she is stronger than she looks. Upon the Straw Hat Pirates’s arrival on Zou, it was also revealed that Carrot has great agility, as she was able to dodge Zoro’s sword attack. She can also run fast, as she was able to catch up to Diesel, who is an extremely fast runner. Her abilities also include good environmental awareness, as she noticed a Randolph attack before Nami and Chopper did and quickly pulled them out of harm’s way.

Carrot transforms at the sight of the full moon

As a Mink, Carrot is capable of transforming into the Su Long form at the sight of the full moon. Pedro trained Carrot to achieve this transformation. In doing so, her strength and speed increases immensely as she defeated Daifuku’s men before they could react in time. Carrot also glided through the air in this form for a long distance from Sunny’s crow’s nest to Daifuku’s ship.

Furthermore, Carrot has the special talent of being able to draw faces from memory. However, her portraits look quite feminine and artistic.


Training and Education

Carrot receives her signature gloves

At some unknown point in her childhood, Carrot became part of the musketeers that were subordinate to Inuarashi. For example, the lion Shishilian took over her training in swordsmanship. However, it was Pedro who realized that the sword was not her predestined weapon, so he gave her a pair of gauntlets that are still her trademark in the present.


Jack’s Attack – Saving Zou

Before the Straw Hats reached Zou, Carrot and the Musketeers fought together against Jack, who demanded that they turn Raizo over to him. However, as every inhabitant denied knowing him, Jack attacked them, whereupon a battle broke out over five days and nights. After using a poison gas attack that weakened all the Minks, Jack had won in the end. After Jack left, leaving only a few of his people on the island, Nami, Sanji, Chopper and Caesar arrived on the island a short time later. The latter managed to drive off the rest of Jack’s men and treated the poisoning as well as injuries of the Minks, after which they were eternally grateful to them.

Arrival of the Straw Hat Pirates

Wanda and Carrot bring the Straw Hats to Nekomamushi.

Carrot watched the Straw Hat Pirates after they entered the forests of Zou. Carrot wondered why Bariete was not to be seen at the entrance. She suspected that Zoro’s group had defeated him, so she attacked them. However, the fight was broken up by Wanda, who explained that these were members of the Straw Hat Pirates and there would be trouble in the Whale Forest. When Usopp asked her why she was wearing Nami’s clothes, Wanda explained that Nami & Co. had died and explained the way there to Zoro’s group before they set off with Carrot on Wanda’s mount Warney. In the Whale Forest, they encountered Luffy, who was fighting Blackback and Rody. However, Wanda was able to end the fight peacefully with Carrot’s help. After Wanda explained to Luffy that her people had been attacked by the pirate Jack a week ago, an earthquake occurred, at which point Wanda said they had to ride to Ubala. Luffy would also meet Sanji’s group there. After also picking up Zoro’s group along the way, Wanda took them all to a village where the Straw Hats were gleefully met by Nami and Chopper.

After the Straw Hats met Inuarashi and he told them what had happened to his people, evening fell. All the Minks except Wanda and Carrot fell asleep. Wanda and Carrot then took the Straw Hats back to the Whale Forest next, so that they would meet Nekomamushi there.

She was also present when Luffy was taken to Pekoms by Pedro, who was recovering from his injuries. She thus also heard about Sanji being forced into a marriage and what happens to those who defy Big Mom. However, when Luffy decided to sneak into Big Mom’s tea party with Pekoms, she liked the idea, whereupon she was immediately reprimanded by Wanda. Later, Wanda and Carrot were also present when Nekomamushi and Inuarashi heard that samurai were on the island, meeting and fighting each other until Momonosuke showed up. It was then revealed that all the Minks knew about Raizo, but protected him at the risk of their lives and hid him in the Whale Tree. After the two chiefs brought the Straw Hats and Law to it and formed the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance, the earth shook as Jack came back to overthrow Zunesha and thus wipe out all the Minks. Carrot was frightened and thrown to the ground by the quake, but the danger was averted by Momonosuke, who ordered the giant elephant to attack Jack, who did so, sinking Jack and his fleet to the bottom of the sea.

Adventures on Whole Cake Island

Carrot asks Pedro to stay on thePedro to stay on the ship

When Luffy, Nami, Brook, Pedro, and Pekoms set off on the Thousand Sunny to Big Mom to retrieve Sanji, Carrot secretly snuck onto the ship as well. The bunny mink was quickly spotted and begged Pedro to take her along, as she had long dreamed of her first adventure at sea. Since she was already on board and Luffy liked her crazy ways, the Straw Hat captain agreed to take her along. The rescue team soon ran into a temporary food shortage on their journey, as Luffy cooked his own food in the wake of Sanji’s absence. To make matters worse, not only was his food inedible, but he used up all the food on board in the attempt.

A few days later, the group finally reached Big Mom’s territory. There they encountered a Germa 66 ship with Sanji’s siblings Yonji and Reiju, but they let them go without reporting to Big Mom, allowing the group to continue their journey to Whole Cake Island. They next stopped off on Cacao, however, where Chopper and Luffy got into trouble and had to be rescued by a mysterious woman, who was then revealed to be Charlotte Pudding, and thus Sanji’s fiancée and Big Mom’s daughter. However, she offered to help them by drawing a map of Totto Land, which the rescue team could use to navigate to the coast of Cake Island undetected.

Carrot attacks Brûlée

After a few following strains, the group reached their destination. While Brook and Pedro separated to steal the Poneglyph, the rest rushed headlong into the adjacent forest despite Nami’s warning. Within the forest, which was populated by Big Mom’s homies, such as the talking rabbit Randolph, they faced numerous dangers. Likewise, they confronted Charlotte Brûlée, who had eaten of the mirror fruit and was targeting the Straw Hats. Carrot bravely threw herself into battle against her, but was surprised by her unknown devil powers and captured within the Mirror World. She was followed by Chopper, who sacrificed himself so that Nami could escape. Together, they devised a plan to use the Mirror World and its connection to all of the island’s mirrors to their purpose in furthering Sanji’s rescue. When they were imprisoned in Brûlée’s house, they used a transformed frog that had taken the form of Carrot to trick and overpower the devil power user and her entourage. Gradually, they were able to gather their scattered members, ending up with Pedro, Jinbe, and Nami gathered in the Mirror World. Together, they freed Brook from the clutches of a sleeping Big Mom and were relieved to hear that Luffy and Sanji had also settled their differences. Jinbe then made the suggestion to team up with Capone Bege and Caesar Clown, who had prepared an assassination attempt on Big Mom during the wedding. To everyone’s surprise, Luffy agreed and together they headed to Capone’s lair to discuss the plan in detail.

The tea party from hell

Using his devil powers, Capone transported them to the wedding and as chaos ran its course through the destroyed wedding cake, Nami, Chopper and Carrot hid inside the destroyed wedding cake. After the photo of Mother Carmel was destroyed, Carrot and the others helped free the Vinsmokes in attendance. When the assassination attempt failed, however, Bege immediately ordered a retreat into his body, which he transformed into a massive fortress. Before the Mink could successfully escape, however, she was held by Charlotte Daifuku and his Djinn, and first had to be rescued by Yonji before they all retreated into the fortress and were completely surrounded by the Big Mom pirate gang. In Bege’s fortress, they were surrounded by Big Mom and her pirate gang, and were only finally rescued when the Tamatebako abruptly exploded, bringing down the entire Whole Cake Chateau. In the northwest of the island, the alliance split up for the time being and they fled from the forces of the Big Mom pirate gang, eager for revenge.

Lion – Escape from Deadland

Carrot takes out theBig Mom pirates

They reached the Forest of Seduction once again when Big Mom appeared riding Zeus and gave the group a hard time. They made it through the forest reasonably unscathed despite the overwhelming power of their opponent, and thanks to Pudding’s assistance, the group was eventually able to reach the Thousand Sunny, which had been taken over by Katakuri and Perospero. It took Pedro’s self-sacrifice to save the Straw Hats from defeat and allow the Sunny to set sail. Completely broken up, Carrot lunged at Katakuri, who parried her effortlessly and was then dragged into the Mirror World by Luffy to shift the fight. Still in shock, they used a Coup de Burst to gain a safe distance for the time being. With the help of Jinbe’s skills as a helmsman, they were able to escape their adversaries for the time being and made their way to Cacao to meet Luffy and Sanji. On the way, however, they were caught up by Daifuku, so Carrot felt compelled to take advantage of the full moon and transform into her Su Long form. She thus effortlessly managed to cripple Daifuku’s fleet before being rescued, exhausted, by Brook and brought back to the ship. During the ensuing skirmish against Big Mom and the rest of Sanji and Luffy’s rescue mission, Carrot rested to recover from the exhausting transformation. It was then the Sun Pirates that finally helped them escape, with Wadatsumi saving the Thousand Sunny from an attack by Big Mom’s flagship, the Queen Mama Chanter. Jinbe then decided to stand by his old comrades and promised to meet up with them all on Wano Country. Reluctantly, Carrot and the others set sail for Wano Country and later successfully left Big Mom’s territory.

Wano Country

On their way to Wano Country, the crew learned of Luffy and Sanji’s new bounty via the newspaper, as well as details of the Levely taking place at the same time. When they reached the coast of Wano Country and were pulled into a mysterious whirlpool, Sanji brought Brook, Chopper, Nami, and Carrot to safety, but this separated them from Luffy and the Sunny. While searching for the missing captain, the group found his Vivre Card and later encountered Kinemon, who led them to Castle Oden, where they were reunited with Luffy and Trafalgar Law. Afterwards, Kinemon told them the truth about himself, Momonosuke as well as their companions and about Oden’s death, which Carrot took very emotionally. He further revealed their plan, which was to use a hidden message to gain allies and invade Kaidou Island in two weeks at the Fire Festival. But there was work to be done before then, and so Chopper and Carrot were given the task of accompanying O-Kiku to meet with Inuarashi. The samurai still re-dressed those present with his devil powers so they could act inconspicuously in Wano Country and introduced them to another comrade, the kunoichi Shinobu. However, Kaidou himself then appeared in nearby Kuri and was alerted to the ruins of Oden Castle by Basil Hawkins, which he immediately razed to the ground. Through Shinobu’s devil powers, however, Carrot and the others managed to survive the attack, and so they stuck to the plan. At Mount Atamayama, they finally encountered Inuarashi, and Carrot watched the showdown between him and Ashura Doji aka Shutenmaru. Shocked, she heard that they were both on about the same level. After Ashura refused to cooperate, they moved on along with Inuarashi’s group and raided the Beasts Pirates Pirates, leaving behind notes blaming the deeds on Ashura and his Atamayama gang. However, not all went according to plan, and so Carrot despaired when Kinemon delivered the news that the enemies had deciphered the secret message carefully chosen for gaining allies, and were now hunting down sympathizers of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance.

Two days before the planned attack, Carrot marveled at the samurai armor of Luffy, Brook, and Chopper, and afterwards discussed the climate on Onigashima with Robin, Nami, Wanda, and Inuarashi’s three musketeers. Their fur gave the Minks an advantage in winter climates, but the Musketeers countered that the weather was more crucial, as a clear sky under a full moon was most important. A day later, she stood at the makeshift grave for Pedro.

Attack on Onigashima

Carrot and Wanda want to avenge Pedro

On the day of the Fire Festival, Carrot appeared in the waters off Onigashima aboard the Thousand Sunny. After the rest of the allies showed up, danger threatened from a ship of the Beasts Pirates with a long-range cannon, but Jinbe appeared and sank it. Carrot, along with the Straw Hat Pirates, rejoiced at its appearance. Afterwards, the Torii Gate in front of the island was taken and Onigashima was entered. Disguising the 100 beast pirates that the alliance soldiers obtained through Kinemon’s devil powers, the alliance split up. Carrot, along with Nami, Chopper, Usopp, and Shinobu, went into Brachio Tank 5 in the process. In the tank, they accompanied the eastern squad, but Nami, Carrot, and Shinobu and Black Maria’s brothel separated from the rest to search for Momonosuke. They made their way into the premises, but were discovered by Prometheus, who immediately called for Big Mom. They then fled the scene. However, they were caught and taken to the main stage tied up by Homies. As chaos erupted, however, they were able to break free under their own power, spotted Momonosuke’s release, and celebrated Franky confronting Big Mom. She then set off, followed by Wanda, to avenge Pedro. Thus, the two arrived at Marco, Big Mom and Perospero and attacked the latter, saving Marco. They then took on the fight against the firstborn of the Charlotte family. Though they gave him a run for his money, when clouds moved in front of the moon, they lost their Su Long powers and had to admit defeat.


  • Her favorite food is carrots.
  • While Carrot was ranked 27th in the 6th popularity vote, she was ranked 8th in the 7th popularity vote, the first worldwide vote.

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