Carol of One Piece

Carol Masterson is the daughter of Daddy Masterson, a bounty hunter from the East Blue.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
For more information on this, see Filler Episodes.


Carol’s appearance is reminiscent of that of a princess. She wears a noble looking dress and a bow in her blonde hair. She also wears turquoise earrings. All of her clothing is in greenish hues. First impressions suggest a nice girl.


Go away and shut up you old bag!
-Carol to Usopp.

Carol is very conceited, which is partly because her father coddles her a lot. She knows about her charm and uses it. For example, with the saleswoman who actually knew that Usopp just went to get his money, but sold her the swimming goggles right away thanks to her nice demeanor. Carol is very cheeky, you can tell by the way she always calls Usopp “old bag”. Despite all this, she also seems to have a nice character, as she gives Usopp the swimming goggles at the end of the duel.


The fight over the swimming goggles

Carol buys the swimming goggles Usopp so longed for

Just as Usopp was heading to his backpack to get some money, Carol entered the store. She bought the swimming goggles that Usopp was actually about to buy. She left the store again and Usopp ran after her. After a brief dispute, Carol went to her father, who had suddenly appeared. She told him that Usopp had been bothering her and thereupon Daddy challenged him to a duel.

Usopp vs Daddy – Referee Carol

Carol is present at the duel between Usopp and her father

Carol was also present at the duel. She gave the instructions for the fight. But before it came to that, Usopp threw a bullet that covered everything in smoke and ran away. Daddy didn’t hesitate and shot him, causing Usopp to fall to the ground. Nami, who had been watching, intervened. When she called Usopp by name, Daddy remembered Yasopp. He told about the duel against him that time. Carol knew nothing of it until now. Usopp then demanded another duel. He was supposed to hit the weather whale of a house, but when he shot, it looked like he missed. Carol begged her father not to hurt him. The latter, however, replied that Usopp had hit the crown of the weather-whale. She then handed him the swimming goggles.


Carol and Daddy in the Novel
  • Carol and Daddy had been intended by Oda for the Loguetown arc, but due to lack of space and time, that part was dropped from the manga. Thus, Daddy and Carol only appeared in the filler and the novel Rogue Town! with their appearance in the novel differing from that of the anime.
  • When Daddy Masterson was still in the Navy, he carried around a Locket with a photo of Carol. Most likely, he still does today.

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