Captain Seven of One Piece

Captain Seven was present during the pirate expo on Delta. However, he ended up being captured by the Navy.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Stampede (2019).


Captain Seven is a tall man with brownish hair partially covered by a green bandana. His forearms are bandaged and he wears some sort of yellow and red tank top armor with a large white “7” on the front. A revolver is tied in a white sash around his waist, and he wears black pants that reach just below his knees to go with it. His feet are covered by brown shoes.


He enthusiastically followed the treasure hunt and cheered for the pirates. He found the fights extremely entertaining and clenched his fist. Determined, he confronted Smoker, but at the sight of Douglas Bullet’s colossus form, he panicked and ran away. When they were saved by Luffy’s victory, he jubilantly embraced Pandaman and immediately stopped fighting the Marine.

Skills and strength

Captain Seven could be taken out with ease by Smoker and later tied up by Hina. His bounty also does not speak of exceptional strength.


Captain Seven watched the treasure hunt on a monitor from the beginning until the island collapsed on the knock-up stream by Douglas Bullet in the crowd. Vander Decken IX stood not far to his left. He cheered the pirates on and cheered the battles being fought. However, after the naval fleet arrived later, he and a few other pirates went to fight them. In the process, however, he was easily defeated by Vice Admiral Smoker, who, however, left him on his left.

Back on his feet, however, he had to deal with the next attack on him shortly after. Douglas Bullet struck in his Colossus form in Seven’s direction, causing him to run away in panic. Later, he found himself in the thick of the fight, confronting some unknown Marine soldiers. Only when Douglas Bullet was defeated by Luffy did the fighting stop. Joyfully, Captain Seven then embraced Pandaman and everyone celebrated that they survived. The joy was short-lived, however, as while some pirates escaped, he was tied up by Rear Admiral “Blackcage” Hina and later taken away by her, as well as Smoker, Tashigi, Koby, and Helmeppo. In the process, Seven stood alongside Donald Moderate.


  • His name, design, and connection to 7-Eleven were revealed in One Piece Magazine Vol. 7.
  • Captain Seven was coupled with a promotion by the company 7-Eleven in connection with their app. In this one, you could also view his profile. Show image hide
  • His bounty is an obvious reference to 7-Eleven.
  • He has exactly seven appearances in the film.

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