Capone Pez of One Piece

Capone “Gang” Squeal is the son of pirate captain Capone “Gang” Bege and Charlotte Linlin’s 22nd daughter, Charlotte Chiffon.


Petz’s color scheme during his first appearance in episode 795 in the Japanese TV version.

Petz is a little baby of not even two years. He has some visual similarities to his parents, especially to his father Capone Bege. He is the spitting image of his father and also has his characteristic stubble. From his mother Chiffon, Petz has inherited the pink hair. He wears a black cowboy hat, a light blue romper with a white collar and white socks. The resemblance to his father is further underlined with a pacifier in the shape of a cigar.

Petz’s color scheme in the anime initially differed from Eiichiro Oda’s, which was first seen on the cover of volume 86. In his anime debut appearance in episode 795, Petz had black hair and a black romper with a green collar, and also lacked his beard shadow. They changed this color scheme to the correct one in the episode after the fact for the international version. In the Japanese TV version, Petz is only seen in the 20th opening “Hope” in the color scheme intended by Oda.


Totto Land

Petz was born as a result of the marriage between Capone Bege and Charlotte Chiffon. Since then, Chiffon has mostly taken care of their child. The latter also took her son to the northeastern shore of Whole Cake Island, where Capone Bege wanted to execute Pekoms. When Petz began to cry, his father cheered him up with some comical grimaces. After Bege shot Pekoms and he fell off a cliff into the shark-infested sea, Petz began to cry again.

On the day of the wedding, the Fire Tank Straw Hat Caesar Alliance finally planned to assassinate Big Mom. Chiffon took care of their mutual son in Bege’s body. After Big Mom attacked Capone Bege following his failed assassination attempt, Petz began to cry again. Fortunately for them, the Alliance managed to escape from the castle, after which the Fire Tank pirates parted ways with Chiffon and Petz from the Sanji rescue team.

However, Pudding soon showed up and asked her sister to help her make a new cake, as it was the only way to stop Big Mom. After initial doubts, Chiffon agreed to help her in order to save Nami and her friends. She left Petz in his father’s care and asked him to take care of her child if anything happened to her. But Capone Bege did not leave his wife behind and appeared with the Nostra Castello and his crew to rescue Chiffon from Cacao. He shot Oven head on and told his son that this is the way his father lives. Petz cheered him on. After they were able to leave Cacao together and Petz was back in his mother’s arms, he seemed to recognize his grandfather, who helped them escape but remained unknown to Chiffon, and waved happily at him. However, he began to cry again when the latter was attacked by Oven.

After delivering the wedding cake, they escaped on a stolen tart ship belonging to the Big Mom pirate gang. They were able to leave Totto Land safely and Petz watched his father as he read the newspaper article about the recent events.


Since his mother wanted to see her sister again and his father agreed, they set out to find her. During this they docked in Dress Rosa and Chiffon entered the island with Petz in his arms. It wasn’t until they found Lola that Petz was passed from Chiffon to Bege, as she wanted to hug her twin sister. After escaping from the navy, they met Pound and after some initial distrust, they took him on board with them – much to Petz’s delight. Subsequently, Lola and Gotti married, after which they continued their journey, still pursued by the Navy.


  • Capone Pez’s name could also be romanized into Capone Pez. Pez is the Spanish word for fish and also a pez. Thus, Petz’ name would also fall into the naming scheme of the Charlotte family, whose members are almost exclusively named after food.
  • His favorite food is tomato baby food.

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