Candy of One Piece

Candy is the captain of the Candy Pirates.


Candy is a tall man with shaggy brown hair and a chin beard. He has small eyes, but a big mouth. In his hair, according to his name, he has two objects attached that look like candies. He wears a brown captain’s coat with golden buttons, decorations and golden epaulettes. Underneath he wears a red shirt and green trousers. These are patterned horizontally by darker green stripes. He has dark shoes on. With these he wears a brown belt, in which is his sword holder. In his left hand he can usually be seen holding a bottle of alcohol. Overall, his clothing is very tattered.


Candy is an unscrupulous and cruel man, so he attacked a village and had no scruples to threaten also women and small children with his sword.

Skills and strength

The simple inhabitants were able to terrify Candy, but the CP9 agents had a very easy time with Candy and his band of pirates.


Candy docked at Saint Popura with his band of pirates, however the former CP9 agents had also taken up residence there. Rob Lucci had an easy time with the pirates and the remaining agents also took on the pirates with ease. The residents cheered them on and ultimately the pirates lay defeated before the town’s saviors. Lucci, however, did not let go of the downed pirate captain and continued to torment him, which the residents watched anxiously.

To thank her for the rescue, Kalifa was given a flower by a little girl.


  • His name was mentioned in the Databook Vivre Card ~ One Piece Picture Encyclopedia.

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