Cancer of One Piece

Cancer is a Vice Admiral in the Navy.


Cancer is a tall man with gray hair pulled back. He wears dark sunglasses and a scar extends above his left eye. He wears a brown suit with a blue shirt and a turquoise tie. Over this, like any Vice Admiral, he wears a white coat with Justice written on it. In addition, he is very often seen with a cigar in his mouth.


As a member of the Navy, he has a strong belief in justice, but what kind of it he holds is unknown.

Skills and strength

As a Vice Admiral, he must be one of the strongest members of the Navy. Also, like every member from the rank of Vice Admiral, he must be proficient in Haki.


Luffy’s first bounty

During the bounty session on Luffy’s first bounty, he sat next to Vice Admiral Stainless.

Session in Mary Geoise – A New Samurai Is Wanted

Also, when the meeting was held in Mary Geoise to appoint a new samurai, the Vice Admiral was present. When Doflamingo had Vice Admiral Mozambia fight Vice Admiral Stainless, he tried to separate the opponents but failed due to Flamingo’s skills.

Battle in Marine Ford

As a Vice Admiral, he was of course present at the Battle of the World Powers at Marine Ford. He was in the front line of the Vice Admirals’ attack on that occasion. He was later seen visibly frightened when the Whitebeard gang revealed their last hidden ship. When Shanks finally arrived at Marine Ford and Sengoku declared the war over, Cancer also cleared the battlefield.


  • His name is not revealed until One Piece Blue Deep.

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