Camie of One Piece

Camie belongs to the species of kissing Gurami mermaids. Her wish is to become a designer. She is the student of the starfish Pappag, who is also her pet, although the two are friends in the end. She currently helps Hatchan out as a clerk in his Takoyaki store.


Camie’s face before the time jump

Camie is a young mermaid. She must be under thirty years old because her tail fin has not yet split into two. She has green hair and purple eyes. Her tail fin is pink. She wears a short yellow t-shirt, which is purple on the sleeves and collar, and also has dots in that same color. In the middle of the t-shirt is the Criminal brand mark. In addition, she usually has a yellow backpack with her.

After two years, when the Straw Hats reached Fish-Man Island, Camie appeared much more grown up, wearing a dark top with a large neckline and the Criminal logo on it.

Personality and strength

Camie calls some fish

Camie is an extremely friendly person and very helpful, but she is also very easily shocked. Even a small mistake shocks her much more than it would for a normal person. She and Pappag have bad luck on their side, as they are almost constantly eaten by sea kings. Camie also gets caught by human traffickers a lot because she’s so naive and gullible. Luckily for her, Hatchan is always on hand to rescue her. Camie has a habit of adding a Chin to names, as is actually common in Japan with San or Chan. For example, Luffy becomes Luffy-Chin. Camie’s dream is to become a famous fashion designer like her master Pappag is. She is also a very fast swimmer and able to make contact with fish.


Unknown time ago Camie met the starfish Pappag, who taught the mermaid from then on.


Meeting with Hatchan

Hatchan saved Camie and Pappagfrom the Makro gang

After Hatchan was captured by the navy and escaped, he encountered a sea king who was chasing a sea boar. In order to save it, Hatchan drove the Sea King away, whereupon, to Hatchan’s amazement, the Sea Boar played Camie and Pappag. Now the Macro Gang stepped up and purchased Camie from Hatchan for a treasure map. Although the octopus was happy at first, he quickly regretted his decision, as all he found in the place listed on the treasure map was the giant squid Mash. Pappag showed him the way to the Macro Gang’s hideout, where Camie was also located. There he destroyed their ship and rescued Pappag and Camie. Mash, whom he had defeated earlier and taken with him, he examined more closely and found a jar and many other treasures. Pappag, Camie, and Hatchan became friends and traveled the ocean together. From the treasures he bought cooking utensils, and from the inhabitants of an underwater city he was given a ship. Now Hatchan could fulfill his dream and sell Takoyaki pies together with Pappag and Camie.

Meeting with the Straw Hat Pirates

Camie and Pappag meetthe Straw Hat Pirates

After the Straw Hats left the Thriller Bark victorious, they sailed towards Fish-Man Island, but knew nothing about its exact location. When they finally reached the redline, a sea hare appeared in front of them, which, after a short fight with Luffy, spat out Camie and Pappag. Both noted that they had been devoured by such monsters many times before. Camie asked the Straw Hats if they would help their friend who had fallen into the clutches of the Tobiuo Riders. Although the latter, who could talk to Camie via a Den-den Mushi, advised against being helped, the Straw Hat gang made their way to the Riders’ base. There they met the Macro Gang, as well as Duval and his Tobiuo Riders. Camie and Pappag’s friend turned out to be Hatchan, much to the horror of the Straw Hat Pirates, so they abandoned their goal and sailed away. But at Camie’s pleading, they were persuaded to forget the past and free Hatchan, which they did. According to Pappag and Camie, a coating craftsman would be needed for the journey to Fish Man Island, and he had to be found on the Sabaody Archipelago.

Camie’s Kidnapping

Pappag, Camie and the gang…are having fun in Sabaody Park

After a short ride, the gang reached the gigantic Yalkiman mangroves that made up the archipelago. After they docked near Grove 41, Pappag and Hatchan explained to them about the hierarchical situation of the archipelago, mentioning that the Straw Hats should never attack a World Aristocrat under any circumstances. While doing so, they also mentioned that there were many human traffickers on the island, so Camie, Pappag, and Hatchan would have to disguise themselves to avoid being exposed. The gang split up to explore the archipelago. While there, Hatchan led Camie, Pappag, Luffy, Brook, and Chopper to Shacky’s Bar, where the bar owner warmly welcomed the squid and his friends. Hatchan knew the former pirate from childhood and asked her about Rayleigh, a coating craftsman, but she only mentioned that he hadn’t been her guest for half a year. After the visit to the bar, the Straw Hats decided to search at Rayleigh’s favorite place on the archipelago, Sabaody Park.

Camie is kidnapped by Peterman.

Once there, the troupe amused themselves a bit by riding roller coasters or visiting the Ferris wheel, which had always been Camie’s dream. The Straw Hats, however, did not notice that they had been watched. While Camie was alone for a moment, she was approached by the human trafficker Peterman, who captured the mermaid and planned to sell her for a high price. The Straw Hats noticed Camie’s absence too late to stop the human trafficker. So she was taken to the Human Auctioning House, where Peterman gave the mermaid to Disko.

The Human Auctioning House

Camie is presented to the audience

There she was taken to a cell where, despite fierce resistance, a neck iron was put on her. Here she also met Rayleigh, who was also to be auctioned off. Meanwhile, the auction began and the guests, including three World Nobles, bid on the goods to be auctioned. Meanwhile, the straw hats were picked up by the Tobiuo Riders and now flew to the auction as well to stop them. Camie was given the number 17 and was announced by a big show from Disko, meanwhile some of the straw hats were also present. Nami wanted to buy Camie back with the treasure of Thriller Bark which was worth 200 million berry. However, before Nami could even voice her bid, World Aristocrat Saint Charlos offered 500 million berry for her. Nami’s plan was off, now even she knew no way out. Just as Disko was about to give the nod, Luffy arrived at the auction house and stormed towards the stage. However, Hatchan, abandoning his disguise, was able to stop him, but was immediately gunned down by Charlos, who recognized him as a fish-man. With quiet words Hatchan asked Luffy for forgiveness, but Luffy didn’t listen to his words and hit the world aristocrat right in the face. A short time later, Rayleigh also appeared and freed Camie from her neck iron.

Meanwhile, the navy had taken up position and was waiting for the Straw Hat Pirates and Rayleigh. After a brief struggle, they managed to escape. They now sought shelter in Shacky’s bar. Once there, the Straw Hats split up, with the goal of reuniting in three days, and then diving off together to Fish Man Island. What they did not suspect: Admiral Kizaru and his army were already on the scene to punish the troublemakers.

The Last Day of the Straw Hat Pirates

Camie and Pappag are grooming Hatchan.

Camie and Pappag nursed Hatchan and worried about Luffy & Co. Hatchan calmed them down as he assured them that they were very strong. Shacky now interjected that they were facing an admiral. Meanwhile, the Straw Hats had been devastated by the Admiral, Sentomaru, and Bartholomew Kuma and scattered all over the world.

Meet again on Fish-Man Island

Camie is helping Sanji.

After the reunion two years later, the Straw Hat Pirates set out for Fish Man Island. Seeing it ahead, Franky catapulted the Thousand Sunny through the island’s two bubbles. In the process, the Sunny’s coating came off, causing the crew to be lost in the inner water-filled bubble. Camie rescued Luffy, Chopper, Sanji, and Usopp and introduced them to their friends shortly after. Sanji got such a bad nosebleed at the sight of the beautiful mermaids that he had to be treated, for which Camie took the friends to the Mermaid Cafe where Sanji could recover. Meanwhile, Camie introduced the gang to Shyarly, the manager of the café. Later, she still led the Straw Hats around Fish Man Island until they finally ran into Nami at Pappag’s store.

Camie, Pappag and Hatchan say goodbye to the Straw Hat Pirates.

A short time later, King Neptune showed up, who invited the troupe to his palace. Once at the palace, the royal soldiers wanted to take the pirates into custody, as they had heard about Shyarly’s prophecy. Camie and Pappag pleaded with the Straw Hats not to fight, who, however, took Neptune and his army hostage. When Hody and his band of pirates infiltrated the Ryuuguu Palace, Camie fled the palace with Nami on her back toward the Sea Forest, where the rest of the Straw Hat gang, Jinbe, Hatchan, and Shirahoshi were staying.

Camie tended to the injured Hatchan and followed Jinbe’s tale of the island’s past. She stayed with Hatchan and Den in the sea forest as the rest of the pirates fought the New Fishmen pirate gang in Gyoncorde Plaza. The three were shocked when suddenly the giant sea kings brought ancient Noah to the Sea Forest. Camie then celebrated in the palace at the banquet. Just before the Straw Hat Pirates left Fish Man Island, Camie informed Madame Shyarly of their departure. She saw that the fortune teller had broken her crystal ball, as she didn’t want to make any more prophecies due to her misjudgment towards the Straw Hat Pirates. Camie was slightly worried since the prophecy could still come true because Shyarly had never been wrong with her fortune telling before. She was seen afterwards with Hatchan and Pappag at the harbor as she saw the Straw Hat Pirates off to the New World.


  • She says she has been devoured by sea monsters about 20 times.
  • In the SBS of Bande 53, her birthday was set to November 3, this is fathomed by the Romaji spelling of her name. Thus, Kei sounds exactly like the letter K, the 11th letter of the alphabet, pronounced in English. The Mî syllable in her name is a short form of mitsuThis makes 11/3, or just the 3rd of November.
  • Her favorite food is shark brûlée.

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