Caimanlady of One Piece

Caimanlady is a member of the Beasts Pirates and is one of the Poisoners. She is also part of Onigashima’s surveillance system, the Marys.


Caimanlady is a woman with waist-length black hair, in which the traditional hair ornament Kanzashi. In front of her face she wears a paper mask with a large eye painted on it. She wears an off-the-shoulder long kimono, which is even over the head of the Caimaninaewhich has grown out of her legs thanks to the consumed Smile fruit.

Skills and strength

Caimanlady has eaten from a caiman smile, causing a caiman to grow from her legs. However, this one is looking in exactly the opposite direction of Caimanlady.

Caimanlady is one of the human counterparts to the cyborg animals that randomly roam Onigashima. They are called Marys, and their numbers allow them to monitor the island from many different locations. Through the paper mask that all Marys wear in front of their faces, they can transmit strange sounds to each other, receive each other’s gaze, as well as communicate with each other. This makes it easy for them to locate enemies and report back.


Caimanlady was staying with Black Maria and her other subordinates in the large banquet hall of Kaidou’s castle, where Sanji was being held captive. The Cook was to call loudly for Nico Robin’s help so that Black Maria could capture her as well. Sanji didn’t hesitate for long and his cry echoed throughout the castle thanks to Caimanlady’s abilities.

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