Cabaji of One Piece

Cabaji is a juggler of Buggy’s pirate gang. He is considered Captain Buggy’s favorite and seems to be one of the strongest members along with him and Mohji. After Buggy was appointed as the Samurai of the Seas, he expanded his pirate gang to a so-called pirate delegation society called Buggy’s Delivery, which also included Cabaji.


Sketches of Cabaji’s body.

The young artist Cabaji has black-green, longer hair, respectively three very short cut blond stripes on the right side. He wears white trousers, a long, grey-blue sleeveless vest with fringes and black shoes. In addition, he wears a turquoise belly bandage and around his neck a scarf with a white and blue check pattern that reaches to the ground. He also likes to ride a unicycle, in which he is really talented.


Cabaji is extremely arrogant, self-confident and above all very disrespectful. The following dialogue with Roronoa Zoro, in which he is knocked off his unicycle by the Pirate Hunter, vividly shows how convinced he is of himself and his juggling show.

Stop it… I’ve had enough!

Had enough? You’ve had enough?
You’ve lost too much blood.
Finally you give up!
You were actually holding your own…

I’ve had enough of your stupid circus tricks!!!!
-Cabaji and Zoro in conversation during their fight.

Buggy’s favorite usually has a rather emotionless, sometimes even an arrogant and self-absorbed expression on his face. His indifference and non-existent respect for others is strong. For his own protection, he used Mohji’s lion Richie, who seems to be very afraid of Cabaji, as a shield, which the tamer did not like at all. This is why there are frequent quarrels between the two pirates.

Skills & Strength

The Sharp Kamikaze Spins.

Cabaji’s fighting technique encompasses several sub-areas, such as swordplay. However, it should be noted that he is not a particularly good swordsman. He fights with a normal sword with no special rank. He usually uses his sword in combination with other tricks such as smoke bombs, which he ignites beforehand so that he can surprise his opponent with the technique Yukemuri Satsujin Jiken. Another variation is that he first rides his unicycle up the wall of a building and then drops down on the enemy with his sword pointed downwards. However, Zoro was able to dodge this attack, which he calls Nouryou Uchiage Hanabi: Ichi Rin Sashibefore being hit. In addition, Cabaji has mastered the art of fire breathing(Kaji Oyaji), which can prove to be an effective close combat technique in some situations. The last combat technique worth mentioning is Kamikaze Hyaku Koma Gekijou. In this attack, he throws numerous spinning tops at the opponent, who must fend off each top individually.

In the original Japanese, each attack begins with Kyokugi (曲技), which translates roughly to acrobat technique. Zoro pejoratively referred to Cabaji’s tricks as “ridiculous circus acts”.


Riots in orange

Cabaji is defeated by Zoro.and is unconscious for a while.

Cabaji makes his first appearance in Orange when Buggy’s gang once again reduced parts of the city to rubble with his Special Buggy Cannon. The thief Nami showed up at the pirates, wanting to become a member and bringing the stolen map to the Grand Line as well as her supposed boss Monkey D. Luffy as a tied-up present. She was accepted, but later betrayed the pirate gang, not wanting to kill the imprisoned Luffy. Roronoa Zoro, who suddenly appeared, saved them both by firing the Special Cannon at the Clown Captain’s crew. Together, they fled for the time being.

Upon the return of the Straw Hat Pirates, Buggy fired a buggy bullet at the Rubber Boy, who hurled it back at the Buggy Pirates, taking them off the roof of a bar. Here Cabaji used Richie as a shield to avoid getting hurt. Now sitting on his unicycle, Cabaji attacked Zoro with his sword and his various martial arts. The juggler was also not afraid to kick the “pirate hunter” in his wound on his stomach. Despite these unfair means and a deliberate self-injury by Zoro, Cabaji could not win and was knocked out by the latter’s demon cut. Buggy also lost in the ensuing duel against Straw Hat Luffy and was flung to a distant island.

When the Straw Hats had already departed, Cabaji, Mohji, and the rest of the gang woke up and fled the city without their captain – chased by the angry residents who had been enlightened by Mayor Boodle.

A pirate gang without a captain

Cabaji and Mohji are fightingthe captain’s position.

After their defeat, the gang returned to their ship and built a tomb on Kumate Island for what they assumed was their deceased captain Buggy, who in turn had since befriended Gaimon and formed an alliance with Alvida. Shortly after the farewell ceremony, the question arose as to who would now become the new boss. Since Mohji and Cabaji couldn’t agree, they held a duel in a ring, with the winner being the new captain. The fight dragged on late into the night and was ended by the dreaming Richie knocking out both contenders. The new leader was thus named Richie the Lion. However, moments after his inauguration, the cannibal tribe Kumate showed up, which managed to defeat the gang (minus Cabaji and Mohji) and throw them into a cooking pot. Meanwhile, thanks to Alvida’s help, Buggy had found his ship and the two unconscious brawlers. The latter led the pirate bosses to the Kumate village, where the Buggy pirates were rescued.

Buggy became the captain again and hired Alvida with the Iron Club as his second-in-command, who now helped search for their common nemesis Luffy.

Reunion in Loguetown

Luffy is held by Cabajion the scaffold.

Some time after their reunion, Buggy and gang finally met the Straw Hat gang a second time in Loguetown. On the scaffold, the same place where the pirate king Gold Roger had been executed, Cabaji was able to surprise Luffy and put a wooden cuff around his head so he couldn’t escape. Buggy and Alvida revealed themselves to the straw hat. The clown climbed up to Luffy and was about to execute him when suddenly lightning struck, saving Monkey D. Luffy from certain death.

Cabaji couldn’t believe the urchin’s luck and wanted to follow the boy with the straw hat as ordered by his boss, but didn’t get to do so as all the pirates were captured by Captain Smoker’s smoke. Fortunately for them, the white smoke was blown away by a strong gust of wind, so that they were able to run to the harbor, where they learned from Mohji, who with Richie should have set fire to the Going Merry, that the straw-hatted pirates had escaped them in the direction of the Grand Line. Buggy was very angry and decided with his crew and Lady Alvida to follow the Straw Hat to the Grand Line, which they immediately put into action.

On the Road on the Grand Line

Reactions over Boss Buggy’s capture.

On the Grand Line, we first learn about the gang when they were searching for Captain John’s legendary gold treasure on an unknown island. However, it was the wrong island, so they returned to the “Big Top” without treasure. There they nevertheless had a party and attracted Whitebeard’s 2nd in command Portgas D. Ace with their delicious food, who was a welcome guest after Cabaji revealed his identity. Afterwards, the buggy pirate gang was heard from as they were near the maximum security prison Impel Down. The mood of all the members was completely down because their beloved Captain Buggy had been captured. In the end, however, everyone still decided to accept the certain death of their captain and sail on rather than risk their own lives as well. At this point, Alvida took command of the gang.

The reunion with their captain

The Reunion.

Buggy was able to escape from prison, however, as he allied himself with his greatest rival, Luffy. He then participated in the great battle of Marine Ford and eventually escaped to an unknown island of the Grand Line, where he finally reunited with his former crew. Cabaji, as well as the rest of the Buggy Pirates, shed tears of joy at the reunion, but they concealed from him the fact that they were leaving him behind and instead told him of the great trust they had placed in him during his capture. To his captain’s new followers he at once introduced himself as chief of staff, and was cheered by them. Meanwhile, a government bat reached Buggy, and Galdino opened it before Buggy, thus incurring his wrath.

The Pirate Delegation Society

Two years later on Karai Bari.

As it turned out two years later, Buggy had been appointed a Samurai of the Seas. As such, he had founded Buggy’s Delivery, a pirate delegation company that distributed pirates as mercenaries to troubled areas. Their base was on the island of Karai Bari, where Cabaji first appeared after the time jump. The fact that Doflamingo was defeated and his underground machinations put to an end played right into Buggy’s pirate gang’s cards, as it made his organization’s services all the more needed, prompting them to throw a big celebration. However, they also suffered their first casualties in the form of Hajrudin and his giants.

After the Levely in 1524, the Samurai of the Seas were disbanded, so Buggy was also relieved of his post. The navy then surrounded their base on Karai Bari.


  • In the 1st character popularity vote, Cabaji ranked 25th. He failed to rank in any subsequent ones.
  • Cabaji’s favorite food is popcorn.

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