Byojack of One Piece

Byojack is the big brother of Byrnndi World. Together they founded their own pirate gang many years ago.

This article contains information unique to One Piece TV Special 14 -3D2Y: Overcome Ace’s Death! The Vow of Comrades.


Byojack as a child

Byojack is a small, frail old man with a long white beard. His clothes, like those of his brother, resemble those of a Viking. His Viking helmet, like his brother’s, is missing a horn, but on the opposite side. His coat is dark green and he wears brown boots on his feet. He also has two golden earrings. He is also missing many teeth.

In his younger years he still had black hair and his beard grew longer and longer over the years. So he had no beard as a child and as a teenager only a chin beard and a beard fuzz above his lips. His Viking helmet also had both horns at that time.


Byojack is devoted to his brother, but at the same time seems afraid to speak his mind. The dream of both brothers was originally to travel the whole world with a ship, but that other people should come to harm was never an option for Byojack. Thus, he is very different from his violent brother.

Skills and strength

Suffering from a disease since birth, Byojack has been frail since childhood and has no particular physical strengths. The disease is gradually robbing him of his health, so that he already hung on the drip more than 30 years ago and also supported himself on it.

Nevertheless, he is an important part of the World Pirates and takes an advisory position as vice-captain. Thus, he is always informed about world events, but also about the strengths and abilities of the opponents, which allows him to help his comrades in battle. His information network reaches so far that he knows about some of the world government’s plans and, for example, was informed of the convening of The Seven Warlords of the Seas.


Byojack unfortunately since childhood days at a serious illness, so that his dream to travel the world for him seemed impossible. Instead, he wanted his brother to experience this adventure, but he was determined to start this journey only with his brother. A few years later, they put this plan into action and set off together on a raft, but a violent storm made the journey difficult, after which they were shipwrecked and washed up on a beach. The two were found by men, however, they were not friendly towards them and Byrnndi nearly beat them to death in a tavern. At this point Byojack was able to stop him and prevent worse. They formed their own pirate gang over the next few years, but one day the older brother was kidnapped, so Byrnndi appeared and rescued him. During this kidnapping, Byojack’s horn on his helmet also broke, so Byrnndi broke off a horn on his helmet as well and wore it on his shoulder most of the time from then on. Soon Byrnndi World, the captain of the World pirate gang, was a wanted criminal, but Byojack only wanted to travel the world and avoid fighting.

However, 30 years ago, the World Pirates were such a threat to other pirates and the Navy that some pirate bands and the Navy allied and went to war against them. Through intrigue, they were able to defeat and capture Byrnndi, while Byojack ordered the men still alive who had not betrayed them to retreat.

For the next 30 years they worked on the ship they had always dreamed of, completing it and eagerly awaiting their captain’s escape, which he finally did by attacking Blackbeard’s Impel Down.


Byojack was reunited with his brother, but worried about his latest views. After attacking a world aristocrat, they presented him with the new ship as well as the giant cannon, and Byojack informed his brother of world events, including the convening of The Seven Warlords of the Seas, whereupon Byrnndi sought out the pirate empress Boa Hancock, as she was closest to them.

When the younger brother later captured Boa Marigold and Boa Sandersonia and so Luffy appeared together with Boa Hancock on their ship, he observed the events or the fighting on board and informed his brother. Again and again he harangued him to desist from his plan to attack the world government in the form of Mary Geoise, but he soon realized that his views were now very different from his brother’s. Sadly, he perceived the defeats of Sebastian, Nightin, and Gairam, and told Byrnndi that they were only fighting for him. Byrnndi World, however, would know nothing of all this, for to him the ship, his comrades, and even his brother were but tools to achieve his goal. As a result, the younger brother went to the Boa Sisters’ prison and was able to defeat Luffy in battle for the time being, but after a subsequent conversation, he went after his brother and revealed his views that his friends were just tools in front of the Straw Hat, which infuriated the latter and gave him new powers. This ultimately allowed Luffy to gain the upper hand and slam Byrnndi World into the spiked wall while the incoming naval fleet was already opening fire on their ship, giving him no thought of giving up though. Byrnndi straightened up again and now wanted to take the fight to the navy, which his brother tried to stop him from doing. Byojack wanted to escape with his brother after the defeat and make a fresh start, just the two of them.

However, the navy eventually sank the ship, so it is unclear if they escaped and if Byojack and Byrnndi are even still alive.


  • The symbol on his infusion bag resembles that of the Donquixote Pirates, but it is not crossed out.

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