Buzz of One Piece

Buzz is a bulldog. Together with his captain Schneider, they form the Schneider Pirates.

This article contains information that only appears in one of the OP movies.


Aside from his devil fruit, which allows him to transform into a dog, eagle-dog, and eagle, his aviator glasses are probably his most distinctive feature. As a dog they hang around his neck, as a bird they are on.


Buzz and Schneider are reunited.

Buzz has a very close bond with Schneider, they have probably been friends for a very long time. In order for Schneider to get rid of Buzz so that he wouldn’t have to witness his death, he gave him the order not to come back until he stole the straw hat of the pirate Monkey D. Luffy. Buzz did not fail in this task, as he did not want to disappoint his friend Schneider. In the end, he even assisted Luffy in getting the hat back.

Skills and strength

Buzz is one of the few animals from One Piece that has consumed a devil fruit. Because of the eagle fruit, he thus has the ability to move on land as a dog as well as in the air as an eagle. In his intermediate form, he is abnormally huge and also very strong.


The ways part

Buzz is being sent away.

Buzz walked along the harbor with his master, but he tried to get rid of him. He was only a burden for him. Also an escape attempt on the part of Schneider helped nothing, the dog came after. When two marines came by and posted a wanted poster of Monkey D. Luffy, whose gang had been spotted near the island, the dog was told again by Schneider that the two would go their separate ways from now on. That same night, Buzz flew onto the Thousand Sunny and stole Luffy’s straw hat.

Hat Hunt

Luffy confronts Buzz.

When Usopp and Chopper fetched Schneider onto their submarine, just as they were about to look for Luffy’s straw hat, they sighted Buzz in his eagle form, carrying the hat with him, of course. Usopp and Chopper let the others know, and so they all gathered back on the Thousand Sunny to pursue the eagle. After a bumpy chase, Luffy was able to put down the dog that appeared earlier as a bird. Buzz transformed into his hybrid form and the chase began again.

At the naval base

Buzz catches little Gear 3 Luffy.

This accidentally landed them in a naval base, where the soldiers threw a large sea stone cage over the two invaders. Zoro emerged and cut the cage, whereupon they took on the entire base, including the giants, and with the support of the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates, won as well. Buzz, meanwhile, remained in the same spot where he had been captured, and Schneider came over to him from the Thousand Sunny that had landed in the base and apologized to him. The fighting caused the dam to become unstable and flooded the naval quarters. Everyone fled to the Sunny except for Buzz, who caught Luffy, who had been made small by Gear 3, and helped him catch the straw hat that had flown away again.

Farewell to the Straw Hat Pirates

The two say goodbye to the straw hat pirates

At the end, Buzz and Schneider were still brief guests on the Thousand Sunny. Chopper showed Schneider the fork that he had lost from his mouth because of the fright about Buzz. He explained that this was probably the reason that Schneider felt so bad. The latter remembered, he had lost a fork not long ago while eating. The two said goodbye to the Straw Hat Pirates and left on their own ship, but not without apologizing to Luffy for stealing the hat.


  • Buzz and Schneider make a cameo appearance in One Piece – Stampede.

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