Buster Call

The Buster Call is an attack carried out by the Navy. Ten warships are used in this attack, under the command of five vice admirals. It is the strongest known military tool that the Navy can resort to. The Buster Call is only used in special situations, such as when the world government must stop dangerous criminals who pose an extraordinary threat to it at any cost.

In doing so, an undetermined number of civilian and friendly casualties may also be accepted, making the Buster Call a form of Absolute Justice for the World Government. To date, there are only two known uses of the Buster Call. One in Ohara over 20 years ago and the other 2 years ago on the justice island of Enies Lobby.

The entire fleet of the Buster Call, consisting of ten warships.

Sequence of a Buster Call

The Golden Den-den Mushi

The request of a Buster Call

The authority to request a Buster Call is held by only a few people within the World Government and the Navy. The decision to make a Buster Call rests solely with the leadership of the World Government, the 5 Wise Men, the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, the Grand Admiral, the Admirals, and an emissary of the World Government authorized by an Admiral. For this purpose the Admiral hands him a Golden Den-den Mushi, which is necessary to initiate a Buster Call. Two years ago, the names involved were Grand Admiral Sengoku, Admirals Aokiji, Akainu, and Kizaru, and the leader of CP9 Spandam, who received the Golden Den-den Mushi from Aokiji. In the attack on Ohara, the only known ones were Admiral Sengoku as well as the then leader of CP9 Spandine, who received the Golden Den-den Mushi from Sengoku.

The Drilling Storm at the Bow

Triggering a Buster Call

The Buster Call is triggered by someone pressing the button located on the Golden Den-den Mushi, sending a signal to Navy Headquarters. At the other end at Navy Headquarters is a Silver Den-den Mushi, which receives the signal, informing the Navy of the impending Buster Call operation. The order is then carried out by a Vice Admiral. He then immediately summons five Vice Admirals closest to the target location and dispatches ten warships.

Deployed warships

The guns of the port side

The warships deployed in the Buster Call are the most combat-powered ships shown in One Piece so far. They are large ships with four masts that have a crew of 1,000. The main artillery of the ships are nine naval Naval artillery, grouped into three triple turrets. On each of the ships there is one turret on the bow (note: needs link) and one on the Port and starboard and Port and starboard. In addition, there are 24 more guns, which are located on two Gun deck and are evenly distributed to 12 on each side of the ship. The Broadside (naval) one of the ships is equivalent to the firepower of 15 of the ship’s guns. The combined firepower of the fleet can easily sink a large enemy ship, such as one of the warships itself used in a Buster Call.

Execution of a Buster Call

When the fleet arrives at the destination, one of the warships first fires a test shot to test the artillery. This is done by firing at a central target within the objective area. After that, all warships fire from all guns. The declared aim of a Buster Call is always to stop the criminals for whom it is requested at all costs. In order to achieve this goal, the target area is subjected to large-scale shelling and, in the end, is completely destroyed.

Since the Buster Call is a form of Absolute Justice, the Navy takes everything under fire that the criminals might be associated with. Thus, in the attack on Ohara, a passenger ship carrying civilians fleeing the island is taken under fire and sunk, as there may be people on it who pose a threat to the world government. During the attack on Enies Lobby, one of the warships used in the Buster Call is even sunk, as the ship is carrying Monkey D. Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates for whom the Buster Call was requested.

The destruction of Ohara

Ohara is under under fire

Circumstances leading to the Buster Call

The island of Ohara was the most important archaeological research center in the world until its destruction, as the largest library in the world was located on the island. Six years before the destruction of Ohara, 33 archaeologists left in search of the Poneglyphs, all of whom were later captured by the Navy and also executed except for archaeologist Nico Olvia, who managed to escape.

The archaeologists were eliminated because they posed a great danger to the World Government for wanting to find and translate the Poneglyph so they could learn the true story. However, it had been forbidden by the World Government 800 years ago to explore Poneglyph and has been punished as a capital crime ever since.

From the records of the archaeologists, the world government finally learned their place of origin. It then immediately dispatched a ship of agents under the command of the then leader of CP9 Spandine to Ohara.

These were tasked with finding evidence of the exploration of the Poneglyph by the Ohara-based archaeologists. Prior to this, a fleet had already been assembled for a buster call and sent to Ohara, on standby to destroy the island in the event that evidence was found.

Two warships are destroyed by Saul

After the Five Elders learned what the archaeologists, led by Professor Cloverleaf, found out about the true history from the Poneglyphs, the order was given for the Buster Call, as the archaeologists were becoming too much of a threat to the world government. Spandine then used the Golden Den-den Mushi to trigger the Buster Call.

The Buster Call

Ohara goes up in flames

Immediately after the Buster Call was requested, one of the warships fired a test shot and hit the Tree of Omniscience. After that, the navy took large scale fire on the island. The Buster Call was led by Vice Admirals Kuzan, Sakazuki, and three other unidentified Vice Admirals. Originally, former Vice Admiral Saul was also to be one of the Vice Admirals commanding the Buster Call. However, the latter deserted when he helped Nico Olvia to escape. The stated goal of this Buster Call was to stop the spread of knowledge about the true story. For this purpose, the Tree of Omniscience, where the research center and the library were located, was taken under heavy fire, so that it caught fire. Secondly, when the people on the rescue ship tried to escape from the island, archaeologists were sorted out to make sure that none of them left the island.

This rescue ship was then fired upon and sunk as it was leaving by one of the warships on the orders of Vice Admiral Sakazuki, a representative of Absolute Justice. He subsequently justified this by saying that the whole endeavor would have been for naught if only one archaeologist managed to escape. Saul was the only one to stand in the way of the fleet. Before he did so, he made a promise to Nico Olvia that he would bring her daughter Nico Robin to safety. To stop the Buster Call, he lifted one of the warships out of the water and threw it at another warship, destroying both ships. He then attacked more ships and ended up destroying a total of six warships before being stopped by Vice Admiral Kuzan. After Kuzan killed Saul, he helped Nico Robin escape because it had been Saul’s wish.

Effects of the Buster Call

The effects of the Buster Call were devastating for both sides, both the Navy and to a much greater extent Ohara and her inhabitants. The Navy’s many losses of its own, such as the loss of half its fleet, were offset by the complete destruction of Ohara Island. The only resident of Ohara to survive this Buster Call was Nico Robin. The name of the island has not been found on any map since.

Sinking of Enies Lobby

The Navy sinks its own warship

Request of the Buster Call

The Buster Call on Enies Lobby was accidentally requested by the leader of CP9 Spandam. He is not to be confused with Spandine, who was the leader of the CP9 20 years ago and is his father. Spandam, in his haste, mistook the Golden Den-den Mushi for a baby Den-den Mushi, triggering the Buster Call. He really just wanted to get an update on the current situation at the CP9 while he whisked away the prisoner Nico Robin for transport to the Impel Down underwater prison. The fleet for the Buster Call was subsequently assembled by Vice Admiral John Giant after the signal from the Golden Den-den Mushi was received by Naval Headquarters. He also had the Buster Call launched from Marine Headquarters, due to its close proximity to Enie’s lobby, to save time.

The Buster Call

200 officers try to stop the Straw Hat Pirates

When the fleet of warships arrived at Enies Lobby, first of all, one of the warships made a test fire and destroyed Enies Lobby’s Justice Tower with it. The Buster Call was commanded by the five Vice Admirals Doberman, Yamakaji, Strawberry, Onigumo and Momonga. This Buster Call was requested to destroy the Straw Hat Pirates and all who followed them. The only person to be spared from the Buster Call, by order of Admiral Aokiji, was Nico Robin, who was on the Bridge of Hesitation with Spandam.

In order to attack all targets, the warships positioned themselves to the left and right of the bridge and then took the entire island under fire. One of the warships was badly damaged when it became involved in the fight between Rob Lucci, the strongest of the CP9 agents, and Monkey D. Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Lucci ended up on the upper deck of the ship after Luffy punched him through the wall of the bridge pier where the two were previously fighting.

As this battle continued on the ship, the bow of the ship was nearly severed after an attack from Luffy, as well as the main mast and two other masts of the ship being destroyed after another attack. This warship was destroyed after Vice Admiral Onigumo gave the order to turn all the guns in the fleet on this ship and sink it. He also shot a sailor who protested his order because there were 1,000 men on the ship. However, this loss was taken to prevent Luffy from escaping. This measure of Absolute Justice failed, however, as Luffy managed to get off the ship and back onto the bridge pier the moment it was destroyed by the firepower of the fleet.

The navy destroys the bridge of hesitation

Meanwhile, the remaining members of the Straw Hat Pirates were able to get to safety by escaping onto the ship that was standing by to take Nico Robin away at the end of the Bridge of Hesitation. The other Straw Hat Pirates companions who came with her to Enie’s lobby ran into three warships after they passed through the main gate. Vice Admiral Strawberry then had fire opened on them. In the process, the southeastern part of the island was completely destroyed, along with the courthouse, the justice tower, and the tunnel connection to the Bridge of Hesitation.

The Navy then drew the conclusion from this that none of the companions survived. It later turned out to be a mistake, however, as all of them were able to make it to safety. When the Navy later learned that Luffy was still alive, the warships formed up around the Bridge of Hesitation and severed the first bridge pier from the second, destroying the portion of the bridge that the two piers supported to deprive him of the only remaining escape route to the ship the rest of his crew was on.

In the end, only ruins of Enie’s lobby remain

Afterwards, the Navy attempted to stop the Straw Hat Pirates and take control of Nico Robin, who had previously been freed by the Straw Hat Pirates and Franky. In doing so, they were attacked by 200 marines consisting of frigate captains and captains, some of whom had devil powers, but were successfully repelled by the Straw Hat Pirates.

The navy then resorted to other measures to stop the Straw Hat Pirates. First, the fleet sank their escape ship and then destroyed the remaining part of the bridge. The Straw Hat Pirates was then trapped on the second bridge pier.

On the first bridge pier at this point was Luffy, who was unable to move after winning against Lucci. The navy took aim at the first pier and opened fire to finally destroy Luffy. However, the entire Straw Hat Pirates including Luffy managed to save themselves by jumping into the sea and landing on their old ship, the The Going Merry, which appeared out of nowhere and eventually escaped with her from Enie’s lobby as well. Her companions were able to escape on the sea train Puffing Tom when the Navy used the combined force of the fleet to stop the Straw Hat Pirates and ran out of spare capacity.

Balance of the Buster Call

Despite the use of the Buster Call, the Navy suffered a total defeat, which Admiral Aokiji confirmed when he arrived in Enie’s lobby after the Buster Call. The Navy had suffered huge casualties in that Buster Call. Three warships were destroyed.

One by their own fleet, as well as two others that collided with each other when they were caught in a vortex created when the Straw Hat Pirates escaped while closing the Gate of Justice. At least 1,200 marines died. 1,000 who were on the warship that was sunk by their own fleet, and 200 more who were on the bridge that was also destroyed by the fleet.

Many more marines as well as members of the world government died in the bombardment of the island by the fleet. The justice island of Enies Lobby, which had been the cornerstone of the World Government’s legal system, was mostly destroyed. The only things left of it were two bridge piers and the main part of the island, but there was nothing left on it.


  • In One Piece – Stampede, two Buster Calls were even triggered:

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