Buggy Arc


Luffy and Zoro are sailing together in their small boat across the sea, when the Straw Hat Captain suddenly sees a huge bird flying above them. Of course he wants to eat it for dinner, but he gets caught by the bird while trying to catch it and now flies away with it. Zoro tries to follow his new captain, but the bird is clearly faster and the swordsman loses sight of it. By chance, he runs into three pirates from Buggy’s pirate gang, who were stolen from Nami moments before. Zoro rescues them and they take him to Orange, a village in East Blue that was raided by Buggy, where Luffy has also arrived in the meantime.

There he meets Nami, who has stolen the map of the Grand Line from Buggy. In a short conversation, Luffy asks her if she would like to join his gang as a navigator. Nami agrees, but only sees the whole thing as a partnership of convenience, since she actually detests pirates. To get herself out of the loop, she subsequently brings the now-tied-up Luffy to Buggy. However, just before Buggy can destroy Luffy, Nami saves his life. Finally, Zoro shows up as well, but he doesn’t stand a chance against Buggy. The three of them flee to the village, where they meet Chouchou and Boodle. But finally they are discovered by Mohji and Cabaji. This leads to the fights Luffy vs Mohji & Richie and Zoro vs Cabaji, which the two Straw Hats manage to win. Finally, Buggy intervenes, but with Nami’s help, he is finally defeated by Luffy with the Gomu Gomu no Bazooka. However, since the three are pirates, they ultimately have to flee from the villagers as well.

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