Buffalo of One Piece

Buffalo is a member of Donquixote Doflamingo’s pirate gang. There he is under the command of Pica’s spade unit.


Buffalo 10 years ago

Buffalo is a very tall man with comparatively thin arms and legs. He has black hair, which he wears around his head in the shape of a propeller. Furthermore, he has very large teeth, on which he has painted the Jolly Roger of Doflamingo. His clothing consists of a thick, yellow fur coat, around which he has wrapped large chains, brown gloves and brown boots.

Ten years earlier when he took over Dress Rosa, he wore a dark coat and his hair was still in the shape of a shamrock. He also didn’t have the Jolly Roger on his teeth then.


Buffalo seems to be loyal to his captain and so also tried to appease Baby 5’s anger towards him. He seems to love gambling because he asked Baby 5 if she could lend him two million berries so he could go back to the casino.

Even as a child, Buffalo was already loyal to Doflamingo. He always strictly obeyed the blood law within the family and was about to tell Trafalgar Law to Doflamingo when he slyly stabbed Corazón in the back. Here, however, it became apparent that Buffalo was very corruptible. Law bought him an ice cream to keep Buffalo silent. However, Blood Law did not forbid him from playing pranks on Corazón along with Baby 5 to make fun of him. Despite the fact that Buffalo and Baby 5 subsequently took beatings from Corazón, they did not leave the pirate gang, unlike numerous other children before them.

Skills and strength

Buffalo possesses the abilities of the Rotating Fruit and is thus able to transform his entire body as well as individual limbs into a propeller or set them in rotation. This allows him to fly through the air like a helicopter. In addition, his rotational powers allow him to create massive whirlwinds. In this way, he easily blew away Caesar’s poisonous gas cloud Shinokuni. Buffalo’s devil powers are further enhanced when combined with Baby 5’s Weapon Fruit.


Buffalo had already joined the pirate gang as a child together with Baby 5. That’s where he got his name Buffalo. Most of the time he was seen together with Baby 5. When Law joined the gang, he already seemed to have his devil powers. Buffalo and Baby 5 would often play pranks on Corazón to make fun of his clumsiness. Buffalo also witnessed Law attacking Corazón with a knife one day, but Law bribed him with a bag of ice so that he wouldn’t tell Doflamingo. Buffalo and Baby 5 tried to befriend Law and also told him their real names if he would tell them his full name in return. Law explained that his full name is Trafalgar D. Water Law.

As a member, Buffalo Doflamingo’s band of pirates remained a few years later. At the age of 20 he took part in Dress Rosa’s takeover.


Punk Hazard

Baby 5 flew on Buffalo’s back to Punk Hazard, as they were tasked with getting Vergo, Mone and Caesar Clown from there. During the flight, they both chatted about Baby 5’s quirk of not being able to say “no”. When they reached the island, they saw Caesar being thrown onto a ship. When they told Doflamingo about it, he wanted them to take only Caesar. When the two then went to get him, they ran into Franky. Franky Shogun attacked the two without warning, forcing them to fight. However, both assassins were outmatched by the cyborg, so they tried to just grab Caesar and leave. At that moment, Usopp and Nami appeared and each attacked them again, trapping them. To send a message to Doflamingo, Law, using his devil powers, cut off their heads and sent them to Dress Rosa with a raft and a Den-den Mushi. They were found by their master, who was on his way to Punk Hazard, and witnessed Law’s demands to Doflamingo. Later, Doflamingo traveled on to Punk Hazard to reunite the heads of his subordinates with their bodies.


On Dress Rosa, Buffalo was not seen again with Baby 5 in the castle until Doflamingo interrogated Law. Baby 5 punched Law a few times to get him to answer Doflamingo, until he scowled at her, at which point she backed away in fright. When Kyros suddenly appeared and apparently decapitated Doflamingo, Baby 5 was startled. Kyros used this moment to defeat Buffalo with a headlock hold and throw him out of the palace. After Luffy’s victory against Doflamingo, the entire pirate gang was arrested by the Navy.


  • He has the linguistic peculiarity to say “dasuyan” instead of “desu” or “da” at the end of the sentence.
  • His favorite food is three-layer ice cream.

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