Buchi of One Piece

Buchi was a ship’s watchman on Kuro’s ship. He and Siam are also called the “Brothers Maunz”.


In terms of appearance, Buchi seems to be the exact opposite of Siamese. While Siamese looks small and lanky, Buchi is rather chubby and tall. Like all members of Black’s pirate gang, Buchi looks similar to a cat. He has gloves with claws for fighting, and a mask covering his hair and left eye, tipped with cat ears. On top, except for a bell around his neck and a cape, he has nothing on. He has red and black striped pants on, with a yellow cloth tied around them.


Buchi not only looks like a cat, he also acts like one and can be very sneaky. One of his tricks is, together with his partner Siam, to pretend that they are afraid of their opponent and that they have no chance. This is supposed to make the opponent sloppy in his defense. The two then use this moment to attack, resorting to devious maneuvers such as stealing his weapons.

He also seems to be loyal to his captain only when he proves himself worthy. Thus, he and Siam conspired against their captain when they felt that they should be superior to him since they had only fought for the past three years while he lived a peaceful life and therefore should no longer be capable of being their captain. After Black finally gained the upper hand with ease, they again followed his orders out of fear.

Skills and strength

Buchi fights like a cat, in keeping with his appearance. He often seems to team up with Siam to fight one on one, as seen in the fight against Zoro. As weapons, he uses gloves equipped with claws, among other things Buchi used them against Zoro but also against Kuro, but had no chance against either.

However, you should not underestimate him because of his appearance. So he can jump very high and use his body mass in his favor. So Siam holds the opponent, while Buchi rams from the air with full force his knee against the opponent, in this case Zoro. However, Zoro was still able to dodge.

Also, the ship’s guard seems to be able to withstand quite a bit; after the Nyaban Brothers were slashed by the former pirate hunter, Buchi was still conscious and asked Jango to hypnotize him. While Buchi was able to gain tremendous strength, this was not enough against the Straw Hat Pirate and he was ultimately defeated.


When Kuro was still a pirate, Buchi and Siam were also in the gang. One day, the Black Cat gang ran into the Navy. However, Kuro killed all the marines except Captain Morgan, who was badly injured. Afterwards, the “mastermind” tortured him, leaving the entire gang, including the Nyaban Brothers, terrified of the gruesome violence. The captain then ordered Jango to hypnotize both Morgan and Nugire Yainu. Jango persuaded Nugire to be Kuro, and Morgan that he had captured the captain, who was in fact the ship’s carpenter. Thus, Black had a member executed by the Navy instead of himself.

That way, no one would come looking for Kuro since he was officially presumed dead.


The mastermind’s plan

Three years after the “death” of Kuro, the latter wanted to finally put his plan into action: Miss Kaya was first to sign a will making Kuro, who had posed as a butler for three years under the name “Beauregard,” the sole heir to her estate in the event of her death. After that, Kaya was to be killed and the entire village of Syrop destroyed by pirates. But nobody knew at that time that the then captain wanted to kill his whole crew, for the reason that there should not be a single witness left, Buchi should also be among the victims.

Attack on Syrop – Fight with the Straw Hats

Unfortunately for them, the crew hadn’t counted on Luffy, Zoro, and Nami being on the island that day, befriending Usopp the Liar. Coincidentally, he and Luffy overheard the conversation between Black and Jango about how they were going to kill Kaya and destroy the village. The next day, the four of them prepared for the attack. While doing so, they waited at a narrow ravine, but the pirates did not come. Finally, Usopp remembered that there was also a narrow ravine on the other side of the island. Since Luffy and Zoro had gotten lost, Usopp and Nami arrived first. After some hardship, the other two Straw Hat Pirates also reached the gorge.

During the defense of the village, Siam and Buchi appeared on the battlefield, fighting together against the former pirate hunter. The two ship guards managed to steal two of Zoro’s swords and throw them away. Since fighting with only one sword was unfamiliar to the pirate hunter, he had difficulty defending himself. Later, Kuro also reached the battlefield. The Nyaban Brothers attacked him, thinking that he should be out of practice and that they could therefore take him on. The latter quickly proved them wrong and gave them a time limit of five minutes to defeat Zoro. During their attack, Zoro got his stolen swords back thanks to Nami’s help and was able to defeat his opponents with just one attack.

Buchi, unlike Siam, didn’t want to give up yet and asked Jango to give him new strength through hypnosis. He continued to attack Zoro with all possible means and pushed him against a rock wall. At Kuro’s command, he still wanted to attack Usopp, but Zoro was able to prevent this and defeated him after a short time.

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