Brownbeard Pirates

The Brownbeard pirate gang is active in the New World. Their captain is Chadros Higelyges aka Brownbeard.


After the Battle of Marine Ford ended, some pirates were seen taking advantage of Whitebeard’s death in the New World. So did Brownbeard and his crew. Without further ado, they attacked the town of Foodvalten – which was actually under Whitebeard’s protection – and destroyed Whitebeard’s sign there.

Later Basil Hawkins was seen on the island occupied by Brownbeard. Brownbeard informed him about the new regime of the island, but Hawkins only replied that the shadow of death was over him.

Two years after Brownbeard’s defeat by Basil Hawkins, the gang was on Punk Hazard. Brownbeard – who now called himself “Boss” – and his men were now working there as patrols for Caesar Clown. The entire force now performed with animal underbellies, Brownbeard himself possessing the underbelly of a crocodile.
There, the gang was again soundly defeated, this time by the Straw Hat Pirates. Brownbeard idolized his new master, Caesar Clown, until he found out that he had given orders to have him shot after his defeat by Luffy.

He then allied himself with Luffy’s gang, and after the latter’s victory over Caesar, the entire gang voluntarily surrendered to the navy to be treated by the navy’s doctors, since Caesar was experimenting on some of them with various poisons, among other things. They would rather be prisoners of the Navy than guinea pigs of Caesar. After the Straw Hat Pirates left, Brownbeard and his men helped Smoker free the Shinokuni-affected people from their rigors. However, Brownbeard promised not to attempt an escape in the process and was grateful to Smoker for his trust.

Known members

PositionNameBountyDevil Fruit
Capt:Chadros Higelyges80.060.000Unknown

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