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The Straw Hat Pirates and Jinbe eagerly fought against the troops of the New Fishmen Pirates. Zeo launched an attack along with Ikaros Much in the process, holding Nami’s legs while Ikaros drained her with his spears. In their opinion, she was one of the weaker of the gang. Rather by accident, Brook stumbled in between and was able to prevent worse from happening as Ikaros’ spears had no effect on him. After that, Franky came over and took Ikaros to the chest. Brook, meanwhile, had stepped on Zeo’s head, which shocked the latter and his men greatly. To lessen the shame, Zeo explained that he had headbutted him under the sole of his foot and named the attack as well.

The fight

Zeo barely has a chance…

The next moment Brook lost sight of the fish-man again, because he had made himself invisible. Using Camouflage Carpet, he crept up to the skeleton crawling on the ground. Still Brook hit him with his sword because he said the name of his attack out loud. Zeo scrambled to his feet and explained himself with his attack Body de Sword Crush, which however was also just an excuse. The next attack was to really hit Brook. Using his chain, the fish man severed the musician’s head. Confident of victory, he announced that he had killed the Straw Hat Pirate. Instantly, however, Brook put himself back together, for with the help of his soul, the skeleton could reassemble itself at any time. Zeo was shocked. Brook pulled out his sword Soul Solid and said that by using his soul, he could bring the coldness of the underworld into the sword and thus into this world. The next icy sword strike hit Zeo on the cheek.

…and finally loses

Meanwhile, Luffy was giving Hody Jones a run for his money. Seized with panic that their captain had lost, the fish-man pirates fled. Zeo wanted to kill them because death would also be revenge. Brook was very angry because he hates people who waste lives. Zeo asked him if they weren’t doing the same thing, after all they could have saved themselves from falling Noah. Brook replied to him that they would trust their captain and therefore need not fear. The musician wanted to finish the fight in the next turn.

Zeo circled his chain again and declared that Brook had better not step into his circle if he didn’t want to be crushed. The latter thought he had already stepped through his circle and appeared behind him. With Kasuriuta: Fubuki Giri Brook finished the fight.

Video of the fight

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