Brogy vs Dorry

When Brogy and Dorry arrived on Little Garden with their band of pirates over 100 years ago and hunted for food, they each killed a giant sea king. When Yuki, a little girl, saw the prey, she asked the two giants which prey was the bigger. This caused the two captains to quarrel, and since then they have fought their duel every time the volcano begins to smoke. It has been a draw ever since, as both are equally strong.

When the Straw Hat Pirates arrives at Little Garden, however, Mister 3 also interferes in the fight. He has prepared the rum that Dorry drinks with Luffy so that it explodes in the giant’s stomach. His plan is successful and the giant suffers severe internal injuries. After a brief skirmish with Luffy, whom Dorry suspects first, the Vulcan reports the next duel between the giants. Despite the injuries, he goes into battle.

Brogy also starts the fight right away by attacking his opponent with his axe, but Dorry is able to block the attack with his sword. But Brogy keeps attacking him and he has no choice but to fend off the attacks, which is also noticed by Brogy, who asks him if he is not in good shape.

The fight continues in this fashion, which takes too long for Mister 3, who had arrived at the fight site. He uses his wax to make Dorry slip on it, which happens. Brogy just thinks his opponent has stumbled and strikes again with his axe, hitting Dorry, whereupon he goes down bleeding heavily and remains unconscious.

After fighting the Baroque agents, however, Dorry comes around.

Even after the Straw Hat Pirates leaves, the Giants continue the fight, as Brogy owed his victory not to his strength, but to the Baroque agents’ attack on Dorry.

The warriors of Elbaf are fair fighters, and from there the giants must once again find out who is the stronger. But since Brogy and Dorry’s old weapons were broken when they destroyed the Island Eater, they now fight without sword and axe.

Even after the two-year time jump, the two giants continue their duel.

Video of the fight

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