Briscola of One Piece

Briscola is a star of the Beasts Pirates. However, influenced by Tama’s devil powers, he joined the alliance around Luffy.


Briscola is a muscular man with light hair, with a total of three tips of hair, one on each side and one on top, sticking out from his head. On his forehead, a scar runs from his right temple to his right eye. His torso is covered only by dark gloves and a dark cloak with shoulder protectors typical of beast pirates, revealing a tattoo of the words “Bris” on his torso. Furthermore, he wears dark pants with a chain attached to them.


Briscola stands protectively in front of his subordinates and reacts angrily when they are attacked or injured.

Skills & Strength

As the star within the Beasts Pirates, Briscola has command over lower ranking members. In addition, by eating a Gorilla Smile, he is able to grow a gorilla torso from his left forearm. His punches with this possess tremendous strength, allowing him to shatter the ground, but also speed. Even Sanji attributed a high strength to Briscola’s punch. Still, one punch from Jinbe was enough to defeat him.


Three to four years ago, Briscola was already a member of the Beasts Pirates. While Kaidou and the high-ranking members were on expedition, Briscola was stationed on Onigashima with Babanuki, Poker, and others. After Ace’s confrontation with Yamato, he was seen defeated and lying tied on the ground.


Raid on Onigashima

On the day of the Fire Festival, as Luffy made his way to the top of Kaidou’s castle on Onigashima, Sanji joined him in the first basement and also beat up some enemies. Briscola didn’t like the way his subordinates were being attacked at all, and stood in their way. He went straight for the attack, but the two straw hats were able to dodge the blow. While they were still arguing over which of them should take care of the opponents, Jinbe made his way from the second basement to the first with Samegawara Seiken, and in the process also defeated Star Briscola by slamming him into the ceiling. Later, Speed appeared and handed him Tama’s Kibi Dango. Believing it to be Queen’s medicine, he ate it. With the help of Bao Huang, Tama soon after spread a message to all the Gifters who ate their Kibi Dangos, ordering them to turn on Kaidou. Briscola fought on the side of the rebel alliance from then on.


  • His name is probably based, appropriately enough, on the card game motif of the stars of The Beasts Pirates, on the Italian card game of the same name, see Briscola.

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